Star Trek: Discovery Fan Trailer (2017) (Trekyards)

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Star Trek Discovery is the new Star Trek tv show comeing in 2017. A Teaser was released at SDCC in 2016 and another one when filming begain in early 2017.

The Discovery (Alpha) has devided many with its design but much of that was due to its rushed teaser at comic con. Given proper time and creativity the USS Discovery can be made to look and feel as Star Trek as the fan base deserves. 

Here we introduce to you our Trekyards trailer for Star Trek: Discovery, over a weeks hard work annimating and rendering to produce something that shows what Discovery can be.

Animated by Samuel Cockings
USS Discovery 3D model by Barry Chapman
NX-01 Refit 3D model by Pierre Drolet
K7 3D model by Rob Bonchune
USS Discovery Light Rig by Rob Bonchune

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Star Trek Discovery was such a massive disappointment
Jonathon Earl
After seeing the updated version of the Discovery, I would still like to see this previous version of the Discovery used in production somehow.
I wish the series were going to be like this trailer. I would actually watch it then.
Not too bad at all. I kept an open mind so the design didn't really bother me. But seeing it in action somewhat is a nice change.
I have to admit, I like the Discovery design. its different than the TOS constitution class, but its a different ship. I think it works, its thick and chunky, very utilitarian, it looks like a brute of a machine, capable of going head to head with the klingons or whoever else is out there, a real warship. I say, give it a chance, let it grow on you, you might come to love it!
too bad ship design :(
John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier
Why does it have to be so ugly. They're trying to scare the Klingons?
Walter Milani-Müller
Nice work!
the nacelles sides look a tonne better too
the new and gently smother hual and a time body adustment the discovery is now looking good
Dashawn Mitchell
Sasha was extra as fuck on the walking dead but i'm happy to see her as the lead. She fine
Excellent video. But Discovery is, IT'S GARBAGE. It rips off the Enterprise tv show, the worst of the
franchise, and it rips it off. It totally ruins the ST timeline. For crying out loud. HAVE you people not learned anything. The Enterprise tv show ignored the original ST, and it only lasted 4 seasons. RESPECT the time line and you get 7 years of ST Next Gen, 7 years of DeepSpace9, and 7 years of Voyager. This crap won't last 2 seasons. I'm fed up of reinventing Klingons, before the Klingons were ever discovered, I'm fed up with reinventing Vulcans, Spoke was the first Vulcan in Starfleet, yet there they go again. To quote another ruined franchise, "You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"
Bob Garewal
why do the old ships look so much better. Someone said the new ones like a pizza cutter. l can't get this out my head now.
Jonathon Earl
The Discovery looks so much better than the Connie!
The general look, color palette, and design don't feel different. At least the new movies had a very specific look to it. This looks too much like other online games and movies. I"m not arguing if it doesn't look like star trek, just that it doesn't look like its own thing. I"ll see when full eps air but for now, the story will have to really bring me in cause the esthetics aren't winning me over.
wow, and on the day before the teaser trailer!
Geez, you put this out, and the very next day, CBS put out it's first trailer, with the updated Discovery. I'm looking forward however, to Trekyards analysis of the new trailer.
What have they done? Looks utter crap.
Michael Fitzgerald
I actually prefer this trailer to the official one!!
Surprised you haven't analyzed the new Discovery trailer on
fuck off with your pathetic fan made shit
kris guntner
I still say with just some minor changes,the shape of the nacelle pylons mainly,the discovery can be a good ship.
This video just needed a d7/k'tinga fly by for comparison as well,other wise good video guys!
scott loiacono
I wanna c some action not ships flying around. get with it CBS
Jamie Atreyu
The most boring thing I've ever watched ever.
Very Good.
Nice video. Too bad they are using this 'Meh' Starship design.
Samuel is a darn good guy and I always like him...

