Zara Larsson - So Good in the Live Lounge

Zara LarssonSo GoodBBCRadio 1Live Lounge

Zara Larsson performs So Good in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

ian green
What would life be without the li? It would be a fe a fee. What would life be without the fe? It would be a li a lie. Ok if that doesn't ring your bell a little bit to let you know imma always be from the past but past the future then I don't know what to tell you...I declared myself diplomatically Immune because I am not paying for others fe oops I mean taxes any more....and I am the single payer tax system, you are the taxer that is why I pay you and other ladies what they earned if they do a good job for me but if somehow (besides you Zara) women think they are gonna tax me when I do as much charity as I do then they are misguided and ignorant (besides you Zara). Look I am self appointed D.P. ( Director of Progress) and I don't really care who believes, it is just the way it is and people when in person always have a change of heart if they didn't believe it at first. I have my own way of taxing and that's what deconverts religious people from believers in their wacked out churches to believers in evolution, my taxing is evolved tax formulation for specialized access. Welcome to my humble Infinity...if I wasn't humble I wouldn't tell you my secrets!! Ok to finish I will say this, words had to be created for communication so the word life was created if we want we can just change the whole word give it a more suitable application for the futures security and well being. What I do is I bare read people... I make them feel naked, bare enough that they know they can't really hide their intetions, and it works. That is enough for today tomorrow and for certain people the rest of their lives.. Imma be asleep till about eight... see you then... One Love people the right way Ok!!
Saljagring Mk
I love zara larsson i really like
Edgar J
The sound of drums makes me excited
Ingrid B.
tan linda ella
Gap Visuals Only
one time for the band
one time for this arrangement
one time for the backup singers killing them harmonies
im here for it
Dimas Satya
Dee Mac
I want your love 😍
Shauna Thompson
I think she has an amazing voice
I can't stop singing her songs. I love funeral
Sarah Nugent
Shes amazing but this song is crap.
Dustin Tran
oh my gawd that range is incredible
Macarena Urrutia
zarae esta cantando diferente:/ es por los frenillos??
Elliott Falcon
Her backup vocalists were saving her here..
Trish E.
Zara doesnt disappoint 😍
Faty Torres Nilo
0:52 Hampus singing "babe" part makes me jump 😍
Insights By Destinee
Backup singers are amazing too.❀️
cori est
marlene 😍 🀀
Swimming Turtle
What the hell, where's her black backup singer? She sounded better with the dark haired backup
She has that Rihanna kind of sass about her and something in her voice reminds me of Beyonce and Rihanna too but at the same time she is so unique and interesting.
Desteney Conraads
She's so beautiful, and her voice😍
Not Telling
any mixers here? πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜
M Sia
she got wayyy skinnier, but excellent live lounge as always
I am outside at simrans school in London
Fernanda Valencia
I love zara
Rose Alvarez
Her hair is long again thank god
haruno cruz
The song and her look reminds me of the early 2000s but a modern day version. I 😍
Trexiya Simelle
is her braces off??
Trexiya Simelle
is herr braces off?
Trexiya Simelle
is herr braces off?
Midnight Queen
her voice is sooo amazing
Rio Rossi
Zara looks so good so good so good...
Alek Walker
She is bomb AF, her vocals are everything!
LiliΓ‘na HorvΓ‘th
i miss her braces βœ”πŸ’―
Agus Chiribao
She need to sing the song one Mississippi
Kemi Adorin'
yesss! this is what im talkinnn about LARSSON! u tried on that BEY cover - but your music is your voice and i LOVE it.
zara larsson so good in the live lounge? okay?? but what song is she singing
Zara Larsson
Thank you so much for having me BBC Radio 1 😌
Prime Rose Harases
whoelse felt the tension between the backup singers and Zara
Errrrrrr I hate this hairstyle she looks so ugly in it
Chris Jin
Lucy Marie Boloron
nice beat and it gets me everytime
Miss Loxxie
Felipe Wilian
Zara the best!
Tim Olde Juninck
are we not gonna talk about how amazing her hair looks like ???
Un Tal David
la corista -
Maria Rinta-Rahko
She Slayd it. Her high notes on this song are amazing.πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
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