Hunter Avallone
Turns out this family lives in Maryland, only a few miles away from me.
shadow night
and how it is legal ? those kids should be taked away and their channel should be put down .
Brent J
Do they really live in Maryland?
Grumpy Troll
Good thing that the parents are arrested
Fix This Phone
you hit that dead on brotha. they are POS's and deserve everything they get coming to them. I just read they could serve jail time, hope they put them in the pedophile wing so they understand what abuse is.
Tyler Barr
This is very disturbing.
x_i might be ur mum.com_x
I feel like the people who made ytp of them will feel bad
Anderson Oliveira da Silva
This is Sick as hell!, It irks me that who feeds those Monsters are... The fucking Viewers!, what we can do to help those poor little kids, are flag those bastards and with hope, they be shut down, Look to Avalone's sister as example, she looks Happy and healthy, instead those boys. (My English is a Work on progress
Schäfchenwolke 27
Why is there no button on youtube to like ALL videos of a channel
Donald Trump
if I was Cody I would slith my rist
Sam Nation
I can not see how people can dislike this
Cosmo Kramer
Someone needs to shot them
His name is actually Eric, his best friends name is Dylan... You know what happens next....
Funny thing is she isnt his real mom.
bryson heath
what kind of sick fuck smashes their kids face into a bookshelf and then records their bloody tears for laughs? seriously what the fuck
Nicole Kasongo
Nooo I feel so bad for that kid
Mr Vintage
Why are the parents not in jail ?
Anon Fawkes
I was fking dying during that brother 0 1 skit
I'm pretty sure this guy is incarcerated.
rupert sackville
these people should be imprisoned ! end of story
Boston Bubblez
Thank God that their children were taken away.
Bob wally
Bro its make me so angry
Just thoughts
i literally cried at that bloody nose. WTF how could you do this your kids. I dream of showering my non existent kids in love and they have such beautiful children already. get social services there ASAP before their psychological state is messed up if it isnt already
Clare Waters
This is actually so fucked up!!
Pls come to my channel 100
papa franku was right. "it's just a prank bro" is a magical word.
Infires Man
I'm disgusted wtf I teared up during the parts where the parents encouraged violence between them
Joshua Fry
The retards disliking this are basically defending child abuse.
Desirae Bolden
Fuck the mom and dad I would beat there asses if they were my parents I feel so bad for the kids fuck them
a l e x
Those parents were so terrible Satan himself turned in his sleep.
that kid deserves better parents than that fuckwit
Who would DISLIKE this video FIR WHAT !!!!??????
Reciting Snake
for the record being fake kills a youtibe channel Mcjuggernuggets anyone?
Chiji Dike
Oh my god, he slapped the shit out of her... That's not okay
Chiji Dike
I mean, I can see the overdramatization and "fakeness" in the Mom's voice and the way she acted, but did she really expect her 5-7 year old child to know that? ESPECIALLY WHEN IT'S ABOUT A MESS, THAT HE DIDN'T MAKE....
Bladed Newt
If I was that Cody kid I would break their camera and say "It's just a prank bro".
Eat shit fall off your horse
It's better that they filmed this then do it behind closed doors...
Silver Gaming
Hell is too good for these sick fucks.
Benny Flores
I hope god has no mercy with them. I hope they burn in hell. This kid is going to commit suicide and the parents are going to say "I didn't do anything".
Its just a prank bruh
If only their pranks were at least a little funny. I've gotta admit, I'm a heinous sadist who finds fun in other people's suffering and disgrace (nothing sexual though, just laughs, I even can't understand sadist nor masochist sexual pleasure), no matter who's the one provoking it.

But those "jokes", if they can even be called like that were just terrible; I swear, I'd even have more fun viewing a cow eating grass than watching their dumb videos all together.
IMVU HarleyLotusMystiQue
Those people do not deserve to be parents. They are very clearly abusive and I am shocked nobody has pulled the kids from them yet. Hopefully...those kids will have a better home...would be tragic if they were left in that situation. :/
ionita ioana
Sir. Fuckles the Duckles
these fucking parents need to be in Prison!! 😡😠😡
I really liked this video
Molly O Callaghan
I wonder if they treat Cody like this all the time. A kid should not be breaking down crying over spilling ink. Very concerning
Mars Bulldogs
This is just awful. When your pranking your kids by flat out abusing them, you've got problems
those sick fucks dont deserve children. saying it's a prank is a pathetic excuse
Jack Kersen
This is Fucked
Ryan Rousseau
Those kids are going to grow up with so many mental health problems, I feel so sorry for them.
Emma Manzi
Luckily, these children (Cody and Emma) were brought back to their biological mother, Rose Hall when the other parents losing custody of them because of abusing them in these awful prank videos. They seem to be much better now, and they are finally with someone that loves them: their actual mom. I hope these two parents get sent to hell or at least prison, because that is what they deserve. Anyways, nice video Hunter, like always! :)
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