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Just my own personal opinion about the Daddyofive channel. Please do not take anything stated here as fact this is just how I feel about it. The internet has become a sick place, 760k and growing!

πŸ’’if you haven't watched Philip Defranco's video do that hereπŸ’’

This video was created and published by Dustin Dailey in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and should not be taken as fact. The validity of any evidence provided should be independently checked for authenticity, and Dustin Dailey takes no responsibility for the actions of those viewing this video.

Amber George
My idea of a prank on my kids is hiding somewhere and jumping out on them, or something harmless and playful like that. Kids are innocent and impressionable. They learn from the adults in their lives. They're going to grow up learning it's okay to hit, scream, cuss, etc at others. They're learning to not treat others with kindness and respect.

Not to mention the mental issues this abuse is going to have on them. It's just a really awful situation all around, and my heart really goes out to them. When I first saw one of their videos I cried and had a strong urge to hold my kids tight and give them extra love since I couldn't do that for the kids featured in the video. That's what those kids deserve, to be loved.

I can't even wrap my mind around how they treat them, I really can't. It's inhumane. Those kids needs to be put in a better home. Idk if that's with their biological mother, because I just don't think we have all the info on her. I feel like there could be more to the story than she's telling. I just don't see a judge splitting a mother and her children without a good reason, which would be sad because then they potentially have bad parents at both homes. I do know occasionally the system fails, and I hope that's what happened and they correct it if that's the case. If not then those kids need to be put with someone else in a loving home.

I also don't believe these pranks are fake. Even if the circumstances are fake, they're still enduring all the consequences. They're still being hit and screamed at. It's still abusive. I think the father is just trying to cover his ass, make excuses, and shift the blame. It's disgusting.
Laura Henriksen
I totally agree there is punishing a child in a controlled manner amd then there is abuse. Simple. I habe two slaps om the behind when I was a child. TWO. I was naughty and I remember them both. I had a few slaps om the back of the hand. Again I was being naughty and I was warned multiple times. I don't feel that was abusive at all. Again you are right in saying this is a whole different ball game. I was sickened by the videos and I had no idea this family existed. I watch De Franco and that is how I found out. I applaud him for the steps he has undertaken to stop this abuse and I feel horrified it went on so long. Then lies on camera saying those kids were his partners too were bang put of line. I feel awful for their mother who saw all this and is trying to get legal council. I hope she succeeds :(
Tracey Lynn
I totally agree with you Dustin, and how has this gone on for so long and the story is coming out now? I'm glad Phil DeFranco brought it to light and it went viral for people to see. I'm behind on watching Phillip so I hadn't heard about this. A prank my ass!
Sarah Rose
This family is like a fucked up family I made on the sims this one time
Alice R
I too was shocked after seeing how many likes and fans that disgusting family had. I don't think I would have known about if it hadn't been for Philip De Franco and other YouTubers. It was very hard for me to watch those videos. There was nothing at all funny about the "pranks".
YEs thank you "How in the hell 750k" that is what I want to know? Is there any way we can find out if they are real vs fake subscribers. "Mommy05" still has her channels with like 90k subscribers and "daddyo5gaming" channel still exists with subscribes. I wonder how many are real? It isn't a very old channel and the content is not entertaining unless you have the brain of a moron who likes to laugh at children who are crying... Fake or not fake I wouldn't watch that bs scripted on tv.. nor would I watch reality version..or youtube version. Where is the kids rights when it comes to labor laws? If it is just pretend and fake then its work not reality.... ty for your video these ppl need to get off the internet
Katie Campbell
Dranking my kids is telling them the wifi is out, or saying there's nothing for dessert. I *and excuse my language here, want to beat the shit out of both of those mother fucking sorry ass parents. Like really give me 5 minutes with both! I will knock them back down to their level!

