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So...I'm taking off ads for this and going to get some fandom hate, but here we go...
I kinda feel bad… (New Vlog):
TheDeFrancoFam Vlog:
YouTubers Uniting Against YouTube and Why I'm Not a Believer…:
WHAT Burger King's Massive "Google Hack" REALLY Shows Us:
DaddyofFive Family Scandal:
Invisible Ink Prank-
Family’s Response to “Haters”-

Cleveland Easter FacebookTragedy:
SNAPCHAT: TheDeFrancoFam
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Philip DeFranco
This video is going to be hard for some of you to watch, but I think its important to talk about it. Thank you for your time.
DaddyOFive didnt abuse his children. Yall are stupid
thes people are mently isane
you didn't even say about Emma.
That Cody kid is legitimately the kid version of Psycho Kid from McJuggerNuggets Psycho Series. Except its real. DaddyOFive actually makes me sick.
Phillip Duffy
Your gay
Ben P
I completely agree with you Philip! They absolutely terrorized that poor kid so they could exploit him for money. It's obvious when he's upset and crying he's extremely distraught in real life. Seems like they kept pushing it because the more of a reaction they got from him the more successful their channel was.
Kathy B
This IS emotional abuse hands down. No ifs, ands, or buts! Cody saying, "I hate when you do this to me" says it all! These parents have a sick sense of humor and you can tell that this is exactly how problems are handled when the camera isn't running! Emotionally abused kids are too afraid to say anything for fear of retaliation and not just from the parents, but hitting from the siblings who value the "stuff" more than the brother.
You are spot on and thank you for posting this and I definitely will be signing the petition.
Beth_Garcia J.
I'm seriously sending prayers to Cody.
It's just sad overall.
Kojin MacJorn
Is there any update on this? Did they take the kids away? Did they get away despite the child abuse?
Clare Gundersen
Ugh...These people are monsters in the bodies of humans. I hope their kids get taken away and given to a new family...
Evil Ash
Because i'm gonna comment before watching your entire vid because youtube

Straight up abuse, high stress situations shouldn't just be forced on people for a joke, and whether those kids realize it or not, they are effected by that stress, and they could be hiding it from their parents in fear that they won't be accepted.
Albie Sharman
Daddy o 5 seems mean. I know I'm subbed 2 him, but I have done it to keep track of new videos. Daddy is mean.
Elisa Milae
"It's just a prank bruh"... yeah Cody will probably yell it while stabbing his abusive ass parents.
Bogs Binny
I give you 6 or 7 years until Cody becomes a shooter
Elimary Burgos
this make me cry , the mother do the same that his dad!!!!! OMG
Keno Foutz
omfg look at all this guys videos I think hes mental
I thought maybe Philip would wanna see this. They live close to me and are being investagated. All of the footage is being reviewed.
Sammi Cakes
Disgusting, abusive, sad and frightening that this is accepted in America. The fact that people are watching two dysfunctional parents treat their children with such disrepect/nastiness and are able to make money from these horrible videos is the most frightening view our future. These unstable parents are continuing to do it because they have found people just as unstable as them to watch the videos and follow. The really scary part is that some humans find this funny and acceptable. The followers and attention are enabling them to continue to act like fools and will only encourage them to go further and further. The parents and followers are to blame for the kids mental and physical abuse.
Natalie Foster
Romanatwood would never treat his kids like this. Most of his pranks involve his kids indirectly. No where on this level of emotional/physical abuse.
Aimee Barrett
My heart broke when the little boy said "I'm tired of this" :(
Turtle Noah
What they do is they abuse Cody verbally physically they push Cody until he's mad then when he lashes out they give him trouble they don't give the other kids trouble when they hit Cody
I feel nauseated by the treatment of the children in this family!! I'm crying for them...
Lisa Marie Gabriel
Poor kid.
lily mansell
This is defiantly child abuse, had to stop at one point ;_;
Bolt the Angel dragon
I do have reasons to believe they are not being Physically abused but Emotionally abused, for a kid at such a young age have a very high emotional state. Not to mention in another video the kids pull a prank on the father where the Older son dresses up as a burglar, and in result the father pulls a GUN out on the " burglar", and if the son didn't react I don't even want to images what the father would die if he did not know it was his own son. And also one of the kids Cody has been picked and "Pranked" on multiple times, causing him to lash out on his other siblings, yell, cry and of course lowered his insanity most likely due to all of the stress the parents and other siblings have been giving him. Not only will the Cody have mental problems when he is older but, he may eventually commit suicide later on in his life time due to all the Stress, mistreatment, and metal abuse he has been given.
Alissa Deuel
Their children are literally being manipulated by their parents... Sad. So sad, it breaks my heart.
Ass Man
One useful bit of info. DO NOT trust CPS to do their job here. sadly incompetence and corruption, coupled with laziness, leads to a lot of unresolved issues.

