North Korea Military Parade 2017 Marching soldiers & new weaponry

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Eradicated Noodle
So many of these 'soldiers' who have only been trained to march around in synchronisation with plastic guns and faulty missiles will die if they ever fought against real soldiers of the western powers
Esteban Luna
North korea Massive Artillery Drill 2017 Best Moment Full Video
Fall out of line and be executed. No thanks. This is what having a whole country as your personal bin of toys would look like.
and there it is, every weapon nk has ever had. if the us did this the video would never end
spudman 69 xxx
impecable marching
Curlon kc
world war 3 is going to kill billions of people....your only way to life is JESUS..if you dont know him ask him to let you know him
Let's face it. What a complete and utter wander this North Korean leader is.

As for his brainwashed puppet soldiers marching the German goose step, I can't wait for them all to be chopped down to size by the military might of South Korea, Japan and the killing machine that is America.

Let's finish off North Korea 1st attempt and rid the world of this dictatorship and free all North Koreans.

One Korea in my lifetime. I hope!
GD Yelooh
Look at all of our army!
Let's launch a missil-
jesse miranda
none of those missiles work . just a bunch of fake missiles that can't fly for shit.
Johnny Tsim Meej Vaj
2:37 sound like women screaming scary lol, down with North Korea!
Cai Hughes.
Why the fuck are the soldiers carrying metal scrap?
Kim Jong Un keeps getting fatter and fatter
It looks like CGI, but I know it isn't.
Atsushi Komori
Omg the marching is just too funny
jino gala
Are they called Marching robots
Ride the Tiger
This is so fucking surreal.
Baby Naznin
Great leaderships
Sinning SinnamonDuns
in the words of my uncle

"they look like a bunch of fruits"
bayarbileg Gombosuren
Mabey it's SS
hans ramazotti
Let me guess, some kind of Viagra for little Kimmie ?
hans ramazotti
Little guy playing big dude. He should feed his people first. Well, one of these days he'll blow himself up.
Faisal Abbas
support from pakistan
You can't lie North Korea can put on a good parade
Mario Martinez
Yeah...I doubt they'll start WW3.
this is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
abdi yare
don't thing easy N.koria
WTF?! Mercedes ? Do we sell cars to north korea in germany?
Space komuch
You laugh, but imagine, all those missiles, all these forces marching into Seul, just after thousands of rockets, artillery shells fall there
Krishna Acharya
kim jon best of luck fight him america
Chuko Cribb
I must admit it looked super cool, very charismatic
Mahdi Bunyadi520
very very good kim jong
driving alex
but that doesnt mean shit ground troops aint shit on nuclear war
Sasitorn Kasemson
shoot the fat
Morteza Khaleghi
trump will attack to kim junh and disappear all this toys
Anisul Islam
i love king jung...very gud job mr king jung
j' bravo
All Americans are full of hate and pride. Let the other countries live their own way. And take back your democracy and new world order. Your president is a clear sign of how stupid you become while china, Russia and other countries are in rise of both military and expanding their economy. Just admit America isn't great anymore. All you did is bomb muslims and create terrorist groups #shame
there going to blow up America 😱
watching all does huge weapons ,, made me realise that those,, so called , ,stupid north Koreans ..
must have constructed the biggest fucking ...3D PRINTER ,, ON THIS PLANET ,!!
James Taylor
now that's what i call Perfect drill parade ... Gleaming uniform too! just like the SS !
angelo pagtakhan
what is this 90's video?
Евгений Калашников
respect North Korea from Russia!
mujtaba kami
brave guy
Shawn Dinora
Randall blue
Trump need his parade too am waiting to see
Fozz Gate
It looks like a circus parade.
Gary Hunter
Marching tin robots...
No Reason Videos
Such a big dildos
headshot justin
All that junk they're carrying. Rofl
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