Bruce Lee VS Wong Jack Man (Birth of a Dragon) 2016 Trailer

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EXCLUSIVE: The acquisitions titles at Toronto’s first weekend was largely prestige films. The festival film with real breakout mainstream potential didn’t premiere until yesterday, and buyers are now figuring out what to do with a throwback martial arts movie built around the iconic Bruce Lee, with worldwide rights available. Birth Of The Dragon uses a still-disputed private brawl between martial arts masters Bruce Lee (Philip Ng) and Wong Jack Man (Yu Xia) in 1964 as the fuel for a San Francisco-set coming-of-age story involving a rough and tumble young white man [Billy Magnussen doing his best Steve McQueen] who matches the feuding fighting legends in the brawl as he pursues a Romeo and Juliet romance with a young Chinese immigrant [JingJing Qu] under the control of the Chinese mob. This mashup of fact and fable was financed by China-based Kylin Pictures, produced by Groundswell’s Michael London and Janice Williams, and written by Christopher Wilkinson and Steven J. Rivele. It is the sophomore directing effort of George Nolfi, the Adjustment Bureau writer-director whose past scripts include Ocean’s Twelve and The Bourne Ultimatum. Here, Nolfi explains why the outcome of the brawl isn’t as important as how it influenced the legend Bruce Lee became, and how Chinese funding could be a salvation for movie heroes not suited up in spandex.

Is it based off the white guys story of it is the white guy a real person if it then fuck this
Asgher Ali
racist bastard america at its best again!!!
Thanks for your e
Lawrence Barr
Incredible. And they don't give a sh@#!Race?!
American Lion
Pretty sure Bruce Lee's daughter is working with someone to make a better more accurate movie about the Dragon.
Angel R. Diaz
This a big joke (: And yeah a big insult too Bruce Lee and his history (: First whats Wong Jack Mon doing training a white guy (' When it was clear that him and the Chinese order from Oakland didn't wanted and it was against there traditions (: Then I definately don't believe that fight they had in the movie (: I don't think that Linda Bruces wife would lie about such a fight that she witnessed or even ant if his pupils who might gave been there would lie either just too let say protect bruces rep or ego (: Bruce chased him down (: got him down beat on him a little probably struck the fear if god in him and asked him if he would give up and wong jack did (: End of story (: Nothing else too tell (: This whole thing were Wong gave Bruce a long and aghausting fight (: Yeah right (: Bruce was very fit very focus and un very good heath then even more so during his enter the dragon period (: The third I notice was that wong jack was looking too fight him or pick a fight (: Which wasn't accurate either (: The Chinese order went and gave Bruce the ultimatum that he had too stop teaching whites and blacks fung fu and if he didn't he would have too fight and win too have the right too continue too teach all cultures (: So then they sent Wong jack too fight Bruce (: This movie is such crap (: Everything about it is just such BS (: Sad that the movie industry has too sink so low into a legends life and create a dirty stainful lie just too make a buck (: Truly Sad (:
This movie was horrible half this shit they show here isn't even in the movie
Geoffrey Mugisha
This guy could kick the real Bruce lee ass
I guess Wong Jack Man forgot the part where "He turn around and started running" like a chicken. Bruce did learn one thing from Wong Jack Man...... "His technique was flaw, because he should of kick his (Wong Jack Man) ass faster".
You know I don't see why people claim Steve McKee is fake, while the story itself is fictionalized it's quite obvious McKee is supposed to be a dead ringer for Steve McQueen who is one of Bruce Lee's students and was one of Lee's closest friends. Hell during Lee's last interview he's said nothing but praise to him. If anything that's as close to an accurate portrayal as Lee's student you are gonna get unless A. You do a biopic on Kareem Abdul Jabbar or B. You actually ask what's left of his former students and their remaining family members permission to use their actual fucking names so these idiots don't complain. Or C. Wait for Ip Man 4 it will tell you more about lee.
Wesley Huang
When a movie called Birth of the dragon.. a the FACKING MOVE FOCUS ON WESTERN CHARACTER.... PISSS OFF!
the casting for Bruce Lee in this movie was perfect, that's why it's even worse the writers had to ruin it by writing a piece of shit, and making it about another fucking snotty white guy
OG 2tone
Hold the fuck up, this trash ass movie just came out yesterday but you can clearly tell that this movie was finished back when this trailer came out in September. What's up with that?
Utkan Aktaş
This movie is purposely killing Bruce Lee's identity as a mentor. His motto is "become water"... not "kicking ass" You deuches !! This looks shitty.
Saw it last night and it was garbage! They made Bruce out to be a cocky asshole instructor. The movie focused around this annoying dude name Steve! The one who was actually interesting to watch was Wong jackman. He was excellent. But the story is all wrong. Linda Lee isn't even in it and she was there at the fight!!! Save your money
pupurup Jelly
The kurt angle son storyline creatives made this movie
Smh the person who said "kung fu is made to kick ass" wasnt bruce lee
Ivan Ayala
dumb ass movie.
lil toot
This is a disgrace to the legend that is Bruce lee.
Andy Apreciado
Joey Taplin
This fight really did happen. But Bruce Lee absolutely destroyed this guy writing three minutes. At one point he actually tried to run away. Ha.
Buddha Bro
I'm glad this movie is coming out. Like a year later
Pakmei 2002
is the movie going to be out in mexico ?
Bruce Lee Shadow kick from Beyond the Grave!!! 😠☠
I never even heard about this fight until I saw part of this trailer on TV. Is any of this actually accurate?
Mystic Typhoon
Im totally watching this movie i love kung fu
Tural Oguzxan
Bruce lee was a great and best fighter. And Philip Ng also is a great fighter. this film will be super
Wally Peevy
this guy lost to Bruce in seconds
Ok wtf this shits on the actual real life event, wong jack man actually messaged bruce lee saying he shouldn't teach non-chinese people their ways which Bruce took offense too and told wong jack man himself that if he wanted bruce to stop teaching non chinese, he'd have to do it in person.
veronica hammer
I cant wait to see this!!!!!!!!!! JKD
jimmy chungah
There has been exact movie of Bruce Lee. I watched all with mixed up story line. This is another shitty movie
"From the martial arts team behind X-Men"??!! Action choreography in X-men was terrible.. FAILED.
the movie was done back in 2016 but its showing august 26
Troy D.
That's a bullshit movie
DW Productions
"Technique is a trap"

