America's Opinion Of Ivanka Trump

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It turns out that young women in America have a pretty unfavorable view of Ivanka Trump. Cenk Uygur, Francis Maxwell, and Hannah Cranston, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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"Ivanka Trump has been under a microscope in the past couple of weeks. First, news broke out that she would get an office in the West Wing, but no official role, which caused a lot of outrage. Then, her father's administration said Ivanka would have an unpaid gig as special assistant to the president.  And when she gave her first interview since her father assumed office, the reaction of the public was less than stellar.

Things don't seem to be looking up for her, either. A new SurveyMonkey poll released Monday in Cosmopolitan found that only 21% of young women between the ages of 18 and 34 have a positive view of the first daughter.”*

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Francis Maxwell

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Francis Maxwell


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Rock Reed
I see Martial Law on the horizon.
Umm I love the smell of gun powder in the morning.
Youngturks, downvote.
Ray Charles
I'm not sure if I've said it before, somewhere, on this wonderful YouTube, but I think that all this Trump controversy is a result of a white man, having entered the White House as President of the USA, and not some other race. I believe that 100%.
Many people have to realize that Obama was not a turning point.
Chris Ducat
"No Opinion" because she's not worth the effort...sorry Ivanka. Bright woman, but tethered to an imbecile for a father.
Ivanka is the "mother goddess" and Jared is the head of the Illuminati.. watch my video some anonymous Illuminati member said on the David Icke forums in 2008.
Sadly a lot of disaffected young people are attracted to the alt right.
Jackson Johns
I'm a white, loooooong ago divorced feminist mother who is almost 50 and I could probably not be any more progressive. I'm still feeling the Bern and am an ardent fan of Richard Wolff. The thing that brings me the most pride in my life is that all four of my grown children each independently came to be Bernie supporters on their own. They joked when arriving at my new home for Thanksgiving of 2015 that they knew which house was mine because I had the only Bernie yard sign on my Dallas Texas street. Not all older people are right wingers and not everyone over 40 listens to the corporate media drivel. And none of us who have a clue are fooled by Ivanka Trump or any of her felonious family members.
Rebecca Brown
It's Truvanka time. Time to cut the smoke and mirrors umbilical cord.
April JK
when has she been held accountable for anything, ever?
Tellthetruth n/a
TYT is still promoting misogyny. TYT supports women as long as the women agree with them. If not they are ridiculed and bullied.
Mary Lucey
For me I would consider Ivanka to be neutral because I really don't know much about her to really like or dislike her. In my opinion it's great that she is a passionate about a lot of issues but I really don't know what if anything she can bring to the table considering the life that she has lived a more privileged life style than other women have. I think obviously she has empathy for people that struggle but I don't know if her ideas or approach to resolving that situation would really work best. It's one thing to be sympathetic or empathetic but in my opinion you can never fully understand something unless you've personally experienced yourself. So what would work for her may not neccessarily work for other people, that doesn't make her a bad person it just means that she is uninformed.
Corazon Sierra
18 to 34... facepalm
this news announcer says 'um' way too goddamn much
Shelly seymore
That's terrible! Genital mutilation is one of, if not the most HORRIFIC forms of child abuse.
Those babies and small girls are BUTCHERED! usually with no anesthetic and with unsanitary equipment in filthy conditions.
Someone should make him watch a little girl be held down with their legs spread apart, then have some half bilnd, half mad, scarey old women cut most of her vagina away!!...He should have to listen to the unholy screams that come from their little mouths 😢.....and then they are sewn up with what ever material that's available and left to heal, sometimes alone for days/weeks...not dying from massive blood loss is really hit and miss as MANY DO.

Conservatives are void of any empathy..."pro life" but then don't give a SHIT what happens beyond the point of birth....ARSEHOLES. .THE LOT OF THEM.
aimee herediaperez
i'm pretty sure trump also got rid of the 'let girls learn' initiative too & aiding others in obtaining an education should not be a controversial topic or action ??
zackery zackery
Bul sit....she is smokin hot....more libtard surveys...fake news...she can sell me a handbag anytime
Bernard Kovalchik
Too bad Ivanka could not change "Daddy's" mind about the Paris Climate Accord. That's one point for effort I'll give to her. Score now 73 negative to one positive. Women's Rights LOL? Younger women recognize she is a uber-rich snobbish fraud. Older women are just wishing for the days they looked younger. Ya gotta walk the talk to prove your words IVANKA TRUMP.
Christina Hein
I don't think most "older women" necessarily align (or like) Ivanka Trump though am relieved younger women don't. I am 59 when Gloria Steinem and Ms. Magazine was available. Though I voted for Hilary, I am not with alignment with her either and find her also among the elites, just not as garish as Ivanka. Bernie Sanders at any age is more in alignment with my views. I do not live in a rural, white bread (lacking diversity- over 95% white county and do see more woman of all ages loving Trump, no matter what. But it is extremely conservative and sometimes local Republican politicians run unopposed, though it doesn't matter if they are. Though I never thought I wouldn't vote for a woman I did vote for Bernie in the primaries, as you need more than a vagina to get my vote. Love your News
Mini Me
Is there a statistic backing your statement that the majority of 18-42 yos are liberal? And the statement regarding all youtubers with conservative views being "boys" and "trolls".
Nice young woman with a great life. Lighten up folks. DRS
i found out why i dont completely hate ivonka she is hillary clinton what i mean by that is she talks about womans rights and does want equality and shit like that but what she ends up doing is exactly what every liberal hates about hillary clinton and not act on it but go with the republicunts so she is hillary clinton she even seems to be for the wars like hillary clinton

