Trump Wasn't Even The Brains Behind 'Celebrity Apprentice'

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'American Idol' star Clay Aiken revealed some very interesting intel about 'American Idiot' Donald Trump.

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It's the Blum-Fox
i think Steve Banon may have put that same telephone on the Presidents desk
Missed a great opportunity to make a comey fired joke (especually since he got "recommended" to fire him)
Old School Muscle
Fuck Trump and Colbert both.
DreamingTata VeganMama
Thanh Duong
Very Gay News
First Name Surname
you can trust stephen to make transphobic comments about tilda Swinton and clay aiken. motherfucker
Eomma KPOP
That was so worth the separation :)
Saveea Paris
pfft. like he knows how to read a teleprompter
Genji Shimada
I'm a Republican
"But Hillary didn't even have celebrity apprentice program!" 😭
yeah split up the monologue and have the last part 1:29 long... right... Gotta get that sweet sweet .0001 cent of AdSense revenue
Ken McFadyen
Trump has brains ...know that's funny!!
Kayla B
clay aiken was on celeb apprentice?
Spare Tilda Swinton LOL!
Don't wanna be an American Idiot!
Vincent Spiese
A 1:30
Mike Nunyabizness
Batista or however you spell it is terrible on TV, talented musically but bad sidekick. Awkward timing he time he makes a comment.
Unknown Error
That's expected. I'd be fairly impressed if Trump was ever the brains behind anything that a 5-year couldn't think of.
Stephen Colbert! is this what you've become, a tool hate and Division. as a talk show host you have a responsibility not to show your ugly self. it is over for the B littler's for the bullying for the agitators and the instigators it's over. shame on you.. this is not comedy this is ugliness..
What I don't understand is when the election started, we were all thinking who were the lesser of two evils. Now there are people who absolutely despise trump and those who think he's "absolutely totally fantastic." Then people grow dumber by trying to mix retard with any political term they can use."Libtard" "Trumptard" "Conservatard" "Democratards" etc. what the hell happened to EVERYONE. it's like the instant trump became president. we all lost our fucking minds and it's ridiculous.
Edward Terry
Full Disclosure: Colbert is not the brains behind The Late Show.
Yasmin Naik
Stephen Colbert seems to be having too much fun .
Celebrity apprentice hs been going on for over a decade and NOW you're attacking him on it? What kind of a hack comedian are you? Whatever, i envy your success by taking advantage of these retarded liberals.
Amby Don
This guy is irritating .. enough of picking up on Trump and I wanna hear something else.
Bottom line.. Trump is 45th And you are 0
Brad Jennings
Maybe the should stop being so obsessed with Trump. He won and your party lost! And will keep losing!
Textbook Fascism
Just like Colbert do not write his bland jokes and is controlled by his network and producers Look at what happened to Leno when he went out of the line.
Mark Springstead
Trump isn't even The Brains Behind Trump :)
he wanted a million per show but his great negotiating skills got him 60k foh
COLBERT SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maxx Karma
Trump is not the proof, the people that chose him are. Lol
Wait, what's the first one he lost today?
chris grammatica
Trump is like a cardboard cut out mostly devoid of content
The real brains behind The Apprentice is Mark Burnett, not Trump.
Oswald Zepeda
SOOO you're telling us that the NBC PRODUCERS are the real jerks son of a bitches that cut the apprentices dream??? great job NBC...
The Beanie
Batiste has that cracking suit on again!
Azalea Brown
Aiken is looking to become relevant again after his failed bid for Congress. Everyone wants to jump on Trump bandwagon to get ratings and free publicity. SAD!
I'd love to see Penn Gillette on now.
Brian Poole
Bunch of Litards litening to a comedian about politics??
I know! If Trump had producers as president, that might help his public presence!
Ron Rosetti
puppets can't read!!
"Hi I'm Stephen Colbert and it's been 10 seconds since I started talking, so....Donald Trump."
cue forced laughter
cheeto p
fake news everyone knows trump doesn't have the intelligence to do anything.
Trump & Trump family are rapidly digging their own graves! I ❤ it! Bye Trumps! Bye! Money can't save you now! It's a matter of time! Doom is inevitable.😂
Well it's reality TV, of course it's scripted.
Alligator Andy
Jesus christ dude just ask him to marry you
1:00 I believe you mean, "The implications here are YUGE"
Martin Lovasz
Does Trump even exist or is he just a number of actors and stunt people?
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