America's Opinion Of Ivanka Trump

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It turns out that young women in America have a pretty unfavorable view of Ivanka Trump. Cenk Uygur, Francis Maxwell, and Hannah Cranston, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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"Ivanka Trump has been under a microscope in the past couple of weeks. First, news broke out that she would get an office in the West Wing, but no official role, which caused a lot of outrage. Then, her father's administration said Ivanka would have an unpaid gig as special assistant to the president.  And when she gave her first interview since her father assumed office, the reaction of the public was less than stellar.

Things don't seem to be looking up for her, either. A new SurveyMonkey poll released Monday in Cosmopolitan found that only 21% of young women between the ages of 18 and 34 have a positive view of the first daughter.”*

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Francis Maxwell

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Francis Maxwell


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The only acceptable response from anyone should be "don't know enough to say." We literally know nothing about Ivanka. She's admitted to being a purposeful deceiver with her words.
Debi Sovelet
Your right, it's a monkey POLL ... and polling a bunch of TURKS only is like a major DUH ... we all know that TURKS hate anything that resembles OBEDIENCE to the AMERICAN LAW. I mean why would you want to obey laws when you came from LAWLESS SOCIETIES? But not TRUE, There are 72% of America that loves the entire TRUMP Family and WE VOTED for him. So sorry you're left out by your own ignorance. By your own desire to be LAWless.
Donna Northcott
men just like to think with the head not on there shoulders pathetic,,,Ivanka is a spoiled little bitch that only thinks of herself
Lisa Frazier
Ivanka is using the WH to promote her business and make money. Immediately following the 60 Minute interview that showed a bracelet she was wearing, Ivanka used the clip to pitch her product ($10,000). Personally, I don't consider self service under the guise of public service a trait to admire.
The Donald would sleep with Ivanka if he wasn't married.
I'm favorable to Hanna!
Ivanka is the most competent, most loyal and independent women being followed by the media in this generation. She is a mother, a business owner, she has created jobs herself. Young girls should be looking up to her more than anyone, yet it seems quite the opposite. Don't be surprised when the young women of this generation grow up to be degenerate idiots with no valuable skills... oh wait, it's too late.
Fabrice Soonekindt
We shouldn't be so hard on her..she had such a poor & difficult upbringing!As we Serious wonder if SHE is The Firs Lady with full clearances in Your White house Guys!as We just voted only hours ago here and hate the fact that Marine is in the Second Round now and could be our First Madam Présidente soon which makes us all kinda freakin' out right now at least if the unimaginable "would"happen through catastrophic turnout in her favor soon,we would KNOW Who's actually un charge..but we'll be Hurting for years to come as well..i wish you all the best,friends..cause we're looking from the outside at this administration and we are truly scratching our heads at what the hell is going on there! The White House Has always been a symbol to the World of Global Diplomacy and managing crisises by decent understanding & intervention as reaching out to all nations..but this Admin is more & more exposing itself to everyone that no one really is in charge with a Part-time Toddler who leaves for his golfcourse each weekend and Seems to us all he really doesn't like the job as much whilst knowing absolutely nothing about geopolitics! But her business is booming in China though..they now even have Plastic surgery hospitals for Asian people,who really think she's Lady Di reborn ,to get the same facefeatures as her! Keep on Doing a great job Guys..!peace ✌
Ben Lutz
Who cares? She's not using the White House to sell her Ivankrap to you poor people. You don't matter.
Boo hiss, the rotten, sour crab apple clearly has not fallen far from the tree STRUMP. Another ignorant, inhuman cretin with no excuse for her abject incurable stupidity.
Vance Stone
im 50

