Game Theory: How Deadly is Super Mario's Bullet Bill?

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Mario's Bullet Bill SAYS he's a bullet. But how deadly is this classic Super Mario villain? Using physics and history, we unlock the secrets behind this perilous projectile. Is Bullet Bill really a bullet? Or is he just a poseur?

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PVPgamer The Lord
what about king bill?
Brian Doliente
Phoenixclaw21 _
Jakey obrien
Do a video how powerful is king bill he takes up the entire screen and is on fire
Hassan Kamel
"Say hi, Rani"
"I quit"

killed me
Gerardo Leopoldo De silva
how about, Bowser is more or the less growing up perpetually
The Great Green Banana
Lol Bullet-Billy mays
The Great Green Banana
What's a reddit?
Gini Law
look at mat pats hair in the beginning! it's so old
Lavernius Tucker
wow good acting it sounds like u are getting raped
I want a super Mario 3d world theory about how bowser can turn into a cat
BTW I love Undertale
What about the Bullet Bill Train in Super Mario 3D World
douwe visser
stir grocery slow invitation lonely design easily.
Ayan Barnwal
Andrew Madden
the star wars, star trek, dr who pic is just wrong. are you trying to annoy your sci-fi fans?
Crystal Coldstone
THE BEGGINING IS GREAT and btw MatPat voice isn't boring
The only thing that's left to question is this: What's the Bullet Bill's temperature?
Karim Camel
so i am the same height as 3d mario
Lucas Bell
Oh, no, he mentioned Markiplier. Now we all need to point that out in the comments.
Ana Valencia
The beginning made me cringe
Some dude On The Internet
Crimt4ne GD
what about king bill?
Luke Pixel
husky girl in 7th grade gym class
M.U.L.E. theme!
JK Ong
why no more pewdiepie, did something happen between game theory and pewdz?
Minh Nguyen
can't the the golden bill crush
Naomi Tull
2:45 who'd that game of thrones then...
"Fapp is the applied force" so true
RandomPerson 126
What about king bill?
the black panda yo
why is mario so small
Crazy Cupquake (Crazy Cupquake)
its my first time watching game theory and it was great
u forgot the fact that they are in the air if it were going so slow it would drop if it could out the cannon they only reason they have it soo slow in the game is because it would be to fast for the player to click jump so i say would have to be travel ling faster than sound for it to never go to the ground in fact faster then light cus those things are heavy as f
Ty Allen
6:10 um I don't know how I feel
Yandere Chan
0:00 the cringe...
Samantha Mcleod
put x box 1 on your title
First video from MatPat I've ever seen! AWWWWW BABY MATPAT
bryce forsythe
For metric users hearing 888kg referred to a ton is kinda weird because a metric tonne is 1000kg... Mad rounding skills lol
Isabel S
1st time watching
Retarded Gamer
gold twice as strong as iron fpfpf haha tell that to minecraft
anthony conner
seems Mario got some surgery to get taller
Kai Dwyer
1:08 That movie brings back childhood memories of falling asleep in plates of food... Where have the good old days gone...
the omega gamer
Mat pat make one that uses the true behemoths the mega bullet bill I don't know what there called and this video was made I guess before the wii u bit just do it
Kamal Uddin
Evert Koekkoek
iax agree
Mihailo Mancic
you could do a video about who the guy we play as in hello neighbor is
Arthur Riani #ConTV
I love to watch these vids because they are funny and because I can't understand any of the math
Kobe Smets
Fun return alter segment extraordinary act.
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