Reacts To TRUMP "Witch Hunt" Tweet After Special Counsel Appointed - The View

Whoopi Goldberg has lost her reputation! She promoted Condolezza Rice. Rice is a war criminal and a liar. Obviously Goldbergs moral standards are changing with the colour of the skin.
mike brewer
joy cheskes
Jed's over-reactions to Whoopi, with the clapping and laughing is annoying. So contrived.
Tommy Rocket
What a pity this reaction was not thrown up to the Clinton's when China made a massive $$$$ Clinton campaign donation to the Clinton Foundation. China interfering with US elections - check the facts... the big questions are... where were these dumb ass show ponies when this occurred (they were silent), and what will they be saying when no smoking gun, NOTHING is found (they will be silent again) these morons are more dangerous to the American people that most people realize, but fortunately the silent majority of Americans are wide awake to this fact.
Tommy Rocket
Whoopi is one really duuuuumb chocolate frog... A living example of a bad looooooser.
Leah Shanley
Every time whoopi refuses to say president trump or his name in general she pauses for a reaction... narcissist.
Sara Ouzts
WHOOPI IS STUPID, STUPID, STUPID...I am no longer watching this mess!
Republican Leader Says He Was Just Joking About Vladimir Putin Paying Donald Trum. Click here:
Alan Dershowitz Says Special Counsel Will Help Trump: 'He's Going to Find No Crime. Click here:
Wild Flower
Is he a man or a mouse? Such a cry baby, it's not all about him.
us president lincoln, garfield, mckinley and kennedy were all murdered.. but sure, having a snl skit about you is hard too
Kay Blanks
The View sucks. The silly giggly women are an embarrassment! They should be in other countries and speak about the government as they do of President Trump. Obama sucked, Hillary sucked, Whoopie and that ignorant old redhead! They are not authorities and speak as they are. They need to get back to the house an shut the hell up. I wish they would all get fired! Hey a lottttt of people do not think Obama was born in America.
Sami Al saleh
obama did 9/11 and thats a fact. any liberal who argues is a hypocrite because they state its a fact that trump colluded with russia even though he didnt and theres no proof so its the same thing
Gabriela Michael
Can you believe after all the scandals that Former President Barack Hussein Obama, and Former President William Clinton no special prosecuter was appointed. shameful this is a witch hunt
Antione Berry
Fox News cause this and this is the ultimate Fox hunt 🐘🇺🇸 !
This show is some of the sickest brainwashing on TV. Sad sad world we live in today. Anyone not prepping for what's coming are the ones who are ignorant.
unknown unknown
Jed using the words 'cry baby; makes me think that she watched too much Tomi Lahren and she looks...let's say....less than professional.
Denise Hall
Rosenstein was pissed that Sessions and Trump tried to use him.Up to now He had a good reputation and they were damaging it.
Hdot l
whoopi looks like harambe stupid ass ugly half human. Fuck the view and their propoganda. thumbs up if whoopi looks like haramabe the gorilla ape thing
Dan Zan
Proud of Obama? You are in a denial stupid mode when Obama sneaked in un-vetted Muslims through the Red Cross and Muslim religious groups, tanked the economy further by continuing the Bush policies of favoring the big banks and Wall Street with huge 'too big to fail TARP loans that were largely parked at the FED to collect interest and not put into the economy, and Obama let Hillary sell out the country to foreign interests with her pay for pay corruption. Get real Whoopi, you are so off base with being so totally proud of Obama.
Dan Zan
Some of you at The View are just harpies who are the real stooges; continually bashing Trump with fake news.
Janae Lynn
GOD! The One Libs never mention. Why is that?
