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So...I'm taking off ads for this and going to get some fandom hate, but here we go...
I kinda feel bad… (New Vlog):
TheDeFrancoFam Vlog:
YouTubers Uniting Against YouTube and Why I'm Not a Believer…:
WHAT Burger King's Massive "Google Hack" REALLY Shows Us:
DaddyofFive Family Scandal:
Invisible Ink Prank-
Family’s Response to “Haters”-

Cleveland Easter FacebookTragedy:
SNAPCHAT: TheDeFrancoFam
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Philip DeFranco
This video is going to be hard for some of you to watch, but I think its important to talk about it. Thank you for your time.
u sidetracked? is that kid ok . I'm trying to know what's situation apon it.
toxic panda
I feel bad for Cody
Nathan Nauffts
What asshole parents
This is 100% abuse. They target him and my heart hurts just watching him :( I am sure his poor little spirit is broken
Palidin Helix
Cringy click bait title Franco come on man
That pair of sick morons is right; I am a hater, because I hate them.
However, they're the ones who embarrassed themselves.
I hope his rancid dick drops off and her fetid womb falls out.
I realize I'm a bit late to the party, but I just want to say that I am so glad that you are talking about this, and, yes; not allowing ads to run on a video that is a part of how you make your living shows and helps define a very important statement about you as a person. (Hint: that would be a very positive statement about your character and ethics.)

I'm not the kind who watches vlogs or reads blogs unless it is about, say, cooking or gardening, because I have aged and become happily boring in a way agreeable to my husband and myself. But I accidentally clicked on some video, Bad Parenting? And it was awful. A woman screaming at a young child that his mother and brothers hate him and that she hates him, and you could hear her hitting him, and you could hear that this wasn't a prank; I've heard myself and my brother crying/screaming like that when my mother abused us. I almost vomited right there, when that poor child's screams went from scared and confused to being in pain. (Hell, I was still shaking until about halfway through your video.) I stopped the video and scrolled down to the comments to see if anyone knew anything about the boy. What I saw instead was an argument about what child abuse is and how 'DaddyOFive' should be arrested, and the opposing viewpoint was that no, it's all fake, and the most infuriating statement of all: "Nobody would ever do that to their kids for real!"

So I looked it up and found your video. I've watched a couple of your vlogs in the past, and recognized your name, so figured this would be a good place to start to understand WTF is going on with those people as I'd never seen that channel or even knew about it before just a half hour ago.

I'm sorry to hear that you, too, were abused as a child. I'm always sorry to hear about it happening to anyone. I know that you're this big famous YouTuber and you probably have millions of people to talk to if you need to, but I'm here if you ever need a shoulder, a fellow survivor to talk to.

