He been using a GH5 for a few months now. lol
Which is the video where Casey Neistat reviews the Sony 10-18mm, please ? Thank you.
Mega-Matt Studios
dude the gorlillapod e used with that setup was the joby gorillapod original with is like 20 or 30 dallors
hah, nice break down and review Jason. I found it funny though Casey was complaining about the no ''touch screen focus'' feature on his new as7ii but he'll soon discover sony's auto-focusing system is so dam good, more often then not, you won't have to worry about touching a screen to autofocus yourself in the first place. Just go to full auto and vlog away!
my setup is $1200
forgot the electric skateboard
Carive Productions
That's not that much really. Now count all the shit stored in his shelves. That's where the $$ is.
Ulises Valdivia
You forgot the apple laptops he frequently brakes
Jamie Andrei
Sweet break down man...
virgen fj
He's a sociopathic wealth flasher!!!
Do Jon Olsson next!!!!
I've been using my moms canon rebel t2 looking at getting my own not a fan of how the cannons have been feeling "i.e. Cheap feeing. Was looking at a Nikon and now I see this about Sony what would be a good overall and not a wallet breaker for a dslr camer? Thoughts
Mike Duckworth
computer to edit ....?
DE3 Sin
but doesn't he owns a red camera too?
Lol at 2:13 he said "70D and the 80D" the same time as casey xD
Gray Smith
not to mention the 10 phantom 4 drones he's crashed
Aaron Nanto
I'm making YouTube videos (not for my own channel) vlog style with the RED Epic-W in 8K so $17K is nothing really ;D
Casey is still using his 80d. I am looking his newest videos.. u can see the 80d clearly in the reflection of his sunglasses. :D
edin chavez
Sweetness I just picked up the 6500 for vlogging, its dope :)
3:51 yu say 98 and on screen it's 89
Loveme Tender
it's funny when youtuber talks about another youtuber
Nathanael Rittichier
And then... He moved to Gh5.
These are all great cameras, but if you're going to shoot video, Id still recommend a dedicated video camera like an HCX1 or Sony Z150, especially if you are limited to two hands and have to do everything yourself either in studio or on the run. The autofocusing systems, audio inputs and controls, white balance, ND filters, and ability to precisely control iris, shutter, and focus rings manually are tools you just cant get on DSLRs -- and most that try are cumbersome or have to do it with clumsy software controls. Plus youll get your flip-out screen on a dedicated video camera. And its all in one unit and thousands cheaper aside from a shotgun mic. And, the optical zoom and image stabilization is almost always better. Never swap a lens. The bokeh might not be quite as good, but still very usable. Video out of DSLRs does look great w/that sensor, but there are just way too many shortcomings in the platform overall to force you to Frankenstein a usable rig for all the things a dedicated camera gives you for far less money, far greater control, and far easier portability. If you have a gaggle of crew members helping you and can control all these things for you while you stand in front of the camera, the DSLRs make more sense. I find them far too clumsy, unreliable, and cumbersome to set up and shoot myself. Once you start rolling, you are at the DSLR's mercy and they have minds of their own. Every additional piece of equipment you attach to them added a failure point to your end product. A dedicated video camera however is designed from the very beginning to do nothing but shoot video and it usually shows. Cameras that do 4K 60p are common, come with s-log, all the best codecs, etc. And shooting handheld with a dedicated video camera almost always yields far more stable shots b/c of the weight, balance, and inherent platform of a video cam - so much so that oftentimes you dont even bring a tripod/monopod with you. Time is money. Nobody wants to spend a half hour hooking microphones, cages, outboard monitors, etc when you just want to shoot. Nevermind take it all apart again when you pack things up. I use my DSLRs 90% for photos and my HCX1 90% for video. Just makes the workflow far faster. I realize not everyone can afford both avenues and want a DSLR or video camera that can do everything -- but there is no such piece of equipment yet. Photo and Video is an entirely different set of requirements and workflows and needs.
My set up is like $10, I shoot with a cucumber, my monitor is a potato and I edit in a pizza box.
why so many dislikes?? this is a well-made well-researched and well-edited video! good job, you deserve more subs
Sirayuth Taramas
Amazing Video Original Video content.
Including the style of the editing.
You're deserve more like and subs

May I ask, Please do a99ii review on Video shooting, low light, luts etc.
I have been deciding between this and a7sii
Adam King FPV
yo bro, u forgot that big ass ring light he uses in his studio
Charlie Rodway
His laptop is like $4,000
Where does that music come from?!
Sylvan Kalviac
Hes using the GH5 now !!!!!!! ;) ;)
for amateur, $17k might be shocking, for the people like Casey, a millionaire, I am pretty sure he has toys, easily around $100k
Laurent Outang
Casey looks like sony. Swaggy but Crappy Inside.
That setup, and here I am just rocking the Blackmagic Pocket :(
Robert B
Liked your easy-to-follow bullet points on between 7R, 6500, 7Sii. Thanks
Kenny Bagnis
Cool to think I had the exact same setup (except I had the a6300) a year before Casey, before him most people didnt even care about sony's 10-18mm lens
Gutta LyfeTV
This guys got the swag of a serial killer yo
Kamiya Tetsuya
As for april 3rd.. video posted april 2nd.. wtf?
Kamiya Tetsuya
As far as I know Casey doesn´t use 80D anymore, he uses the GH5, because the A6500 doesn´t have flip out screen so he doesn´t uses it anymore too, don´t know what lenses he use for GH5, for the mic he use VP83F which is 299$ not VP83 199$, he also now have a new drone, the DJI Spark, and to mention the dozens of cameras and microphones that he destroyed. But who cares, he have the money and it is still a decent youtube gear than other cocky youtubers that spend like 50K$ just for one Red Epic W, just literally why are they so cocky? To show us how rich they are? These are made for cinematography, not for youtube, they never would get the maximum quality with the gear they use to make videos on youtube and the quality would also be dropped due rendering. So Casey have a decent gear than other youtubers like MKBHD, who is basically throwing money out of window for fcking expensive things. The still overkill but way more cheaper C300 II is better than this, like how many people now have 8K monitor that could watch 8K video? Not propably much in my country but not in US either I think.
Silly Wabbits
Excellent breakdown, I think most of the gear Casey uses is actually free via product placement and the like...
new sub first comment
steve blow
He spent $17,000* on Sony and then promptly switched to Panasonic. That's pretty damning.

*I know it's not $17,000. I would of added up just the Sony stuff but there was text covering up all the prices in the video and I'm too lazy to go find it all...
anthony certa
its all a tax write off
Chantal Rochon
Great points on Casey's cameras$$$$ & hardware. BUT! The blogs are so creative and his story telling ( Van and CaseY's story telling style) IS UNIQUE! No matter how you dissect it!
and i feel cool whit my gopro session and a gorilapod... :D
Putting $XX,XXX in title of video
Guaranteed clickbait
ZX Tech.
Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!!
This is why I would recommend people to go for Sony if they are predominantly shooting videos. Canon image quality for video mode is very soft and muddy. I hate it. Sucks to the core! But still much better than the Nikon. Nikon are the worst.
thinkinginpictures THKPIC
Casey who?
John Eckert
For that much money I would go with a Blackmagic Cinema Camera or a Blackmagic Production Camera (OR BOTH)
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