THE ASSIGNMENT Final Trailer (2017) Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver Action Movie HD

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THE ASSIGNMENT Final Trailer (2017) Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver Action Movie HD
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William Morrow
Colin Kavanagh
Looks pure SHIT...
Adon Romadhon
THE ASSIGNMENT from my teacher is harder than this
Ivy Gilliam
Its a Good Movie I Like It The Assignment Is a Action Thriller Two Thumbs Up
kim check
Wer mag Sigourney weaver auch
Hastin Nuraini
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Ordinal Cardinal
Michelle doing a shit movie or two between stints is in prison - no change....
Reading Mean Comments
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Cartoon Head
Tranny rubbish. why the agenda push all the time??
Aathish f
J. Nautilus
So, man wakes up and finds out he is Michelle Rodriguez. Is this a horror movie or the script for Hangover 4?
Sagorny weaver is such a waste of an actor cause she can really act but they always put her in lame movies with the exception of alien she was bad ass in those movies.
I did not expect this to be a good movie but it really was.
a transsexual assassin?
brother old
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joel roberts
is this a comedy?
Mahmoud El Arch
So this is the movie where Michelle Rodriguez got fully naked !
brother old
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Anthony.J Hurtado
Frank Kitchen
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Arthur Workman
Michele Rodriguez my 2nd future wifey.
Yawovi E.
So they kidnapped a man and turn him into Michelle Rodriguez and now he/she is coming for them for vengeance. What a stupid idea. Who wrote this? Michelle Rodriguez is better than this role. Waste of talent.
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brother old
Hush Hush
more GAY & FEMINIST propaganda!
Night Lord
Does she speak like that, the whole movie?
I know that this film serves a feminist point of view and is probably going to launch a number of discussions about transgender representaton in films, but:

* waking up and finding out that I've become Michelle Rodriguez would be f'cking awesome.
* the concept is unique and pretty damn hilarious
* this might finalyl be a film where Rodriguez doesn't die or get wrecked, I mean, she's the main character
* it does give off a John Wick kind of vibe, a hitman after revenge for an unusual crime
* I think the doctor chick is the same actress who played that Hand chick from The Defenders
* Honestly, Rodrigue playing a sex-changed hitman is both hilarious and interesting
Steve C
Why does Hollywood keep casting this miserable looking cunt Lesbian. If it was anybody else but that sweat i'd watch it.
Carlos Rodriguez
Luis Jesus Ramos
you assholes people
I hate stupid people!
How desperate can you be Michelle and Sigourney??
just another feminist fart that nobody cares about
kaysha tyson
so she turn frank into a woman?????
Online Xistence
Good luck frank.
Tonia Patterson
Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver Action Movie
this was different, but It wasn't so bad
Abdalla Athli
gril frind 00201123536476
And another ripoff female John Wick , so its like a thing nowadays ....
Corina Stadler
This seems horribly transphobic.
Willie Daniel
Frank is now a female
jessica williams
check this movie THE АSSІGNMЕNT (2017) at CINEMAMEGA_NET
movie about a man who pretended to be a woman to play in the WMBA.
plumppy plummy
so..she was a man!? or what I don't quite get it...
R 小白
women dare not fight for country, and afraid of entering any disaster
scene. it's men who fight for country & save people including women.
women will claim they are brave & strong only in peace time.

women have no ability to play game & sport(like swimming, MMA, tennis and so on) with men in same group,
women will just attend the weak group(female group), and cheat the medal.

all spacecraft, smartphone, new car, new plane and internet etc are all invented by men.
Ghost Refuge
Kaitlyn Wick
okay so the doctor change frank from a man into a lesbian?
Midland Redux
The weirdest effect of John Wick as a movie is that everyone who saw it forgot that it was a take-off on hundreds of other action movies made over the last hundred years. So, every time a new action movie comes out, it's a rip-off of John Wick?
Midland Redux
More people saw this trailer then saw the movie.
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