Thank you for making this video, for being someone who knows what to look for in cases like this, for trying to help the rest of us understand what's going on so that we may make informed decisions about what we see. Take care, and thank you. ~k8~
Owen Hale
I have a very dark sense of humor but this...
"Some people find it upsetting"
If you watch that and don't find it viscerally upsetting... Dafuqmang?
shelley ann
a prank on a kid is waking them up on a Saturday telling them they are late for school this is child abuse smh
I'm just glad the kids got away from those psychos
mary mullis
Jesus F'n Christ!!!! I made it 2 minutes into the video and had to stop! Someone should beat that MOFO in the GD head with Lucille from Walking dead!!! How mentally unstable do you have to be, to do something this FK'd up to your own flesh and blood children?!?!?!?!?
Azure Starlight
you have to be, by far, the most intelligent and centered human being on youtube right now. thank you for that! it's refreshing! LOVE your channel Phil! :)
"Life is like a box of chocolates......"
Hessel Ploeg
so dystroy a poor family you sick fucks
Nomadic Nana
This is going to hurt this child into adulthood. So sad. He is also teaching them how to lie. I think this Child should be removed from the home.
NO people are not over reacting how old is cody like 6?
why would you treat a 6 year old like that you do not swear at your kids you do not push hit or grab your kids you do not scream at your kids you especially do not film them if they don't want to you don't do that they should call CPS and should get arrested in 14 and I would take them on I a legal battle he's the youngest out of all the kids and you don't treat them that way you don't treat any child that way I'm am outraged pissed off and over all offend to these so called "parents" ha more like child abusers!
Malaia Quijada
if I was there kid I would run away for ever and I mean for ever
Kaneki Ken
What in the actual hell is wrong with you you scream at your kids saying you inked the carpet to only laugh at them because they cried over a little harmless prank and I can't imagine how much your kids hate you.
I really love your support to this kid, his family is shit and hurt their kids, You and Daz Black are really good and supportive. I do agree with you and I aswell think it is abuse. Thank you, good Philip DeFranco.
Fantasia Davis
shut up
Halo12 VEVO
Here u go guys defranco is a hacker and a stalker y'all fail right into his trap he will lie about everything for likes and subscribers and Cody was pretending see he has no tears and plus Cody is doing a try to to laugh when his acting was over if u can't tell ur blind af LOL 😂 bitches don't understand any shit u tried to kill them for what? If u killed them defranco would of said well nobody cares about them then everybody and my crew would of deleted defranco channel until I realized FUCK DEFRANCO GO TO HELL AND CODY IS JUST ACKING U BITCH!!!!!
minemaster games
look I don't like to get angry but daddyofive makes me angry.
ghost girl
This shit needs to fuckin' stop NOW!!These kids need to be adopted by a mother family or if there's a school the parents need to go to parent school!!!!!
That is not funny, even when adults make pranks to each other they know to stop when someone gets upset or gets emotional... these adults do this stuff to their children on a daily basis.
so i discovered this video through daz black when he was watching the similar videos, and i still cant believe that this family is torturing their kids. This family is sick, they make want to throw up. Like "they dont seem to see the humor in the pranks, like it's just a prank bro" wtf this is serious who the hell would see humor in the sadness of kids. these parents are freaking idiots and need help because they are in fact lunatics. and i love how the main kid that gets all the crap is silent like " wtf are you talking about?" they call us haters when we are just worried that this child will get hurt. and gee i wonder why they were investigated, maybe because they harass children and scar them for life. so yeah this family needs serious help.
Extreme Gamers
The reason it's not humorous your trying to make money and attention I'll shit in your mouths and rip your teeth out and pour alcohol like whiskey on you gums BBBIIITTTCCCHHH
Celina J
Thats not funny at all.. Thank you for talking about it
john hauser
I am 100% shocked. Speechless. I was raised in a abusive atmosphere and abused as a child making my out look of normality distorted as an adult. I really hope that the kids of this family get the justice that they deserve and will be able to experience a normal life and will be able to recover from this. Saying with experience this video was hard to watch and I wouldn't wish somthing like what they have to go trough on my worse enemie. I hope things get better for them so they can know what normal is. You know it's bad when there is more attention put on what they are going trough over a man being shot in the head.
Ally Me
Disgusting I feel so sorry for Cody, he reminds me of my little red head who does have his own issues and I couldn't imagine playing with his little head like that. I'm close to tears that is too heart wrenching to watch. I hope he is now in a safe loving family
I've only recently found out about this (today actually) and I've only seen snippets of the videos that daddyofive has posted on YouTube but I found them extremely painful to watch. Even from the very tiny amount of the videos I've viewed I definitely consider this abuse. What a horrible thing for children to go through.
DraMaddox Gaming
Chris Ls
Who is even subscribed and watching that white trash, delusional family with terrible parents. How has it become even relatively popular. Instead of putting the kids on the spot (especially the child with glasses) with the camera rolling and in front of everybody, I bet if they took them aside individually and privately, they would have different things to say about their parents. It's sad.
NoahBones 12
But he was abusive. he litterally had his kids tooken away and im so glad
daddyofive cant compare himself to Roman Atwood I mean Roman is a prankster and he don't treat Noah and kane like shit and he also doesn't swear in front of his children and daddyofive is trash at being a step dad I mean he uses Jake as the fucking wrestler to cody
I feel bad for Cody. He's going to grow up wanting to die. He's going to not open up with other kids because he's not used to affection. This kid will be socially, emotionally and physically fucked over.
Jazlin Shai
Am I the only one who thinks the older step brother is going to be a killer
Emily Thompson
Oh my god, this is heartbreaking. Without a doubt, this is mental/emotional/physical abuse. I just want to grab this kid and wrap him up in hugs. This makes me physically ill.
This is so when adults are stupid than children. They should take parental rights for such experiments.
Daesung Mars
"I just wanna be left alone so I can calm down" poor kid. I hope he's doing ok.
seerat dhingra
we have a school shooter in the making people. (codycodycodycody)
ikaros kim
this family is fucking disgusting. it's not "just a prank bro" it's fucking traumatizing. I've been through the things like this! pinned down, yelled at, blamed, hurt, and listen to this fucking kid! "You ruin my life!" "I hate you!" "No! I just want to be left alone!" "I hate it when you do this!" "Stop!" I wanted to grab this poor kid and take him into my protection every time he was yelled at and hurt. no, screaming at your kids and traumatizing them then posting it online for all to see and humiliating them is not "funny". Excusing your abuse and "just a prank bro" is fucking ridiculous and disgusting. I hope the kids find an actual home and don't need to any longer live with these insane adults and horrific excuses of "parents"
It's terrible what they're doing to the children, especially Cody. I've seen other channels featuring parent-appoved bullying on YouTube - disgusting.
Christian Lapierre
Phil I have been a fan of yours since like 05 or whenever, but this is abuse as a 31 year old father of 3 boys I almost cried watching the "prank" video on the boy they are monsters and reinforce the idea that there should be testing to be allowed to be a parent
soft and neat
one time my mom slapped me and she made my nose bleed and then always threatens to do it again lol
shawnelle o'hara
This makes me extremely angry. I had never heard of this family until a couple of weeks ago when their apology video surfaced and just this 'prank' alone made me sick to my stomach. As an adult, who dealt with mental and verbal abuse as a child this video brings back alot of horrible memories for me. What I went through as a child was not a joke and the fact that someone would put their children through this as a "joke" is horrible and I am glad that their kids are being taken away. Clearly, the youngest child (the one that gets picked on the most) has some issues because of what he has been put through. Even though he said that he is ok the parents have no clue what long term effects all of this will have on the child... I am speaking from experience. I am sure all that video of the kids saying they are ok was scripted bribing from the parents... since they get all this cool stuff from the videos I am sure that the parents set up this video so that they look like they've done no harm and there is nothing wrong with the kids. I am glad that CPS stepped in and took some of the kids away... all the kids need to be taken away from them this is in no way funny or a joke... kids should NEVER have to go through this.
wow... I don't subscribe to prank channels for reasons like this family! prank or not, there is a line, and when internet fame is involved it seems the pranks go way beyond the boundaries of acceptable. when you factor in children, who have a harder time standing up for themselves and can't get away from the situation as easily as an adult... I can't stand behind it. this couple does not deserve their children, does not deserve any kind of fame or money from these videos and they should be held 100% accountable for their stupidity!
Mai Yang
geez! I hope they never get those 2 kids back! that IS child abuse! these grownups are acting more of a child than the child himself. 😠
Karla Ponce
If this is what they are making public what happens behind closed doors
Meg Z
It is an extremely serious issue and I agree with you
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