The way they yell at the kids, you can in one video, that is normal all the time behavior bc the dogs never budged! Um my dogs would've attacked me for speaking to their children (that's how my dogs acted lol) in a tone I wouldn't use with them. Ok I'm getting really fired up again, so imma stop and leave it there. BTW sorry for not being positive, but these people trigger me in a whole different way from my own experiences and my Foster kids personal experiences.
Love you babe😚!! Proud of you for making this video.... I'd be removed from YouTube if I made one! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Had to give you a Thumbs up man... U got some mad ass haters giving thumbs down.
Just remember. They have an extra chromosome.
Sarah Rose
Ugh u back to car vlogs!!! I was happy you went back to the video studio.. Dustin I lost all my subs I found ya again, yay
miss ruark
I was horrified to see those videos. It's emotional abuse for sure. I'm shocked that this was allowed to go on for so long.
Christine Marie Golden
Dustin, thank you for cutting thru all the bullshit and saying what everyone is thinking. Exploiting children for money is disgusting and I wouldn't give that channel a view if YT paid me!
I truly felt sick when I saw the boys break down I don't find that funny at all and doing videos of kids suffering is entertainment smh and the video was of them saying there sorry was fake as crap and everything you said I agree with huggs
Good for you Love!!!! This is highly unacceptable!! I watched Phillip Defranco's vids & they were very well done & this is a nightmare for the one called Cody!!! So sad!! These parents absolutely should be held accountable!!!! Scary bastard!!!! Thank you Dustin!!!!!
Mouthy Mama
I grew up in a family like this. Yelling over each other and screaming constantly and accusations and drama and chaos and breaking shit. I expected this shit everyday. I am now celebrating 10 months clean today from a 10 year opiate addiction. I used because of this type of shit. I was abused. mental physical and emotional. I cannot believe he fucking downplayed this. I would cry if they had a camera in my face while I was having a tantrum. i had adhd and I'd go nuts when they would do this shit. They need some serious intervention. I'm 32 years old. it has haunted me forever. Fake my ass. I am one of those that can't watch because it triggers me because it's fucking real. I don't think their elevators go to the top. They're dumb as fuck. Take accountability fuck wads.
Fuck those pieces of shit. Poor kids. I hope they end up somewhere safe and happy. Thanks for speaking about this. you're stronger than I am.
vannessa rangel
This is straight up abuse! I lived is a home much like this, people seem more concerned about the physical abuse, physical pain will fade but emotional stays with you forever! It lowers self worth. I to this day, I am 55 years old , have a tape that runs in my head from all he horrible things my mother sad to me! I fight it for very day b cause I still believe them. Here are some stupid lazy fat ugly crazy. No one will ever want you ect they need to be taken away from the monsters that are raising them and get them counseling. Break my heart.
Linda Lexus
I'm going to watch it, and make my opinion.. and I can allready say it ain't going to be on their side... I've worked with children some years, and the mamabear in me comes out with claws ✌🏻
Tj Love
I love it how they took all their videos down and made a video explaining it was fake and the kids were behind it BULLSHIT!!
Fae Queen
Home Team
Totally agree with everything you said. Terrible people in this world
Allana Jane
I can't wait till this goes to court. With so many people making a uprawr about it, it's inevitable.
I have five kids. I can not even imagine doing or allowing anything like these things to happen to my children. My childhood was horrible. And a long time ago I promised myself that my children will never have to wonder if they are loved. They will never have to wonder if they are wanted.
I can only imagine how these kids are struggling. This way of life is normal for them. So they probably don't even think it's all that wrong.
Something needs to be done. These kids deserve to be in a loving home. In a positive and encouraging household.
What's happening to them now will effect them later on.
tammy mcclain
I can't imagine doing my children like this. Am I a perfect parent? No! But this dad & stepmother need to go to prison. And allow the other inmates to scream, cuss, & hit on them all day & then laugh in their faces & say it's a joke bruh. Michael & Heather Martin are disgusting!!! I don't believe anything that comes out of their mouths. Young children are very impressionable. They deserve to be loved, nurtured & a SAFE place to live. I could go on & on, but I won't. Love you!! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
#BlessThisMess Unfiltered
Would love to know how the hell they grew to be with so many subs without being called out before now and who these people are that follow them.
Tammy Brinegar
Blu Eyez
yes, it is really sad that they have went on and on with all these pranks and abuse and haven't had repercussions before now..there's nothing wrong with having fun with your kids but the verbal and physical abuse is just inexcusable..I feel heartbroken for those children and to say they were scripted, ummm no it was very clear those tears and emotions werent scripted...Its really a sad situation now for those kids that have been taught for so long that this is okay....I totally agree with you, I hope justice is served and those kids get guidance that is so much needed..Positive thoughts alwaysβ€β€πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Debbie Gillard
As a father how could he let anyone especially their step mother curse and scream and abuse them like that. That is disgusting. Anyone ever spoke or treated my children like that I would do time. The whole thing is disgusting
tammy mcclain
I can 100% like this video without watching. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
Melida Garcia
he makes me sick.
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