holly shit i cant believe i didnt realize that before

i bet if you did the same poll with people being favorable to hillary clinton you would see very similar numbers as well ivonka the hillary clinton of the white house i would love for you to tell me how ivonka isnt like hillary clinton
Theresa Morrison
I'm proud to be an older woman that sees through her bullshit.
shadowcat 10110
of course HOP women approve of Ivanka ....bleached blonde hair plastic surgery stepford looks following husbands religion complicate and no real opinion of her own ...
Ymr Bleav
Me and my friends are older and we can't stand her! She's just as fake as her father. She has no WH skills, lol!!!
Oda Yukimura
Just like her Father, Ivanka is fake and cares only how to profit from her position in the White House.
Deirdre Myers
I don't think she's unintelligent, but she's out of touch with the every day person just like her father. Her actions about the family brand just like the rest of them. I find her 'complicit', a word she hates. This whole thing is one big marketing tool to help further their brand. It's just disgusting to watch and I get really annoyed when people attribute things to her that we haven't seen yet. She hasn't tempered his behavior so anyone waiting for that should just give up on that notion. I've seen no evidence of it. I don't feel she's qualified for the role she has in the WH. If she wasn't his daughter she wouldn't have gotten the job. I have no problem with women in power and getting ahead. I'm a huge cheerleader to all my friends, women and men. If you're qualified and can do the job then I want you to get the job. I just don't like nepotism and she's a walking, talking case of nepotism in action. And can we please stop saying she's a proponent of women's rights. Proof is in the pudding indeed. Time to show and stop telling.
Alex Patient
" we don't just blindly support other women cuz they're women" votes for hillary
Cachi -
Women are jealous of each other, that's no secret.
My mother, age 71, really thinks that the Trump family has "class." I am just glad Mom lives with my sister 4 hours away.
Victor Daniel Catalan
I'd bang her.
Mike Frech
My opinion is that she's homely.
jo ellis
Pure and simple, Ivanka is cultivated by Child President her father molded to a female president in the near future. However, dig the US treasure Dep as a gold hunt to fill up the pockets hole for Duck Trump's own families and his 1% elite' pockets has mortified effect if the brain-dead supporter of Trump still in sleepwalking mode.
Mike Dell
Mike Dell
VIXZ777 MK99
people like Trump is very sample they say what they do or see they don't have inner voice told them well "you shouldn't say that " so when he say he really " like" his daughter yeah I think there must be some thing going on there and now we know that Trump limited is 4 month if you get it
she's a scumbag like the rest
Chaise Latterly
Yay for the internet and for the millenials.
Allard Freichmann
More corruption of the orange ape.
Monique Hill
Shes there TO HELP HERSELF! She wants to PROMOTE her brand in the white house as her fathers daughter....Simple
Carl Taylor
What's the difference between Paris Hilton and Ivanka Trump? No, it's not the start of a joke. I really would like to know...
Shana Wagner
bella sanchez
She's a fake , phony , who pretends to care about children and family's .
gingle kitty
Sleeping with daddy is going too far being Daddy's girl!
Cheryl Collins
What the hick is going on with Ivanka being every where all the time? Ivanka is taking on the role a wife would be doing in the White House, this is very creepy!!
She has a dad that grabs vaginas because he thinks his celebrity affords him that right and she shows no disdain. So what's to like.
The only acceptable response from anyone should be "don't know enough to say." We literally know nothing about Ivanka. She's admitted to being a purposeful deceiver with her words.
Debi Sovelet
Your right, it's a monkey POLL ... and polling a bunch of TURKS only is like a major DUH ... we all know that TURKS hate anything that resembles OBEDIENCE to the AMERICAN LAW. I mean why would you want to obey laws when you came from LAWLESS SOCIETIES? But not TRUE, There are 72% of America that loves the entire TRUMP Family and WE VOTED for him. So sorry you're left out by your own ignorance. By your own desire to be LAWless.
Donna Northcott
men just like to think with the head not on there shoulders pathetic,,,Ivanka is a spoiled little bitch that only thinks of herself
Lisa Frazier
Immediately following the 60 Minute interview that showed a bracelet she was wearing, Ivanka used the clip to pitch her product ($10,000). Later, her brothers quickly advertised 'coffee with Ivanka up for bidding. Personally, I don't consider commercial service under the guise of public service a trait to admire.
The Donald would sleep with Ivanka if he wasn't married.
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