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Yesterday's Vlog -
Still get so many requests to do my own Roasted video. This is something that I wrote a while back for my tour and just decided to actually film it for you guys. haha. Thanks for haveing a sense of humor :) It's always ok to laugh at yourself. We all make mistakes and sometimes it's fun to just laugh about it. Love you all! Thank you for watching. Smile More


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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. 

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Obviously this is a really old challenge now BUT!! I still get so many requests for it. Hope you enjoy :) Thank you so much for taking a minute to share this vlog with a friend or some family members. we love you!
noah schatz
I love you man
Infinity Gaming
Wow he knows how to rap
Tabbatha Hall
I love this
Emily Wills
Come to England Cornwall
Emma Fedorova
Oh my gosh I didn't realize how much I miss Zues he was such a good dog 😭
cheese lubker
My dad does 100 push ups a day
Ben Cash
My ears
Carmen Pavon Martinez
Im sick
Britney Atwood
Pray Zeus he was the perfect dog
Bianca Ferguson
can you please send me a hat
Sheriff Corkyface
Ali-a fan 999
I had head phones on full volume 😿
Richard Brady
Er we have a video or
Smile More
Could you subscribe to me
Master Dog vlogs
I did 13 in 10 seconds max
Travis Smith
Your the best guy ever
Reid1121 Reid1121
Nora cora
BTBB Location
Is any one watch this bcs flash is in this one. I even try to name my dog's flash and zues
Kinsley Schmeckenbecher
Brit didn't like Nora yet she named her Cora 😂
lizandro lopez
OK Siri you got your mom scared you
Isabella Dunham
Grace Tures
Her outfit is so ina pro pro
Aidan McBride
Roman was kid friendly at one point
The Marshmellow Gamer
You Should name her Cora
Imran Ibrahim
You should make a song about smile more
Valerie Williams
Nora just remove the n and add a c = Cora
I think you should name the baby cora
Azreal Rosales
whos watching in August????
Majed HH
She's name is nora and his girl is called cora
Finally a channel with no beef with anybody
pineapple productions
my dogs a golden doodle and shes as wierd as mr.husky right there
+RomanAtwoodVlogs it is a husky thing :) my husky is a weirdo so much
Perell Bradley
I like his video s
Jarren Cooper
I miss zeus😢
Nick Taylor
MrPug Lock
I'm having a bad day plz subscribe to me its been a dream to grow like roman
LivLit 7
Can was so mad 😭
marlon Portillo
I propose you a challenge you have to say words in spanish like to have it :]
Makens Joseph
Naoto Hutchinson
Nora... Cora
Sharon Smoke
nice rap!!!!!!
MINEMAN1106 Gaming
I regret wearing headphones
Lisa Swanson
Lisa Swanson
I aware I just saw a German shepherd I thought Zeus was dead
Trent Post
Good job you guys i did it to!
Patricia Fraga
Well roman good luck trying to get your out that Eels mouth
He kicked and every child will do that he is just scared
Show mum you don't really care goodbye
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