Sophie Leishman-Stewart
It's like your song 2016
I was like Alex next door, didn't think it was Wasabi, damn that like an apartment for youtubers?
zhiyang peng
I have the maverick merch in roblox so logan I am going to meet you one day btw I am 9 and half years old
and buy ur merch one day my dad don't let me buy but if I am college I will buy for my whole family :)
zhiyang peng
☻/ This is Bob.
/β–Œ He says that those FREE R$ are scams.
/ \ Those posts are FAKE.
your computer with VIRUSES
Copy and paste him so he can be heard!
Eber Eber
Jodi Algara
I'm watching this in 3017
Luis Colon
what if its Jake Paul???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
holy shit this girl is hot af
emmanuel delgado
Everyday bor!!!!!!!!
Gay gay
Dmailler 29
Im scared
D Reyes
Logan. And jeke. Paul. For life
D Reyes
And a logan pauler
D Reyes
Im a jake pauler
Dj Megster yo
Who's watching in 2017
carol senclair
He was sing 2017 in picture
Kayla slime
Jamberoo Action Park etham
Jake paul is the best youtube in the world and you not the
Ummm logan your scared thats why your nose is bleeding
Pancho Lopez
Nicole princess
Dea Kraja
Dea Kraja
I have dragon feet slopers
Bentley Payne
Shut up please
Tiffany Freeman
I am a fan .
ALEX LIVES NEXT TO YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!???!??!?!?!??!?!?
Carolina Flores
Its kinda weird that the same thing happened to jake but before logan (j on october 26 and logan december 29)
Nepeta Leigon
yo gimme that bowie piiiccc
Beard Connoisseur
Why would he put an expensive camera outside of his house for someone to steal. And also. There is morw than one person. The clown in the hallway was white with long blonde hair. But the clown on the roof was black.
FΓ©lix Teniente
Bro im scared of clowns but one day there was 1 clown outside my house and me and my brother beet him up
Kayla Hersey
You should shave the beard by my my favorite YouTube is winge
Fucking fake..
Kaylee Nagle
It king bach
Adrian Alfaro
She started touching his hair, he made out of my hair music video
nikole davis
Make. A. 3am video. OK. And. Den. Make a. 4. Am. Video
Jenna R
I don't like the beard
Samantha Turri
All of th e photos relate to death
i think that the pictures means a famous person like you he wants to fight or kill
Clair Nash
Briana Delgado
The killer clown headquarters was the costume store
natalie wahington
My name is Natalie
Lil Tainy Cordero
shave it
Mollie Stearns
that werd
Natlol 9999
Its all ppl who died πŸ’€πŸ’€
Alexander Castillo
Mabye is jake paul
Elaine Sanchez
I think the clown did all that stuff
Eirene Eirene
Oh my flipping hell
Chad Taylor
Chad Taylor
Amber Pilkington
Hi I'm new ps I sub to r u bro
Amber Pilkington
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