Evil Parents Abuse Kids for Pranks! - DaddyOFive Response

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Prank channels are back, and worse than ever. DaddyOFive is abusive and disgusting. Please LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!

Last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDPVTWWw_SA&t=60s

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Drone footage seen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhCX2ypRDM0 


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Hunter Avallone
Turns out this family lives in Maryland, only a few miles away from me.
These parents sicken me. My father would misplace and do thingw so that he could beat me. The terror in that kid's face was all too familiar
Chase Legoman
Something tells me this "mother" thinks the Holocaust was a prank.
Kirby Wiseman
If those "adults" were members of my family I'd I beat the shit out of them
Ignoranceis Notbless
White trash has nothing on these two parents it's not a shocker that a woman get giddy when tormenting little boys or children in general sister responsible for 70% of the child abuse and murders
Unicorn Cat
just the way she "pretend" yells at him shows shes really immature as a mom. if thats how she handles yelling at her kids, its messed up. thats the way you yell at another adult, not a child.
mad hatter
What the hell?
Brenda Magee
Sick, sick, sick! My heart bleeds for that child whose parents need classes in simple humanity.
Exploding Bullets
Daniel Kulik
my little brother watches this guy omg
poor child
the "body slam" clip made me want to throw up.....
Joey Macaroni
Innocent pranks-Whoopee cushion
Fake snake
Scare from the other side of the door,not close to a stair case
Masturbating prank(I mean like making the jerking motion under the covers)
Bad unforgivable pranks:
Anything DaddyoFive does and way more
Btw if you're in the mood for a good prankster Rich Ferguson
That's seriously messed up...
Ryan Beckel
So fucked up.
O'Reilly Carroll
Everyone, go to their channel and report the bastards.
Rayen Fuljhari
Let's kill them
These parents need to have their kids taken away. I feel so sorry for the children.
519 Forestmonk
The mother looks like one of those screechy fatsos filmed having a meltdown at Walmart.
Charisse Bianca Diehl
these are the parents the kids next door fight against
Destiny Entertainment
I understand why you made this video. It's completely unexceptable to make your children go through this, but I think it is completely unecessary to call someone of fat and inbred. That's fucking unsophisticated as you think you are. "Redneck dumbo" is completely fucking rude and disrespectful
Pheonix_Gaming x
This makes me so sad, I'm about to cry :(
6:26 I know bad acting when I see it. Those people are dishonest trash
Jake Neo Boi
Trolling is fine only when it's done online or to other people NOT your loved ones.
Please tell me these sadists are in jail.
Mommy Confessions
what are all the clips of nature?
This is absolutely sickening, and this is exactly the kind of crap that should get banned from the Internet. There is no excuse for this, and those monsters have no right to call them selves parents.
Joshua L. Dearden
Poor child
Cooper Walleen
The ink "prank" is not a prank. It's just cruel
Ok so you made a video, did you call child protection services? Or did you do the same thing and make money off a YouTube video!
Retard Detector
246 Retards detected
well this could just be another version of mcjuggernuggets but with a family. you never know
Logan Howlette
If blood is drawn, harming children, there's a case and a huge fucking crime.
Losing Loser
Yes because body slamming, making them fall on bookshelfs, slapping, and traumatizing them are totally fake
showme urteeth
finally something I can agree with him on
Lizzie Sanders
Those parents deserve to be burned alive, crucified, hit by a truck and stoned.
Kaitlyn Serratos
Cody is going to grow up being so messed up just because of this.
Kay Haven
I just cringed when I watched the "apology" video. I just was looking at the kids in the background and how their faces were just a blank slate, and just agreeing with their parents in order to survive and not get beat up afterwords. I recognize that look because I had grown up in that environment and learned the same behaviors that these kids were displaying.
Lauren M
I actually felt sick watching this. I had to turn it off. There's pranking and then there is abuse and THAT is abuse. disgusting people.
TGM Productions
I wanna.........do horrible things to those parents for physically and emotionally abusing their kids, but you REALLY could have limited the amount of clips you put in this video of kids being abused. I know that those kids are being abused, and angry DOESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS towards those parents, but I REALLY do NOT ENJOY watching kids getting BEATEN BY THEIR PARENTS!!! 😠😠😠
Zoroark IllusionMaster
Some one give me a gausrifle
Lence Karasu
Is there any way to help the kids, even if I live in Germany? I would love to call help.. The police or child-care-service...
Decio Leonardo
Is it just me or the "sorry" and "scared part", is fake as everything.
I mean, they did not even try to act.
Noonie Banoonie
DaddyOFive videos are available here: https://archive.org/details/DaddyOFive-youtube
Emily Rogers
This makes me cry
This has been said by others but that scumbag piece of shit is actually the step-mother, who along with the father stole custody of 2 of the kids, http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/531/011/240/ please sign this petition to get them back to the real mother and out of the hands of these filthy vile scum.
I hope these fucking filthy pieces of shit get run over by a car and raped by horses like the disgusting vile scum they are
Imagine Majic
the point of pranks is to confuse not abuse what the fuck is wrong with these people
Zachary Alexander
They should no longer have custody of their children.
Throw them in jail and let them learn. These children deserve better parents.
I thought that this was going to be some kind of sarcastic roast of some privileged teen who thinks that they're getting abused, but holy crap, this hits way too close to home for my liking. Who do they think that they are?! These aren't 'jokes' or 'pranks'. This is horrible; I feel terrible just watching those clips. I feel for these kids. I really do. I can't even hope to understand what they go through, on a possibly daily basis. I'm too far away to do anything, but I sincerely hope that something happens to get these kids away from these parents.
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