im a troll
scott watts
Trump isn't president he is the Cosby in chief, all the things and video of trump and his daughter lead me to the conclusion that they are better acquainted than they let on. He's a rapist like Billy O and his obsession with his daughter isn't right. I think there was bad touching going on with Daddy. Money covers up all shameful things, problem is the rich don't know shame.
lorenzo gomar
Ivanka trump the new first lady, yes very creepy.
Come on!! Kleptocracy!!! Her clothing line, made in China.....crap product, she is very accountable! As a middle age women, an architect! I call bullshit! She is no role model, she kicks Women's Rights to the curb. I would stage a rally against her "working Women". She does NOT work! Grab your ovaries and think .....Women of the World!
Angel Paris-Jordan
like all those other 'polls' i guess.... total shit
Joshua Loren Squires
Liam McLaren
This guy does not speak for Scots .
Figures. Bill O'Reilly and Ivankas FATHER just love that fresh white meat.
MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)
The relationship between Ivanka and her father is the weirdest father/daughter relationship I've ever seen. Ugh.
Frank S
Ivanka Trumpalot
Frank S
I wanna give that blonde a tongue bath
Hannah Cranston serves no purpose. all she does is read other news sites news.. she adds nothing
women hate eachother especially if there pretty
Elizabeth Celerian
@ Crazyman & Co. You are quite correct. very close ties even with the big tycoon of the Russias Steele. Hmm, make America Russian Campaigne. All Trump's family starting from the Chump himself. They are the worlds biggest freeloaders. They live off the backs of all Taxpayers. IMPEACH
Putin's girlfriend is a gold digger, She was married to an older richer politician.
she vacations with Putin's
girlfriend, she will go to
with her daddy.
Clinton Gray
I guess Ivanka can tell woman how to move up the ladder in politics and not know a damn thing just have a corrupt dad
peter wanton
Ivanka is a communist shit
Survey Monkey?
Jim Gillin
Why does Cenk use the obscure "Monkey Poll" for some questions on public opinion then inject his own bigoted opinions on more pertinent overall "public opinions". His bigoted opinions about what political affiliations young people have and others are uncalled for, polls already exist and are available on his topics.
Jim Gillin
Monkey Polled don't they have trees in that zoo? When asking questions to women about political issues from obscure polling sources, should also ask control question should women be required the compulsory military war time combat duty men are ? They never have, although men always have in USA, this would give US a better idea about the true nature of "sexual equality" Monkey Polled women have.
Geno Bot
So why doesn't murdering rapist supporter like Cenk get killed?

Because only murdering rapist regressive left supports killing people for their beliefs. Just like the ideology of rape and murder that is islam which are, no wonder, allied with regressive left.

If you are subbed to this channel and if you upvote any of their vids you are a true problem of human species. You are a cancer of humanity. You personally are guilty for every single murder, rape and war in general.
who is that new girl and where did the otherone go?
It baffles me how the left doesn't like Ivanka. She's not her father. She's still a registered democrat. She supports democratic policies like paid maternal leave. She's a woman that young girls can look up to to see a woman in a leadership role (she runs her own company). It's all neanderthal-like identity politics tho...SHE WITH TRUMP. TRUMP BAD. IVANKA BAD.
MC1R Gene
I'm 67 and ivanka is a disgusting user.
Anna Warner
Finally in addition to selling airplanes and missiles, US government is selling spa services and shoes for Trump family. Great transition for US economy. After Trump is finished with the United States, he will have Trump businesses firmly embedded all across the globe. Congratulations voters in the Mid West, you got what you were voting for.
Timothy Butler
ivanka trump comes off as another tomi lahren
Ali Seymour
does it normally take this long for the right-wing troll comments to fade away? 💤
fadi jwaid
look at all the "progressives" in the comments shaming Ivanka because shes the presidents daughter.....the same people who said if you dont vote for Hillary you are sexist...just read all the comments...
everything is awful
Tomasina Covell
Rich people have their own "socialism", she could fly off to anywhere in the world and easily be able to buy any medical treatments and drugs she would ever want. so it's not a surprise she doesn't have any progressive backbone what-so-ever!
Sara Tse
Not a fan of Hannah for the news segments...I like when Kim or Grace sub for Ana!!
Ivanka let him grab.
Backyard Brook
Ivanka is awesome.
Oh yeah,
Hillary lost
Hillary lost
Hillery lost
Ha Ha Ha LoL
ClockFixer 1964
Hanna has some nicely toned arms. Sexeeeeeeeee skeet skeet skeet... Oooops sorry about that.
X[] hehehe...
Lisa Lahr
Why are we even commenting on this article? They will never read any of this. They can stereotype women and make factual errors about dystopian novels but won't issue any kind of statement.
Lisa Lahr
Hey Cenk, Try not to stereotype women of any age. I am probably smarter than you anyway.
Lisa Lahr
I am not a millenial. I knew she was a fraud. No judging.
Natasha Vonoskabaya
Ivanka would like you to believe she's a sophisticated women who is nothing but pure class... but it looks like Ivanka may be the one who's sexual deviance may blackmail the USA into oblivion.

Sh+t is being leaked online about Ivanka's very dirty filthy life.
Stay tuned OR research for yourself.

Ivanka is pure evil.
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