Evil Parents Abuse Kids for Pranks! - DaddyOFive Response

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Prank channels are back, and worse than ever. DaddyOFive is abusive and disgusting. Please LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!

Last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDPVTWWw_SA&t=60s

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Hunter Avallone
Turns out this family lives in Maryland, only a few miles away from me.
This is sick! I can't even watch the entire video. I'm a dad and this guys are evil and absolute morons!
Ryan Nair
i wish i can beat that mom abd dad with a brick
Marc Jensen
Really?! Well, this was fun.. My sister and I got beat up for a lot of stuff when we where kids, and we later found out it all was a setup for a reason for our stepfather to "have fun" with his friends meanwhile telling us that we where not his kids.. How fucking STUPID can you be, use this as a prank?!!! I feel so sad for this kid and a world of anger on these "parents"! WTF?!
Oh my god this broke me, they need to save these kids especially Cody. Ohgod my heart hurts..
Art Lady
This is wrong ! People will do anything for money ! Guess what , it's fucked up , see shit happens right . They are full of SHIT , it's not fake you did this for money it's in you ass hole parents . Fuck off for trying to insult my intelligence, which is making me more mad 😡 . Fess up idiots !
Hila Arieli
it's so terrible, every child deserve to be loved.
Robert Hill
disgusting. these parents are the exact reason our youth growing up screwed up
Kentucky FrydJihadi
these fucking dirty l
parents did this shit for money fucking sorry ass welfare losers that have no job
Reouven Taieb
I tear up when I see the little kid crying with blood on his pillow
Cassy Castel
wow, i was gonna go help fuel the flame of calling them on the worthless shitstains of human waste they are, and find their channel gone. GO JUSTICE
i disliked for the windowlicker intro
Matthew Children
Lol children are leeches to society I love seeing them in pain!
Bobalob LOLLOL
That little boy hates his family. I can tell
Zach Raines
i fell bad for the kid,s
the crazy _cosplayer
I don't like you but you honestly have a very good point about this
This absolutely kills me. I was a step father at the age of 21 to an absolutely adorable baby girl and I cannot imagine ever tearing her down like this..That girl was my world and anyone that ever thought some bullshit like this is "just a prank" then I would have tore their throat out and fed it to the hogs.

This is not funny, this is not a prank, this is emotional abuse towards a child during their most volatile years. They are meant to be raised in a loving, nurturing environment that teaches them right from wrong without fear of their own fucking "family" breaking them down. This poor kid is going to have to deal with years of counseling to ever realize what any sense of normalcy is in his life..I hope that you find the light in life little man, these people are monsters for what they did to you.

As for your vile step-mother and father, I hope they deal with hell with the repercussions for their actions. I guarantee that you are in better hands with your biological mother versus these sub-humans.
Jack o
its like when a 26 yr old that behaves like hes still 15 rasing a kid
abdoulaye haidara
LOL Brother01. Best shit ever.
I respect them. They were trying to do a great youtube channel. All these people including Hunter caused the downfall of Mike's channel, and the destruction of their videos.
Congrats, i for once fully agree with you.
Fabulous Feb
has someone called social worker to take away these poor kids?
Mike The sicuraty guard
i like daddyofive and its just a prank bruh! and i still watch daddyofive my oppian
Rudolph Sedlin
This kids, is why humanity won't make it to 2020. We are all screwed. I purchased a really expensive bomb shelter in advance. As for the rest of you, you are all screwed.
Tom Draper
I won't be surprised when one of these people gets murdered by the other
I want to kill myself because of the amount of idiocy and terrible things happening in the world.

Any tips?
Anime Is Trash
I thought the vids were fake.
Esork Gonzalez
End of the World

God: "It's just a prank!"

World comes back
Some Guy
First of all, who the fuck names their kid Cody, second of all, they could be arrested for child abuse, and this is the evidence.
Sum Ting Wong
their kid is extremely spoiled and is a pain in the fucking ass. but no one deserves thus shit
Tristan Clemons
Child services dont ever do SHIT! My little cousins have been emotionally and physically abused for years by their horrible step mother. She forces them to take Ridilin because they are "too active" and she bullies my 15 year old cousin (who is anorexic and 4'11') to the point of discussing suicide with me. She encourages her older son to humiliate him at school and her excuse is that "it makes a man out of him." The court won't grant his real mother custody because she doesn't really care about him, and Child Services didn't do anything because my 9 year old cousin Sophia was forced to say "she made it up." They never bother to actually investigate or anything. .. This makes me hate these fucking white trash pieces of shit even more.
Random Guy44
I usually don't agree with you, but these people are just sick! They should be investigated for child abuse.
So, have they been arrested yet?
This is horrible. They shouldn't be parents at all. How cruel!
Swirly Sabsana
That intro tho. 😂😂😂😂They be going too far with their pranks.
Michillion McNuggets
I don't like using seriously mean cuss words, but these people are fucking retarded cunts. They are horrible people who deserve all the pain they've caused that poor boy. And the balls these people have to say "it's fake"... they deserve so much more pain. I hope they have the children taken away and get their fucking asses kicked. I hope it happens soon and I'd be happy to do it
What?!?! How?!?!?
imagine how fucked up these kids life's are gonna end up when they get older...The amount of abuse done to Cody makes me think he's gonna end up being the kid who almost commits suicide.
Jake E. Harvey
fucking hell someone call the cops on these sick bastards
Ainsley Grace
I don't agree with anything hunter says, I watch this channel because it's funny, but I have to agree with him on this subject because daddyofive was screwed up. Hunter, as nearly everything you hate on on this channel, I agree with you.
Savvy Artifact
This may be a bit extreme, but I think they both should go to Auschwitz
*LYRIC KING / 가사 왕*
ᴡᴏᴀʜ ᴡᴏᴀʜ ᴡᴏᴀʜ ᴡʜʏ ᴄᴏᴍᴘᴀʀᴇ ᴛʜɪs ᴛᴏ sᴀᴍ ᴘᴇᴘᴘᴇʀ? sᴀᴍ
ᴘᴇᴘᴘᴇʀ ɪs ᴅᴀ ʙᴇsᴛ
Bv Kanal
I soooooooo want to GAS this people! (P.S. I am from Germany)
menelek prosser
Notice how Cody never says this is a prank but the other one said it
Elisa Moreno
I have a younger brother that I raised he's 3 right now and all that hard work that I go through every day with me in school and taking him to daycare cooking for him he's like my child. it's hard to believe that these​ parents would do that to their children as if they don't care for them it truly brakes my heart and makes me cry. only thing a child need is their parents Love not fame
Ryan Taylor
The mom of this family is the cross between satan and hitler with a blob fish as well, I hope some one puts that ink in her eyes and kicks her in the skull, and the dad should just be a man and stop playing the victim and actually take care of his children. People like this disgust me and I hope they go and die in a hole, and get tourtured by their own "pranks". In conclusion the daddy 05 channel should stop abusing children for views and get a real job "no offense to you tubers out there"
Tell me america. Why is it. Why is it... that this is a thing. Why is YouTube paying these people. Why are they not in prison. Or on death penalty. Why are the kids still with them?
I am a grown man that was raised by a drug addicted mother and a step dad that was very physically abusive. This gets me so enraged...
Jason Vorhees
Jason Vorhees
im going to pray for cody..
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