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'A Day in the Life of a Cat Owner’

Do you ever think that Simon’s Cat reminds you of your own cat? Watch this collection to see the trials and tribulations of cat owner Simon during a typical day. 

How does your cat compare?

Featuring cat fails, computer malfunctions, a baseball bat, a very rude awakening and the internet’s cutest kitten. 

Films included:

Cat Man Do:

Feed Me:

Hot Water:

Cat & Mouse:

Muddy Paws:

Pizza Cat:

Bed Sheets:

TV Dinner:

Let Me Out:

‘A Day in the Life’ Credits:
Directed by: Simon Tofield 
Animation: Simon Tofield, Mel Northover, Sandra Gaudi, Emma Wakley
Clean Up: Aude Carpentier, Liza Nechaeva, Michael Cotton-Russell, Setareh Seto
Foley and Music: Russell Pay
Edit: Rebecca Warner-Perry
Owl sfx: https://www.freesound.org/people/Benboncan/sounds/64544/

Executive Producer: Mike Bell
Producer: Emma Burch
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Production Manager: Rebecca Warner-Perry

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Official Website: http://www.simonscat.com

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Facebook: http://facebook.com/simonscat
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Want to see more of our Black & White films? 
Check out our play list here: http://www.goo.gl/FkqgHw

Want to know more about the history of Simon's Cat?
Watch the Simon's Cat Story here - http://goo.gl/Vfx2JS 


Q. Why isn’t ‘Off to the Vet’ available in full on YouTube?
A. ‘Off to the Vet’ film production and crowdfunding campaign was a huge undertaking for the Simon’s Cat Team. Our hope is to produce more long form, full colour content for our fans but without having to turn to them through crowdfunding again. The film was completed in 2015 and submitted it to a selection of international film festivals over the following months. During this time it was exclusively available to all funders that contributed via our private production blog. The feedback we have received from our funders has been overwhelming positive and we hope they are extremely proud of making the film a possibility. If you are a funder and have any questions regarding the campaign please contact us at igg@simonscat.com

Q. What software do you use?
A. Simon's Cat is made using Adobe Flash / TV Paint animation software.

Q. Why does it take so long to make each Simon's Cat film?
A. Even though the films are made on computer software, they are still hand-animated in a traditional manner, frame to frame. It usually takes between 12 and 25 drawings to create 1 second of a Simon's Cat film.

Q. Where can I buy Simon’s Cat merchandise?
A. You can purchase Simon's Cat products from the official web shop: http://www.simonscat.com/Shop

Monique Perreault
Once my cat was laying on me in the middle of the night,I could not move or I would die (my cat is a devil)
Lois Garcia
This is sooo my cat. lol
Amelie May
12:37 (the bit where the cat stuck it's but at Simon is hilarious
Arantxa Gonzalez
I love Sam the cat😍😍😍
Orian Halloun
That is my cat do in my house
candace proudlock
cats should sleep with there mom/dad/owner
Magnus Christianssen
Great stuff, it sure is a change from people screaming at each other over Trump and North Korea and such!
candace proudlock
lol. my one cat dos that with tp. lmfafo
candace proudlock
I have 3 cats and only one of them does that. too cute
candace proudlock
lol.soo cute and true. I love kittys and cats
Sir Gabe
That ripping noise
my bed is totally torn up like this one, cat loves to scratch my mattress
So true lol
Klockonerzy Builders
much entetainment
rush fan
Love these cartoons :) So do my cats....!
Kathy L
Inspires me to keep track of my cats for a few days. I'm familiar with most of these stories on a personal level. You just gotta know you're going to get nailed when a cat's under the sheets.
Connor Griffiths
Idk why but I only get final fantasy ads
this is so true XD
What are your cats names? my cat is named Rocket :3
Артем Головинов
Janero Meeks
I have never seen the point of having a cat. The only good thing about other people having cats is videos like these. They are hilarious. I now know what purpose cats serve. Entertaining the hell out of me from wrecking shop in OTHER people's lives. I have never seen ONE video where cats were not obnoxious. This is a hot mess and my temperament will never allow me to have a cat. We would be mortal enemies. They can be cute at OTHER people's houses, not mine. I kind of like my things to be where I put them, solid UNINTERRUPTED sleep, my furniture, toilet tissue and clothes UN clawed up as well as cat hair free. ((shuddering)) But for all cat lovers out there, good luck and THANK YOU FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT. Seems like a bunch of unnecessary stress to me. No, I don't hate cats. I just don't want one and this video is exhibit A - Z of why.
seolhyun kim
I love all Simon cat videos
Gamy White
Aww I remember now my cat is licking me and her bigger brother,I think she's pregnat
Gamy White
Aww my grandma cat is doing like this for me now she's doing this for me when I am sitting in the kitchen
Kun Gaming
I'm not sorry but I hate cats HATE
MiaAndMax Vlogs
someone will go to the toilet and the cat will sit outside the door and meow when they come out, he will purr and meow until he gets fuss or food
MiaAndMax Vlogs
my cat is exactly like that
Kayla Iris
love the sound effects
Spicy Citrus
the animation is so smooth!
Crystal Kity
Wow Simon, wow FEED UR CAT. (He is a horrible cat owner he ignores his cat, doesn't feed it, or give it attention.
The minecraft King and maggie
That's Me And My Fucking Cat XD
Jocelyn Bañuelos
fuck the cat
Dana LeValley
...SO worth it. 😺💕💕
Looney Tooney
I ust to love this
iiSnowKittyii /ROBLOX & More
Did anyone notice that it was 7: 20??? The trickshot?
Disconnecting the Wifi from the wall while studying & working from home, turning the blue-ray on/off with his nose...God bless my Geek Squad orange tabby!
i always think the cat is so cute!! but only the stupid simon :(
Tristahn Benn
Miner Glowstone
I live with 2 cats and this is exactly my life :))
jaguaratan santos
Zarbuzowani xD
0:40 Why this cat howl?!
xDqvid Gaming - Minecraft
Why do i find it so satisfying every time the cat pulls on the bed shet xD
Bernadette Fremont
absolument génial je suis fane, grand bravo !!
Elizabeth Reyes Alvarez
Ayden Acheson
I love your Vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me ,my cats and some DIY
I have cats.I know how it is.
Korey Jones
1:16 he put a butt hole on it
Nina Symone
When bae ignoring you... 12:12 to 12:20
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