James Durham
Cade Heritage
Brilliant Video!!
Overlordship- Gaming
he's only 50k of 20 mil
Salty Medo
9:20 Justice Rains From Above!!!
Lorenzo Sutera
Probabilmente il video più divertente su For Honor fin ora.
Megashark 101
The fights in this game are honestly so badass.
the unknown
first of test the dance moves
Matthew Bardawil
Almost at 20 mill
Im A Babana
almost 20 million
yoooooooooooooo im getting this gammme
Tupac Shakur
7:24 is that Bruce Lee in beast mode?
Demon Lord
the tangerine team vs the blueberry boys
moist raisin
that new tmobile ad is funny as hell. you know the "sexy talk" one hahaha
Lapin du Métro
FatLi TheLi
7:17 he's the chosen one.
7:04 this is a gorilla in its natural habitat
FatLi TheLi
5:18 imagine if medieval wars were like this
Let us praise Vanoss That he is going to the 20M mark.
so close 20 mil
Nada Rubaiaan
20MIL!! So close
A ubsoft compra até os gringos
jack schumacher
Send me your boobis
jack schumacher
jack schumacher
Crunchy Toast
7:24 jezus christ it's jason bourne
Conor McClean
Can't wait till February 14th
Squelchy Chicken
Wow you're getting really close to 20 million now congrats:)
Jack Hopkins
Anyone else pissed at seeing that '10 VannosGaming Secrets'? It's such BS
Bruce Sobalvarro
This game is in the work of progress my ass.
7:07 is when we see a masterpiece of gameplay
sparky eagle111
I preorderd For honor Hype!
i want more for honor
lob ster
how many games is ubisoft making jesus
dziobkom Dziobko
7:06 to 7:40 no this battle is like ninjago;)
Young_ Reezy
5:22 I like to Cha Cha !
Sean Sabinorio
I watched on 7:10 100 times
Vanoss "finally I murderd somebody
Dylan Hickey
Young_ Reezy
Shabom 101
Jonah Nuttall
Nearly 20 mil
Alfredo Ramirez
PLEASE get this game vanoss.
Bro mans KMNG
like my place
Lucas Burns
7:24 thelegend27 is here
M676 Thew
congrats Vanoss your almost about to smash 20000000
hashirama the first swagkage
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