"Style is a prison"

What bullshit is that?
DW Productions
What a disgrace.
Underrated Critic
The new trailers for this film just came out: It looks like they completely omitted the Caucasian protagonist.
Robert Toe
He doesn't even look shit like Bruce Lee he's not even Asian .Shannon Lee would've made a better Bruce than him😆
Glubyduby PW
As What Bruce wife Said. Wong jack man ran away like a chicken and lost the duel in 3 min only.. true events? 🤔
Glubyduby PW
This is not karate ladies 😂🖕🏼
Vang Moua
Y does the trailer makes bruce seem like he is so cocky...
Mehdi Chaichi
being one fourth Caucasian doesn't make Bruce Lee white. he was brought up Chinese, he identified as Chinese. people are pissed because it's a movie called Birth of a Dragon but the main character isn't Bruce Lee. they're not upset because they think a white guy shouldn't have the lead role in any movie, they're upset because they think a white shouldn't have the lead role in THIS movie.
Jorge Aguiar
Unbelievable. This looks like such a crock of shit. Just listen to Linda Lee explaining about what happened. It was simple nothing like this garbage movie.
Louis Mcarthur
this is disrespectful to both martual artist bc they both made the way for the arts that i study under...all thi showed me was that this man was ungrateful for being taught the arts for piting two greats afainst eachother.
Omar Nazari
2017 and people still believe this karate/kung fu shit works. Watch UFC 1-3 and then talk...
Dave Overbey
If you will please YouTube me Dave Overbey as I have created the rotor propeller protector, The nucleus atom head protection, The arm lift blockage blockade, the scoop n swoop, the leg brush over w/spin in elbw stab. the batter, batter swing smash n bash, the tidal wave splash over, the washer agitator & spin cycle, the choppy water splash across, the under over loop, smack & whack, the arm wrestle & curl weight lift leverage in place of the muscle hustle.The paddle wheel deal & a parade of other advice & tactics to fighting smarter not harder. Please respond with your opinion as I am now 64 going on 34 L.O.L Thanks I don't need the fight but give me a thumbs up if so you liked.
Jay Smith
Just don't go see this movie, and spread the word.
Jay Smith
3min. fight turns to 10min. dance. lol
Alex L.
This is an insult to Bruce Lee. A very poor and disgusting representation of the man. I just see an Abercrombie model with a medieval peasant haircut and a fuck boy personality. Strange enough, Wong Jack Man is amore like Bruce himself. Was the studio drunk and did not notice this?! The fight was 3 minutes in real life! How did the Lee family allow this to be made? Unfuckingbelievable.
Looks so sloppy. Lol
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