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So...I'm taking off ads for this and going to get some fandom hate, but here we go...
I kinda feel bad… (New Vlog):
TheDeFrancoFam Vlog:
YouTubers Uniting Against YouTube and Why I'm Not a Believer…:
WHAT Burger King's Massive "Google Hack" REALLY Shows Us:
DaddyofFive Family Scandal:
Invisible Ink Prank-
Family’s Response to “Haters”-

Cleveland Easter FacebookTragedy:
SNAPCHAT: TheDeFrancoFam
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Philip DeFranco
This video is going to be hard for some of you to watch, but I think its important to talk about it. Thank you for your time.
K LovesReiki
Ummm I work in a children's psychiatric hospital and I see parents like this all the time that think "this is just how we joke". Yes, you are traumatizing these children and they are CHILDREN, so they will always side with their parents. These children are being psychologically bullied by their parents and by eachother!!!!! THAT IS ABUSE!!! How can Child Protective Services NOT find these videos themselves as abuse!!!!!???? The way they "jokingly yell" at their kids is not funny, it is humiliating, traumatizing, HORRIBLE!!!
Oscar Rubio
That’s abuse... people who think it isn’t, should not have or even be let around children.
A Kricket
FYI-As of the change in YT's reporting options, these monsters can now be taken down! They have added YOUTH VIOLENCE as unacceptable behavior. Anyone catch Jake planting Ryan into the floor this week? REPORT IT!
Eloura Wild
This breaks my heart. Good on you for speaking up about this.
Unicorn Poop
i just cant find any polite words for those “parents“
Henry Watton
I remember seeing this family a couple of years ago how the fuck are videos about this still being posted in 2017 this family is publicly showing and bragging about abuse as somebody who lived through abuse it makes me sick that this is accepted by thousands of people when one of these children does something because they feel trapped and literally can't escape emotional torment everybody will wonder whats wrong with the world when really its these thick fuck parents who need to get off on shitty power plays and show it to the world these people need to be behind bars preferably with somebody nastier than they are
Andreas Hult
Fuck these people calling themselves parents. Wtf is going on in that family ?
MLG Siri Man of Mountain Dew
To answer the final question, YOU ARE NOT OVERREACTING!!!
MLG Siri Man of Mountain Dew
Those parents should be sent to prison.
MLG Siri Man of Mountain Dew
Those parents are horrible.
//cloudy skies//
So.... child abuse? Exploitation, too not to mention. You can literally abuse a kid and the second you get backlash you can say "it's just a prank!". You need to take accountability, instead of being like "Well Roman Atwood does it too!!" You sound like a child playing the blame game. You're an adult right? Then act like one
Michael Frazier Jr
1:13 Holy Crap!
How tf can he compare his pranks to RomanAtwood, does roman get his kids to physically abuse each other? Does he shout at his kids and cause them distress? No. Roman is a fantastic parent and that DaddyOFive deserves to be put in jail.
Rory S
Literally started crying seeing how they treated Cody.... and then the dad justifying it by saying “it’s just a prank” is so incredibility saddening....
Spaghetti God
I'll repeat what I said on Daz Black's video on this horrific "prank" channel
Pranks are meant to be funny, with no harm afterwards. What happened to whoopie cushions and egg catching? "Broken" screens, water balloons and jumpscares? Both parties are meant to be laughing after (or at least one laughing and the other one mildly irritated or surprised)

Do you realise how stressed and fearful kids get when they believe they're in trouble?? I used to cry when I got in trouble with my mom and I wouldn't do anything for the rest of the day. I used to try and hide from my brother if I did something wrong and he was the only one home with me, we used to play fight all the time so if I pissed him off it'd probably have been a worse outcome than our little fights.

This is mental abuse. If you don't believe me here are some little snippets from the official NSPCC website on emotional abuse:

- threatening, shouting at a child or calling them names
- *making the child the subject of jokes*, or using sarcasm to hurt a child
- *blaming*, scapegoating
- exposing a child to distressing events or interactions such as domestic abuse or drug taking
"When someone intentionally scares, demeans or verbally abuses a child it’s known as “active” abuse. This requires a premeditated intention to harm a child. Active emotional abuse has been defined as:

spurning (rejecting)
exploiting or corrupting."

Parent's behaviour told by a victim of such abuse: "Backing me into the corner until I was whimpering and crying, he would just laugh at me and walk away, satisfied by my distress."

A child who is being emotionally abused may develop risk taking behaviours such as stealing, bullying and running away.
Emotional abuse can increase the risk of a child developing mental health problems, eating disorders or can lead to them self-harming.
Emotional abuse can restrict a child's emotional development, including their ability to feel and express a full range of emotions appropriately, and to control their emotions.
Children who grow up in homes where they are constantly berated and belittled may experience self-confidence and anger problems.
Emotional abuse can cause a child to change the way that they behave. They might not care how they act or what happens to them, this is also known as negative impulse behaviour. Or they may try to make people dislike them, which is called self-isolating behaviour.

