WOW... We Need To Talk About This...

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So...I'm taking off ads for this and going to get some fandom hate, but here we go...
I kinda feel bad… (New Vlog):
TheDeFrancoFam Vlog:
YouTubers Uniting Against YouTube and Why I'm Not a Believer…:
WHAT Burger King's Massive "Google Hack" REALLY Shows Us:
DaddyofFive Family Scandal:
Invisible Ink Prank-
Family’s Response to “Haters”-

Cleveland Easter FacebookTragedy:
SNAPCHAT: TheDeFrancoFam
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Philip DeFranco
This video is going to be hard for some of you to watch, but I think its important to talk about it. Thank you for your time.
tyrone cousins
Fuck that dumb trailer trash bitch is really unstable no one is trying to embarrass the family they are worried cause you guys abuse your two kids to the point of them going to have psychological problems in the future. Notice how the two who are abused aren't really saying shit and the roman Atwood comparison is retarded he didn't even touch his kid at all or nothing ever happened to him in that prank
Seth Roger
that's the nigga from dat meme
For some reason I feel like Cody is a similar case to Peter boy from Hawaii, Just less physically abusive. Smh wonder if cps missed a shit ton of stuff like they did with the Peter boy case
Lego my Eggo
They need Jesus.
Mew Mewtwo Mewthree
I hope the police raids their fucking house
First video I have ever watched by u, came here from Daz, great video, good message
Dustin Herrera
the parents are wrong. it's definitely abuse mentally and physically in my opinion.
"you want to go play outside"
"i do..."
Black Focus
A joke is when EVERBODY laughs. This IS NO JOKE. These "parents" (God,I choked calling them that,cause their monsters,Not parents) are leaving mental scars on this kid, it's disgusting. I'm scared to see what happens when the cam's off.
Chris Cross
I Like Ryan the best. Hes So Nice and Funny!
Hunter Karpinski
Welcome to YouTube all fake pranks
Aidan Rothschuh
Bro I'm scared I live in cleveland
dinnalli wolf
I feel so bad for those kids
~Geometry Dash CPH~
Chuzz Wazza
All I can see is teeth. Have you considered wearing a paper bag Mr. Teeth DeFranco?
Captain Melvin Seahorse
Daddyofive does need to tone it down though they do use the kids I have seen a load of their stuff and I just don't get why they as parents like seeing their children cry
PurpleWarrior 02
I'm getting emotional this is horrible
sami gray
6':19 that's a face you know is being serious.
sami gray
"Atleast your not beating us like most parents" WTF IM FLIPPING OUT RN IM TRIGGGGERRREDDD
sami gray
DaddyOFive? Yea more like "DaddyOAbuse"
Peter Tibbett
Little Cody becomes Stevens in 20 years and his parents will wonder why
Thomas The Dank Engine
It's not a prank if you're making your own kid cry and scream their heads off.
i would kill myself if i was that kid '
daddyofive mentaly abuses all of his kids especialy cody all he is doing is ruining his childs childhood
you can tell that these parents were bullied as kids and turned this hate to their children
Katy Caldwell
I like how Cody is the one who is treated the worst and barely said anything when asked if they were ok
Sir Blobfish
This is a VERY important issue.
Susan Atkisson
Mr shyguy
The mum is a fat b*tch
I just am In shock that these parents are not in trouble yet. I feel so bad for the kids they do not deserve any of this. I hope these parents get in trouble for all of this.
This is pretty normal for American families, I mean fuck when those British super nannies went over in America, holy smokes.
I can see why America is such a fucked up country.
I'm so happy it's been removed I hope people look into it more
This is horrible I can't watch
Jay R
kids raised in a climate of emotional abuse don't realize it's emotional abuse. i didn't know just how toxic my mother was until i was 16 years old. i feel bad for all of these kids, from cody to the oldest teen.
Judy Kinzle
Philip, Thank You, so much, for making THIS helpful video, to explain in an objective viewpoint, about the effects of those videos, made by "dad of five". Maybe THIS could be a topic on TED talks. It should be somewhere. It's a big issue which needs great attention.
You've done a great job with your effort to demonstrate the point of view of the sane majority. Humanity needs MORE men, like you, Mr. DeFranco!
But as for those family prank videos: THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CHILD ABUSE!!!!!
And it is a terrible influence on HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of other families!!!
Btw, I heard about you (& this story), on The Young Turks!! They are supportive of you and I agree.
I wish I could do more... (Like you). You deserve an award, Philip DeFranco! Thank You <3
Anoying Orange
I've only just watched this but it is fucking disgusting and the good thing is that Emma and Cody have been taken away
Auston Allen
its mentally abusive and messed up and honestly feel bad for cody its not fair to him he should just be left alone and stop being hurt
Tuna 156
As someone who was abused as a child i hope you can sleep at night knowing you destroyed this pore family they had a good house food xbox in just about every room the kids said that it was a joke. the kids told the police that no they were not abused if they wanted to leave they would have said they wanted to leave but now you took them away from there family! because thats good for kids! now they the kids feel like its there falt they cant go to schoolat all without getting Harassed because you wanted to make a video on this family so you can make them look bad to get views i truly hope that carma comes back to this chanle because you are the biggest pice of crap there is
Ellie Johnson
I literally cried when Cody got dragged off that chair I'm so glad their back with their mom
Rowan Garlow
wow. this is so incredibly disturbing and very difficult to watch. I almost started crying for those wow....😣
Lay's Potato chips
I just want to say Steve Stevens is no longer alive. He killed himself
Becca Davison
A lot of parents who abuse their children get there kids stuff to make it seem like it's normal. Like in the video of them saying it's pranks, the kids have all of this candy. I bet they just gave it to them for the video.
I'm glad their kids got taken away from them. What they do to them, especially Cody, is completely unacceptable.
Wagoneers West
Omg 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
I think it's abuse
Peter Dank
I was myself abused and what Cody was going trough was straight up abuse.
Glad they lost custody of him and one other kid, i dont know which, to be fair I literally just heard about daddyofive and this scandal
Constantly having these "pranks" must be severely psychologically warping to the kids because it makes them paranoid of their parents, constantly be afraid of when the next one's gonna come, have a warped idea of what love is, and willing to do this stuff to other people, which will result in trauma for the victims, relationships ending, and possibly beatings and death.

Thank God they got their kids taken away.
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