Finnrod Fingolfin
3:45 I got also economic partnership with my wife - we are like one body; WE SHARE AND WE CARE, unbelieveable!
Finnrod Fingolfin
0:32 wait, wait, wait - just wait for a second! who's that guy on the right? You know, I know only Mummy Merkel, I always have to ask who the others are. Please don't get mad at me for I'm not the brightest one, will you? I work at the Supermarket and that's all I do and it's hard to sir wife like this, believe me!
dixon sanchez
How dare you I did not vote for trump, but I am a American and proud don't call trump an embarrassment. He is our president and I agree that Americans pay for ungrateful countries who don't pay there share in nato. Then have the nerve to criticize us when you criticize trump you criticize all the Americans that voted for trump and won fairly and trump utterly destroyed trump. The people of the United States wanted trump that's what we got. When you criticize trump you criticize the citizens of the country who voted for him.
subscribe mohamad
ich liebe deutschland
I think my IQ just dropped a few points just by listening to that orange you call president.
draft galosa
Can't wait for Angela Merkel to be replaced, you Germans screwed up in voting her in, sorry to say it.
Husky Hockey
What are the germans thoughts on Merkel? Im not much of a trump supporter but i hate Clinton....
Lule Lule
Lule Lule
tej nuk ije per ameriken πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Amazing, bigly!
Kristian Brandt
It's NATO not NADOH. Speaking of NADOH, didn't Trump spend his entire campaign as a strong opponent of NATO?
Piggy Merkel is a Pig. She will sell out Germany.
I would LOVE to hear Trump saying '' We must secure the existence and future for white children''. It would absolutely Make. My. Day.
earth shaker
America's fake president and dumb as a bat
Parsa Marvi
BRAVO GEORGIOS Theocharopoulos .
marneebox C.
just when the media is not in favor of trump are they liars
Blue House Floripa Beats
Ss Sandra
I did not know Germans are successful! it's a palace of junkies and prostitutes
JjjaajjjaajjaJjja ELITE PUPPETS ......
Good Muslim
fuck you donald trump
asobo kobo
Trump's voice has no class....very unclassy accent. and fat man throat voice. EEEEEWWWWW
asobo kobo
god, what is wrong with this orange lump? it's not even funny anymore...
LOL, liberal monkey's crying and shitting their pants that an actual president that is putting their nation first is meeting a nazi dog that has destroyed her own. People. Liberals are diseased animals. I hope the Islamist's kill the Liberals already.
Fat Smelly Stupid Ass Mexican
Trump, build that wall! I'm an illegal and I want to deported!
Trump sold out his country to Russia for money.
Angela Merkel is the kind of President we should have. Instead we have an idiot that we deserve.
Don't worry Trump, the FBI is about to reveal your unconstitutional liaisons with Russia prior to the presidential election. We're all looking forward to the impeachment hearings.
Volador Jr
This guy struggles so hard to read something he doesn't even know about.

I feel sad for morons who believe Donald Trump is a righteous President.

Donald Trump is made by And For White Nazis.
Matt Konny
As a citizen, I've learned an important lesson about the voting process, and that is that political correctness during a campaign is pulling us backwards as a nation. As long as it isn't to an extreme, you a campaign speech from Adolf Hitler, there's nothing to worry about. Clearly, the Trump we see on the news at the moment isn't the same loud, and aggressive Trump which we saw during the campaign. The important thing is that he's giving it as it is; we are the only thing keeping NATO together (the ultimate preventer of another World War), and the countries which are taking advantage of it are not even pulling their own weight. If during the campaign the president-elect is afraid to talk about certain issues, what the hell is gonna happen to him when he has no choice but to talk about these issues as the president of the United States? In reality, the congress, and the president should be putting in equal amounts of effort and control into our country, but the position of president is slowly becoming more and more of a political figure such as the queen of England. The good thing about Trump is he is more than just a signature at the bottom of bills.
Connie in the Sun
Why does he wear his hair like that?
V Huber
First of all: sorry for my bad english, but I don't really get it :/ Do America like Donald Trump? I have read comments that are saying Trump is better than Obama and others say Trump is not a good president. Maybe somebody can explain this :o
I like how Trump keeps it simple and say it how it is but sometimes is better to keep quiet
Immigration is a privilege not a right!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!
Tess K
Was the handshake so hard ?
Cmon Trump ! Make an effort
Vishal Gupta
Germany is far greater than USA in many ways as of 2017.. social, financial equality and most importantly educated citizens....

While USA is a poor country if you account for the trillion dollars debt..and evil persona worldwide. And America doesn't have the skilled workforce... it's migrants who come invent and America enjoys the headlines.

And now you have Trump whose military budget outranks education/environment budget... Hence, the outcome will be more uneducated, uninformed-misinformed Americans thats going to lead to more horrors for the BUBBLE isolated America.

All the best sound Americans.. and great job to all Trump supporters for the start of your own demise.
Antonio De La Cruz
the contrast between the two is amazing! the beacon of hope is now elsewhere... "sad"
ceo stoner 420 shade
no wiretaps I want cash full
They did shake hands so I don't know what this is all about and he put his hand on her back .
Todd Burleson
I love my President. I haven't been able to say that for a long, long time. It's fantastic to hear him speak to the world in the same way he said he would during the campaign. I've never known a President with such integrity and drive to help our country win…for the good of America and Americans! We finally have a President with some balls. I'm awestruck. MAGA!
Rex W
That moment when America wrecks Germany again
John Gilmour
Arif 88
he look like😈😈😈😈😈😈
A.E.E.N 5th
people need to stfu , trump is not a politician and never will be. hes a business man. Save europe from muslims
antonio confortini
A.E.E.N 5th
women leaders have destroy europe . we are doomed, please america save us
Angela Merkel the women that destroyed Germany and now is targeting to destroy other EU countries! Because of that evil lady we are getting closer and closer to inside war with Muslims!
14:58 Freudian Slip
James Ryzlot
Germans aren't driving US cars - but hey, why drive a Focus when you have cheap BMW's Audi's and Mercedes. Maybe build better cars

James Ryzlot
Islam is the religion - muslims are the people. So the terrorists are called muslim terrorists not islamic anything. MUSLIM TERRORISTS is the correct phrase. In fact - either word sums up their values

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