Game Theory: How Deadly is Super Mario's Bullet Bill?

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Mario's Bullet Bill SAYS he's a bullet. But how deadly is this classic Super Mario villain? Using physics and history, we unlock the secrets behind this perilous projectile. Is Bullet Bill really a bullet? Or is he just a poseur?

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you forgot about mario's super-high gravity
miggs pigs
WOW, you look so young! I guess I've been watching too many live streams...
Mary Naughton
dat acting tho
Donna Power
what about king bill
sandra joseph
In paper Mario how does he not cut himself
TheKittyCraft _
hair doe
Mark Huffman
how did the angry birds being
That Markiplier reference tho 😂
Jack Tuber
7:52 Shut up meg
Black River
I want da gold.........
J Durand
What about King Bills?
Kid O.G
8:49... You had to Markiplier that?
Ghaster Bones
Mat pat you sure did make a mistake have you heard of maricart
Garrett Bradshaw
You are forgetting the bullet in super Mario brothers racing
But, the golden bill isn't the biggest in the franchise since the king bill in super Mario bros Wii on the Star world (sorry if late)
gabe mcclain
go to 6 min and 20 sec and you cam see it says mafappum which sounds like my fat um um = butt
Penguin Gamer520
Does anyone want a chicken nugget happy meal
Penguin Gamer520
Does anyone want a chicken nugget happy meal
planet Gamers
pewdiepie found
razor dragon
I agree 7th grade girls in gym are SCARY.
Jonzy Gamez
I just realised I'm taller than bonzi bill 😂😂😂
Paula Garrett
Nice markaplier refrence
me after the video
pk6 Labs
I GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 GEOMETRY!
Samuel Love
2 bill-ion
Noah Castro
moiro is 5'11
// Emerald1229 \\
bullet bill are more faster than scout
DinoSWAG :3
You dirty little scientist XDDD
Pookie The Aardvark
newer bullet bills explode
Alessa Snicket
Wouldn't Mario Maker be the best way to determine height?
Pookie The Aardvark
Mat, I'm having the feeling that YOU'RE the bad guy. You're Matthew the accuser
Pookie The Aardvark
Mat's such a baby in the beginning
brandon marquez
No entiendo una mierda.
Mi mal ingles + habla demasiado rápido +usa palabras poco comunes
Wx Xr
when Mario has shrooms he does not get bigger he gets high on amanita muscaria that make you feel like you are getting bigger:
Need to find that boob one
Boobs and sonic hmm........... I pick boobs
Peek Garlington
you forgot the actual biggest one from super Mario bros Wii U. I call him chubby bill. look him up.
Zele Nigusse
plz stop with the cringy jokes
fox vlogs
Shiny hunting Shiny Mew
notice me matpai
Zayaan Dadwani
But he gets hit by them 3 times
Janice Adams
at 7:00 hey Mat Pat, don't quit with your puns, I love them!
Mindless Masquerade.
what is 2:25?
Matpat... acting isn't for you😂
Alexandre O.
"Bullet Billy Mays"
"Bullet Bill Clinton"
Ashley Emery
I DEMAND well, more like request, A THEORY ON UNDERTALE'S CHARA! She's my favorite Undertale character.
Reika Comer
Super Mario RPG.
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