so what can you do? Make SURE the on duty shift supervisor of the local PD sees this. contact CPS for the county in which these people live, and put a boot in their ass to DO SOMETHING.

all to often things of this nature get swept under the rug. Don't let it happen here!
Octavia Middleton
They claim their children have a choice in the matter. If you understand the psychology of a child, you know they don't have a choice, they can't decide what's best for them. It's because their brains are sponges and they don't understand the world. They don't always understand what's right and wrong. That's why it's your job as a parent to make the best decisions to protect your children and teach them how to properly behave in our society. No wonder there are so many fucked up adults, because there are so many shitty parents. shameful.
Ass Man
Im going to enjoy watching these fake ass liars getting arrested.

Or at the very least their kids will grow up to murder them.

Trust me. Its going to go very badly for these fucks.
If anyone knows where these people live or what their real names are they need to be reported to the police. I hope an investigation is done and the kids saved.
"Some people don't get the humor" yeah, funny how some people don't laugh when you scream, curse, shame, and rage at your child until they sob and beg you to stop. Hilarious joke! Haha, watch me scream at my dog until she whimpers. I'll call it a joke so now you have no sense of humor if you have a problem with it.
When Child Welfare takes their kids away, just remember it was all just a prank bro!
Rebecca Brown
I've never been abused but this shit was still so hard to watch, i cant imagine what it would be like for an abuse survivor. damn
Marc Torigiani
Emotional Abuse of children isn't funny.
Olivia Da Boss
Brenden cline
"Atleast youre not beating us like MOST parents." huh
Brenden cline
codys a savage
Tim Holzhauer
This is extreme child abuse. My son has autism, and I see Cody in my son. This is EXTREMELY troubling.
Sarah Cunningham
I hate how it turns into "gun control". crimals don't care about gun laws. criminals will get guns. we have guns and kids. have had them for a years now. our kids don't and would never touch them. they know they're dangerous. they've shot them and seen them shot. education is key here. educate your kids. we aren't bank robbers. we don't walk up the street killing people... anyway, on the subject of this family, this is disturbing. people will do ANYTGING for their moment of fame and I feel like you have a really good grasp on the issue with it. again on guns... games and movies are fiction. we all know this. I play gta but I don't run around stealing cars and shooting cops. aanyone who does and blames it on games has serious mental problems that need to be addressed. thank you so much for your insight, be responsible gun owners and EDUCATE YOURSELF AND YOUR KIDS BEFORE BRINGING A FIREARM INTO YOUR HOME.
Trauma WoW
As a person who grew up just like the Cody kid prank or not you can clearly see that it is messing with his emotions and building anger up and the kid will end up getting in trouble for something he does because he grew up with parents (people who should be there for you teach you right from wrong) abuses you. Who else is the kid going to think he can trust if he see's the parents get away with this.
This is fucked up ,the kids are gonna be more screwed up than they already are.This is very sad!
D.r. Pointless
daddyofive is super contriversial, messed up, not a lie, and official abuse videos.
Revvy Frostina
What the hell is wrong with that goddamn family!? Why would someone abuse someone to gain attention like that? That's freakin' horrible!
Well I live in Cleveland and it probably happened downtown
Life is inspiring
Cody need help fuck those parents
Shannon Phelan
Phil, I started watching your videos in the very beginning, I think as early as 2007 when I was just a teenager. I had such a crush on you then but stopped watching your videos for years. I stumbled upon this and remembered why I admired you so much when I was younger. Your dedication to what is right gives me hope, and still gives me butterflies after all these years.
Prince Jack- Prince Of Minecraft
Oh shit I saw that guy being grumpy yesterday
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