Actually I am looking forward to this new show with Seth MacFarlane.
Titled: The Orville
Link to site and the funny trailer:

It is like Galaxy Quest 2.0. LOL
I think they could've come up with their own design rather than reusing the Phase II concept one really.
I like the theme music. What is it?
Grant Albrecht
Love it, always have liked this ships design.
john muller
Well done
Robert Yoman
Nice to see K-7!
Tariq naz
Jonathan Hodgson
Samuel you did a fantastic job making an ugly ship look sexy!
THANK U ! Im patiently waiting for the New Series to start....
Jam T
i like it
reading the comments , the the enterprise D allover agen lol
roberto abrams
CBS is weird! 10yrs before "Kirk & Spock", but The USS Discovery ISN'T a Constitution class Starship! I curious to see how many of us Star Trek traditionalists will accept the new series!?! 🖖🏻
Why would any two federation ships fly that close together? I mean, yeah, it looks good, but it sure isn't a good idea. The only time I can think that it might be is if they were going to dock or to link warp fields like they did in Enterprise.
As much as I love the work done for the trailer, it's sort of sad for me that there is literally no camera angle that makes the new Discovery ship look like anything more than turd.
Very nice work put into this, but... there shouldn't be an NX in there as it isn't canon.
Anthony Och
Everyone and their hating comments. This is super good work by Trekyards. The design is great and im sure the newer version they're producing will be more refined, but even so, everyone hated the Galaxy class in TNG until we all got used to it. As Kirk said, "Young Minds, Fresh Ideas. Be Tolerant".
...i have to say, i don't hate all the angles in the video, but this ship is far away from looking good. I don't think it will ever find its way as a model onto my shelf.
Sheep wielder
Now I've seen it move, I like the discovery design alot better. Thanks Samual.
For some reason every time I see that ship,,,the more it reminds me of the Enterprise-J,especially from the front view..
Well, after seeing this I have to admit - Discovery looks gooood from a certain angles.
Now I wonder how the reworked Discovery looks, and whether it's as good as the first one.
Steve Felten
The ship still looks stupid.
Beautifully executed trailer that makes the original design of the Discovery look as good as it was ever going to be. Set against the backdrop of planets and stars, and engaged in warp, she actually looks quite a creditable design. Good to see her juxtaposed with her predecessors and successors in ship design. If the studios had released something like this they would have got a lot better traction and support for their product. Keep up the good work.
Goose Pumps, great Job Samuel!
This is awesome work, and seeing The D in motion makes it a lot more palatable.... I still think the scale is waaay off; I think it's about 3x the size represented here. Look at the bridge dome, the deflector dish, the fronts of the nacelles (the red bazzards(SP?) in comparison with the 1701...
Commander Rotal
I really hate the Discovery by now. The design by itself is ugly as sin imo but what really boils my warp plasma is what it stands for. And yet, one or two of these camera angles oddly work by hiding most of the problems. I suspect this is mostly the Commander's doing?
The sideviews, when angled up a bit, when the view hides that the nacelles sit on one level with the Secondary, almost make her look like a TOS Galaxy. But then you get a shot from the front or above and it all falls appart with that hideous triangle and the blocky nacelles sitting on the same level as the Secondary. They literally used highlighter pens for TNG-era background ship-nacelles that didn't look THIS MUCH like highlighter pens, and the Discovery is a full CGI model. How does that happen?
That Paramount, CBS or whoever owns Star Trek this week refuse to show us the final design just plain makes me think there was no change since the teaser, or only polishing of the existing design, not a new or tweaked one. I don't think that ship is entirely unsalvageable.
The Saucer looks weird (and the entire ship looks too big, while we're at it) but i think it can work with the right design. The Secondary Hull needs to slim down and lose the triangular form. The Nacelle Pylons should get a slop upwards, and the Nacelles need to be smoothed out a bit and lose the edges. Basically: take the TOS-Galaxy-vibe and run with it. Or use the other ship (the Centaur-y one; that one's only two problems are the modern looking Nacelles, which i could live with, and it's size, which can be corrected easily) and trash the Discovery-design. Or just use a Connie.
Craig Vanes
"To boldly be ugly, where no ugly ship has never been so ugly before!"...
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