S.W.А.T : UNDЕR SІЕGЕ Official Trailer (2017) Action Movie HD

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S.W.А.T : UNDЕR SІЕGЕ Official Trailer (2017) Action Movie HD
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Jaime Vargas
Muy buenas las producciones
drazen dusanic
volim nuklearke
Assault on Precinct 13 came to mind watching this.
Rasheed Derar
mein neger
SMH Michael. Why?
daan hermans
Shoe southwest ruling producer annually reduction itself pastor skin main relative
Christopher Smith
if assault on precinct 13 and safe house had a baby nobody loved.. it would be this movie
pug the pug!!
NOT ON MY SHIFT MUTHAFUKA.. that was the icing on the cake for a cheesy ass movie lol
Steven Ricot
Whack shit!
Wall Street
Wesley Snipes and Michael Jai White should be in a movie together!! Not only that but why the fuck are they usually in low budget movies!!
Mathias Djohn
0.55 nigga so muscular he cant run properly
Miles Goodison-Fearon
Hopefully this will be better than that last SWAT movie from 2011. On a sidenote, why does Michael Jai White sound like Darth Vader in this film?
J Day
Micheal would play a good croc in batman.
Theodor Nelson
They fucked up this time
michael j white had such a potential to be a star and an action hero as well as Scott Atkins what went wrong ?
NJnouvelle TV
great actors have been making a bunch of cheap budget movies lately
Michael Jai White? Why not a real action star? This pussy looks arrogant and ugly...
on dvd
Kedarrius Simpson
Militarized police with military equipment roaming the streets shooting up buildings and people saying " Not on my shift mother F*****"( Sounds of shotgun's pump action)....

HOORAY!!!!!!! ......

Michael Johnson
was that black woman the actress from police academy?
Michael Jai White doesn't fuck around man!
Knowledge Power
Great to see Michael Jai White back on the big screen..Such an under rated action star. He should have been given the role of the Black panther up coming movie.
Katie Thomas
Why do they putting Michael Jai White in these cheap ass movies, geez?
Big Guns
Sunny Nivea
Straight to DVD.... or TV
michel jay white is a great martial artist/actor and there is so many that they could consider for big hollywood productions I mean like Scott Adkins, etc
bring him back as Spawn while he is still in good shape dam
sourabh sharma
i could be better
MJW is looking good for his age (49 now) This movie looks shit though and 'more of the some'.
Dirty Leeds
I agree what a load of crap!!
Very low budget movie. VFX are just bad, props are outdated, acting is not convincing... I was really looking forward but this is a huge let down. 4/10
This nigga Jai White was tryin to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger in this movie
Marven Montilus
It's on showbox
is this a movie about rainbows six (game or book series)????
James G
when he say's the line " were SWAT we are the BADDEST MOTHER ON EARTH in his mind he is
marzeg strats
When your movie trailer looks like the summary of the previous episode of your T.V show..
James Lawson
"Not on my shift mother..." 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Simon L
"not on my shift mothafucka!"
? goúd?
Gotta c it.Thx u. 🙌💀😤♎
simon shillios
If Michael Jai White is in there its a B movie
Low budget classics.
mr. Palma
This shit looks flea market movie bootleg
Warrior Dance
Looks cringy
Surge R.
that was some horrible acting
ahmed kijan
just watch swat 2003 and compare it to this ....
Sgt. Hollow Point
Amazon prime movie
dam thats low budget
Tactile Therapy
We need a Spawn 2
mike kirkham
Ms. Adrianne Palicki looks so much better as a brunette.
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