You might notice that some of these things are bold, this is so I can point out what I have noticed is happening in these videos and what an official website giving information about child abuse defines as emotional abuse. These are why this shit is abuse, you cannot argue with facts and information from a trustworthy organisation.

Still don't believe me? Here's some more information from Childline, another organisation to help people under 18 with issues, including homelessness and of course, child abuse:

Emotional abuse can include:

keeps shouting at you, even if you haven't done anything wrong
is aggressive and violent to other people in your family and you keep seeing it

The other information on the page is about why it could happen, what to do and why you are not at fault along with more helpful tips.

Obviously you can do your own research but it shouldn't be hard for you to understand that this isn't okay.

Parents, do NOT do this to your kids!! It's abusive and can seriously have an extremely damaging impact on their mental health, relationships and life as a whole.
Thegeek Ishere
Why does this dad exist
Abraham Dasdon
nice one retard you ruined two childrens life because you ASSUME that they're abused based on a few video eventhough you dont actually know them personally no wonder these days everything going downhill mindless people worshipping their unintelligent idols
I personal believe this is a serious problem, from a person who was mentally and physically abused as a young girl, (I’m not looking for sympathy, so don’t give it too me) this can lead to a disorder called PDSD (post traumatic stress disorder). I can’t handle seeing young (or older) kids in theses types of situations. It absolutely brakes my hart.
Erin MacAllister
Poor Cody,
That boy a needs hug and someone to talk to that isn’t a shit stain that will respect his want/need for privacy yesterday
G. Bronnert B
kenna not mckenna
Can’t believe I haven’t seen this, this is disgusting.
These "parents" make me want to was so hard to watch this
These people don't deserve to be parents in my opinion
cancerous retard
3:27 cody nows that ia not true
lucy Blevins
The kid doesn't have anger issues, He has mental breakdowns because all of the abuse the child gets, Trying to release the anger inside of him that he didn't use on the parents from the "Pranks." Now when someone tries to piss him off he will use that anger on him/her (UPDATE: 2 of the kids have been taking away from the Father)
Better Than Brandon
Smh wtf is wrong with these people.
Yuno Gasai
If I ever see that guy I'm gonna kick that guys fucking teeth in.. and give Cody hugs and muffins and cookies and ice cream
workingmlgpro 69
wary about your own life
at least you aren't a worm
According to the dad there's nothing more funny than giving your kid ptsd.
SarahMaddie Sundholm
These parents should be in jail away from there kids if this is what the kids deal with everyday.
Abigail Pearl
this is abuse to the children and seriously i feel dizzy and my brain hurts
Robby Setser
This is nothing more than insecure losers using their children as an outlet for their outrage for their pointless lives. They are using the "prank" setting as a guise for just being able to yell at their children and take out their insecurities on them. These aren't jokes. These are obvious actions of closet bullies who have no self esteem and have to "play" around with their children in this manner to vent their frustrations of being useless.
Viviane Chau
smh. just smh. can't believe they're back on youtube.
Onyx's Ongoing crisis
Every time a friend of mine yells at me even if it is clearly a joke and I know they are just messing I can't help but get panicky and start crying because of how my parents yelled at me as a kid. I wouldn't want this kid to be like that as an adult
funmod gaming
wow youve gone up in the world from shark week haha why was you so fucking fake in that shit
G&K Sports
Hey Philip defuckass hows that patreon Paige 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃
Kirby Fan
They need to stop this
Catherine Seaton
this is basically bullying
Catherine Seaton
sigh the ids need help
Izzy purse
Now obviously this prank channel is directed at the kids, but I feel like Cody is mostly targeted. It seems like the eldest, is encouraged by this behaviour and physically hurts his brother, but you could argue and say that’s just “what brothers do”. But I think it’s more than that. In that footage of the kids saying they’re totally fine with it, Cody doesn’t really say anything at all. I honestly think he’s afraid to say anything.
I don’t think roman atwood suplex’s his kid
It's anyway not anyways
Melissa Ann
John Something
Do5 needs a fuckin throat stomping and the mother or step mother needs toget the legit shit kicked outta her and i hope after all this time i hope and pray the Cody and the rest are in a better place and are doing okay and are being treated better
That Car Kid
I subed to those people but I have not watched them for a bit. I never thought of it this way.
mario molaro
This is stupid, your swearing at the kids and no it's not just a prank you weren't acting and faking it. Your kids not that good of an actor. Asking them if they are OK and saying see look, is bullshit kids that get beat and or molested say the something.....
salvatore cadeddu
Phil thank you 😊
Hajime Asano
Fucking retards.
Stupid interviews with really random people
If I was the son of these horrible parents, I'd kill my whole family in their sleep.

You wouldn't even get arrested, that would be self defense
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