Game Theory: How Deadly is Super Mario's Bullet Bill?

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Mario's Bullet Bill SAYS he's a bullet. But how deadly is this classic Super Mario villain? Using physics and history, we unlock the secrets behind this perilous projectile. Is Bullet Bill really a bullet? Or is he just a poseur?

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Tito Mejarito
Wait Browser owns those pure gold cannon.. Doesnt that mean Browser is a multi-millionaire?
Tito Mejarito
5:25 why is mega man trying to commit suicide... 💀
Kagamine Len
to be honest I love the intro
zach seice
8:49 he says markiplied
Zoruark Fox
I have to many things to say about fnaf it would take a long time to say it all
shashi bhagwat
hey matpat i think mario is not looking for princess but oil which shows why there are pipes in the game and guns and bullets. so what do u think.
Did anyone notice fapp - um?
What about King Bill from New Super Mario Bros.? They're glowing red and probably can hurt like hell, just look at the size of it!
Angry Ocelots YouTube : Back From The Dead
Actually the King Bill is the biggest in the franchise.
Of course the bullet bill is slow. If it were actually flying at Supersonic speeds like bullets and cannonballs typically do, it wouldn't be fair to the player. So this should be a video scaling Mario's speed to the bullet bills, as they're most likely slowed down for the sake of gameplay balance and/or cinematic time.
Bella Vlcek
Do you want to know that paper CAT#ILikeYourComment
Bella Vlcek
I want to know that exactly how can bullet bill fly with such slow speed?🤔
ExtremlyManly Gamer
is kill bullet bill a reference to kill la kill.
Jericho Uno
You forgot the Omega bill from super Luigi bros U.
Cybernetic Squid
So somebody falling could walk away without a scratch if they somehow gradually started falling slower as they neared the ground?
Ryan Gleason
How much are the MARIO coins worth
888KG = 1 ton? I thought 1 ton = 1000KG
The king bill is about 30 times the size of the bonsai bill.
Mr Not Special
Pewdiepie comes back at 9:48 top right corner
The Last Darkrai
What About King Bill Bonanza?
5:51 Screw you, MatPat... Screw you...
Anyone hear from 2046?
Taco Sheep
Bullet Billy mays. GG
Symboles Playz
wtf i got a ad where an old man laughs
Jackson Branner
Everyone is talking about the Markiplier reference but not the Austin Powers one.
their deadly because they can kill Mario. There
Mason Green
he said markiplying
Michael Hebert
what about the 9-8 level on the wii, it takes up half the screen!!!
kmhtfutkfgiuyhuiij kufyif
lol pewdiepie was in the video twice
Loki Tiki
888kg aren´t 1 ton. 1000kg are 1 ton duh v.v
Lyndon plasma
Heath Craig
00:2 IGN 10/10 Best acting ever 😴
Aedan Smith
He's wearing a ring
terra terror
awwww... i was gonna say paper jam...
Viola Family
I hate when mat Pat says Mario's hight it's a video game mat Pat I love your video
This is the very first Game Theory video I have ever watched.
Carsen Sobolewski
I love game theory
TailsPro 128
MatPat forgot the super large bullet bills from that one level in New Super Mario Bros. U
A Person
cough cough golden bonzai not biggest in franchise cough cough king bill cough cough
The End Gamer
what the heck is a bassball, it's baseball, sorry Im a sap for word pronunciation
Julie Pie
Well,in mario kart you can go 120kph above while using bullet bill,theres that
When Spock said may the force be with you
Hanging Wallet
Mario's gravity is also heavier that earth's gravity, u proved that in the Olympics video
Sergio Valdez
Husky seventh grader girl is in the comments I read it and busted out laughing.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
doonda k
Bullet Bill Clinton... Ohhhhhhhhh, I love my life.
wait, mario is smaller than me? , and i thought i was tiny
Aviv Rubinstein
how does 390,000 kg translate to 430 tons? a ton is 1,000 kg!
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