Philip DeFranco
This video is going to be hard for some of you to watch, but I think its important to talk about it. Thank you for your time.
funmod gaming
wow youve gone up in the world from shark week haha why was you so fucking fake in that shit
G&K Sports
Hey Philip defuckass hows that patreon Paige 不不不不不
Kirby Fan
They need to stop this
Catherine Seaton
this is basically bullying
Catherine Seaton
sigh the ids need help
Izzy purse
Now obviously this prank channel is directed at the kids, but I feel like Cody is mostly targeted. It seems like the eldest, is encouraged by this behaviour and physically hurts his brother, but you could argue and say thats just what brothers do. But I think its more than that. In that footage of the kids saying theyre totally fine with it, Cody doesnt really say anything at all. I honestly think hes afraid to say anything.
I dont think roman atwood suplexs his kid
It's anyway not anyways
Melissa Ann
John Something
Do5 needs a fuckin throat stomping and the mother or step mother needs toget the legit shit kicked outta her and i hope after all this time i hope and pray the Cody and the rest are in a better place and are doing okay and are being treated better
That Car Kid
I subed to those people but I have not watched them for a bit. I never thought of it this way.
mario molaro
This is stupid, your swearing at the kids and no it's not just a prank you weren't acting and faking it. Your kids not that good of an actor. Asking them if they are OK and saying see look, is bullshit kids that get beat and or molested say the something.....
salvatore cadeddu
Phil thank you
Hajime Asano
Fucking retards.
Stupid interviews with really random people
If I was the son of these horrible parents, I'd kill my whole family in their sleep.

You wouldn't even get arrested, that would be self defense
Modern Bladesmith
no. this is abuse. he's actually been violent on camera.
That's abuse. Thank you so much for bringing light to this on your platform. Much love to you Philip.
J Fwizz
This is a good video, but straight up fuck you for not taking a side. This is straight up child abuse and you won't take a stand because you don't want to take sides? No, you're part of the problem at this point.
Victoria H.
I hate it when people state that they're just joking or playing a prank so they can excuse their despicable actions. I feel so sorry for Cody, he needs to get away from that "family" ASAP.
Victoria H.
I don't think people would have as much of a problem with that prank if the parents didn't yell and curse. Those are the type of people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions.
Tina Ridgeway
"at least your not beating us like most parents"
first of all your not supposed to hit your kids second of all HE PUSHED YOU INTO A FUCKING SHELF YA DING DONG
Gordon Ramsay is Savior Yaks are back
Dragon Scape
This is going to be one of my most disliked videos in the past month.

Gets 260k likes and 8k dislikes
Urbex NY
Headlines in 20 years: "Cody Martin, killed his father Mike Martin. And now the weather...."
Urbex NY
Glad that these demons are facing possible 10 years, it's the least they deserve. There's two types of evil people I have a special hate for, and a special box of hollowpoints for: Pedophiles and child abusers (one in the same, really; but a slight difference). If they don't put them behind bars, put them in the dirt. Let's see this beer belly "tuff gai" handle his ass getting abused by other inmates. No excuse for it, should of been arrested long ago.

The reason this infuriates me so much, is I was abused as a child; and I had to watch this shit to know what was going on. Made my blood boil, to say the least.
Jives Got Moves
Lets make a list of things that aren't FUNNY
1; Abuse (Physical)
2: Abuse (Meantal)
3; Beating your children
4: YELLING at your children
6" Being an asshole
7; telling your kids that it's okay to beat each other (unless its wrestling)
Tiana Hazell
I wonder what happens when the camera is off,what even is this that poor innocent kid he's poring his heart out how could u even think of doing. This? And posting it to the internet you both don't deserve children or a life,there's parents out there that would love children but can't have any and you do this to that child? Fucking disgusting.
Even if it was 100% fake, the kids are just acting and its all a joke. Who are the sick freaks watching this who finds crying children hilarious?
Beautiful bastards ??? Did he really say that?
Peyton Robinson
My heart hurts for Cody. He seems like a good kid, smart and mature. It sucks that he had to go through that
James Auty
these parents are mentally sick
I'm genuinely horrified. How could they do this?? I hope hope hope that somehow Cody is saved. I hope he won't turn out horrible because of his horrifying treatment.
I am actually Crying i feel so bad its ,just i hate kids crying my birthday is April 3 close to April first (April fools day) i hate pranks i always cry to my mom to not go to school on April Fools Day its just i hate it i feel bad for cody
apin sinn
their not just hurting the boy their hurting me inside too
Anyone that watches this video needs to call the child services immediatelty. This isn't OK and the more we call the better.
I am so happy that someone is finally saying something about that. I started crying during this and hope that their kids finally get a wonderful home.
Jeremiah Cartwright
I found pictures of Tumblr posts on Pinterest about this. I assumed this was years ago. Nope. A couple months ago. Fuck these guys.
Sophie Anne White
this is such a serious issue. The kids don't know that they shouldn't be treated like that. they might of said "at least you don't hit us" but you can see in a lot of the videos that Cody is abused by his siblings and his parents. It is ridiculous what they do.
Gator Nixon
This is the first video of Philip's that I've watched and I was told to watch it on Pinterest. I loved it and I will definitely watch more videos.
this just freaks me out omg
The Internet Weeaboo
Yes this is a fucking serious issue!
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Reckon The red
Playing fallout 4 doesn't make me the soul survivor Skyrim doesn't make me the dovakin and no game makes someone kill someone
Hermione Granger Weasley
Im glad I caught this post on Tumblr
Veronica Quinn
1:46 that kid looks so done. "Fuck these guys, goddamn."
Veronica Quinn
"...others saying, 'This is not abuse, but these are asshole parents that are exploiting their children for money and hurting them emotionally.'" Come on guys. That IS abuse.
Alexis June
I know I am late... but Pranks are things like iPhone x stuck to the floor....not faking out punishing your kids.
Kris Sosa
Notice how one kid said you always go after me and Cody. Even they know how targeted it is.
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