Why do we need the White House briefing anyway?

Why do we need the White House briefing

After President Trump fired FBI director James Comey, his communications team went to work explaining the decision and ended up contradicting what the president said on national television. The Post's Margaret Sullivan looks at whether or not we even need a daily White House briefing.

ashley caudle
What BS President can fire for any and all reasons. Comey was hindering the investigation ,giving bs statements to congress not proving requested evidence
nobody 7777
Everyday probably too much, once per week would be enough.
A Cool Million
I LOVE WaPo BUT hey, aren't you using a propaganda technique of disruption with that music volume interfering with the speakers? Do you really think things aren't challenging enough when you can hear every word clearly? FIX THIS! As a 4th Estate standard.
polikwaptiwa che
At one time we knew and trusted Whitehouse press briefings. Not so today. Spicer
tells the people what he's told to say and nothing more. For what the briefings have evolved to, they may as well not have any... This presidential administration doesn't want us to know anything!!! When you do find out anything this administration spins their own version of it, shifts responsibility to others, outright denies and deflects everything. Do they think we don't know that the current president and his bunch of despicables NEVER tell the truth about anything??
Zero H
Yeah, that is the media spinning statements and interviews. We are watching media assume shit and spin! Seriously, even the undertone this woman has is funny. She is patronizing Trump administration, and mocking it. No ownership of attacks? What evidence do we have anyway? I haven't heard any factual or actual evidence on a scandal at all. Please, can we get a link or some actual information that justifies accusing Trump of treason? PLEASE and THANK YOU

Also, I am curious how the FBI can comb over thousands of emails and clear out Hillary's server, while she isn't an intern, but an experienced 35 year veteran of politics and Presidential business and should know the polices set forth, but yet she literally was guilty of killing people in Benghazi yet was deemed innocent in 2 weeks. How can the FBI not come up with clear evidence on TRUMP after 6 months? BY NOW WE SHOULD HAVE SOMETHING! The media keeping this shit going for months and months and months is very insane. At the same time asking Comey to step down, then get angry with Trump for firing the guy when he should have finished his investigation is not unreasonable.
Mark Johnson
WASHINGTON POST . . .. is beyond fake news. It is DEEP STATE PROPAGANDA!
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