Ziv Galant
someone shut that bunch of hens please
zachary Florick
Trumps perception of being in the middle of a witch hunt is totally understandable - because he doesn't understand that he provoked every single incident and subsequently feels like the victim.
lmfao funny thing is trump picked this guy himself as somebody too credible to refute when he determines that this russian bs is just that bullshit. and these idiot democrats thing they are gonna get trump impeached and removed from office. Its laughable. hell with the power they gave obama and the presidency trump could just declare a state of emergency and send congress home and rule with an iron fist for the next 8 years and it would be totally legal. well guess what liberals? we americans are pretty much ignoring this russian bs. keep being distracted tho by the time the 2020 elections get here trump will have kept enough of his promises he will win reelection handily. This media propaganda bs is getting old too. i thought you would give that up when people started seeing thru your bs guess i was wrong about that at least. and yep that antifa crap is playing into our hands too so keep that up as well lol
these silly cunts need to stop believing their own bullshit
John Marascia
Not a complete brain if you add them together. These are some dumb bitches. lmao.
cindy barnes
cindy barnes
If Trump has nothing to hide then investagte
Joe Smith
Whoopi is a great entertainer, but she is a very dumb political commentator.
People are being distracted from their sexual fantasies, and are too busy fantasizing about Trump's impeachment.
balort santa
Coming out of the coma and reading the the billboard signs, "Welcome to United States of USSR". WTF!!!
Hexagon Bright
Hillary : Fake News Helped her, Hollywood Helped, Billions of other peoples Money but she was Lazy, 1 Rally a Month so she Lost
Trump : 100 Million of his own Money, 3 long Rallys a Day & Took on the Propaganda Media worked Hard & Became POTUS! Thank GOD For Trump!
Hexagon Bright
Obama is the Worst President Ever! Trump is a Real Man & Will go down as a Legendary President. 💘👊👨👩💍🌹💪🐯🍔🍟💎🏈⚾💰🎉🎅🎁🎂🎄👌🍎🍺🎉
Inner Machinations
well, at least trump has fox and friends.

Ezekiel Barragan
whoopi needs to stop who is she to judge anybody.
Ross Harris
Anjali J
Nut job President 😄Pathetic man who constantly wants sympathy for himself. 80 percent Republicans need to stop deluding themselves. Stop already okay?😳You are highly ignorant and at some point you have to face the reality.
Lillian Lin
Shame on you. Love your country and respect your president.The world is watching. Some of you are so disgraceful and disgusting.
Why are they all liberals? This show is ridiculous. That sit around agreeing with each other. There is no interest in this type of discussion.
jc bond
You show is ugggggllllllyyyyyy color people. He is not lying..
Kajoun Newman
I can't wait to see how his presidency plays out. It's better than Game of thrones.
When Whoopie suggested that Obama was part of a witch hunt. I fell out of my chair laughing my ass off. The media kissed his ass and the liberal Hollywood treated Obama like he was Jesus Christ himself . Some saying they wash his feet, and others talked about how they got a tremble in their legs when He spoke. LOL LOL LOL Who knew Whoopie was still funny.
Vegan On the Low
...wasn't Jedediah a Trump supporter 120 days ago?
Jason Olson
The last time Whoopi Goldberg was relevant was when she save a convent in Sister Act. How the heck did America get to the point where they get there news from B list celebrities and skit comedy actors who have absolutely no background in journalism or politics?
Richard Bondie
Most of you people are too ignorant to realize that we are all on the same side. The owners of this country and the world are threatened by the president and are bringing all their resources to bear. But you sheeple can continue to follow the narrative into slavery.
Judy Parker
Shut up!
inpc 3333
why have these douche bags not left our country like they promised? Oh yes I remember now , They are 2 FACED PIECE OF SHIT LIARS. maybe they are waiting for the Moslem American terrorist we call Obama to give them instructions. you know it is hard for any brain dead bunch of retards to do anything without a command from the supreme leader.
Smitten Kitten25
Who talks about themselves and how they are being treated at someone's graduation. At your that narcissistic. OMG!
There has been no actual evidence yet of any federal law being broken. You can not impeach the President just because you personally don't like him.
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