S.W.А.T : UNDЕR SІЕGЕ Official Trailer (2017) Action Movie HD

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S.W.А.T : UNDЕR SІЕGЕ Official Trailer (2017) Action Movie HD
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Very low budget movie. VFX are just bad, props are outdated, acting is not convincing... I was really looking forward but this is a huge let down. 4/10
This nigga Jai White was tryin to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger in this movie
Marven Montilus
It's on showbox
is this a movie about rainbows six (game or book series)????
James G
when he say's the line " were SWAT we are the BADDEST MOTHER ON EARTH in his mind he is
marzeg strats
When your movie trailer looks like the summary of the previous episode of your T.V show..
James Lawson
"Not on my shift mother..." 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Simon L
"not on my shift mothafucka!"
? goúd?
Gotta c it.Thx u. 🙌💀😤♎
simon shillios
If Michael Jai White is in there its a B movie
Low budget classics.
mr. Palma
This shit looks flea market movie bootleg
Warrior Dance
Looks cringy
Surge R.
that was some horrible acting
ahmed kijan
just watch swat 2003 and compare it to this ....
Sgt. Hollow Point
Amazon prime movie
dam thats low budget
Tactile Therapy
We need a Spawn 2
mike kirkham
Ms. Adrianne Palicki looks so much better as a brunette.
Jaime Clifton
saikripa inn
terrible cgi gunfights...only usp is MJW.....
Max Kawalski
assault on precinct 13 remake
Markoi Green
Would love to watch realistic swat movie.. Shame people dont like realism.
Az Man
I in that part of You Tube with the shitty straight to DVD movie trailers.....reverses car
Ali BlaBlaBla
someone has been playing rainbow six to come up with such a title
Look forward to watching this when in comes out straight to DVD
We need another Spawn movie. :(
Lucid Dreamer
S.W.A.T. is NOT the baddest "Mofos" on Earth, buddy! Maybe in the eyes of a street cop? The Navy Seals and Green Berets would squash your over-hyped, weak-ass crew!
Shawty 2k
what a bunch of cliche scenes..
D. Fortner
Blood and bone is my favorite michael jai white movie.
"Not on MY shift, motherf**ker!"

This is my boss, to a tee!😆
I thought he was sergeant doakes from dexter
Oliver Allen
IT does look cheap, but fun. "Not on MYshift mofo!" I love it.
Mike Singley
Time to assemble Team Rainbow.
This looks so fuckin gay
Tony Rain Seduction Mckeller
Michael Jai White would make a Good Blade not better than Wesley Snipes but a Good Blade
Jeff Musyoka
am just here for MJW 's asskicking
justin neidel
This might be an ok watch on demand movie
احد محمد
Heartthrob Heart
That blond, on fire.
looks absolutely shit
Ruslan Shahverdiyev
Very cheap movie
haider khan
basically assault on precinct 13
Dexter Chan
oh nooo. fail.
Fauszywy KOroll
Hit Polsatu.
Dominic Montague
0:13 Seattle, WA
MJW looks exactly the same after 20 years.
Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell
b yohohgvigoovogvo ggovooovvovoohoggo lb by
Surprise motherfocker!
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