We Were “Perfect” Homemakers For A Week • #MomSquad

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It wasn’t pretty. 

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[Rose Scobie ]

Jordan Loomis
Ladies! Most the moms were drinking during the day! That’s how they got through it!
mkg 21
"I think it's....oppression I feel." Lmao 😂
Truth Sayer
Have a look at Australia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_QmstZ70rs
Candy Opal
they had a hard time , back them moms dint have microwaves or washer machines and sewed there own clothes, sad thing is I know meany women who want to be stay at home moms but they can't afford it in todays economy.
Ashlee Poppin'
Thank you
Morgan Cypert
I totally identify with Morgan. 😂 We are totally alike.
Nevaeh L
Omg her grandma had good eyebrows
There wasn't much point to this video.
Dani J. Roberts
Studies show that women who withhold more traditional values are much happier
dimitra hitiridou
I am just feeling pity for the women that had to live with these rules
Most of this doesn't really seem that hard. Plan your meals, set a schedule, etc. Not trying to be rude, just honest.
'Hihi I cant cook at all! Im a total useless person!!"
Olivia_ Loves_Unicorns77
My moms is awesome I wouldn't change her for the world and I don't think she does any of this expect instrument she can play the sax and I think a few others
Rose Tea
My family has teached me the ways of old fashioned woman and I can do it or can go to school and do what I want or a mix of both
Its all about balance :) no need to dress up while cooking breakfast unless you are leaving the house right after
Chloe Kim
How to know you have a GREATTT husband
Mom: "I have to be presentable"
Husband: drops spoon "You ahve to be pre-sen-table!?" HAHAHAAH <3
Princess Renia
these feminist are so annoying
why does their names make a good actual name Morgan Rose Ochi would be so cute tf lol
Misti Casey
0:08 what is wrong with her
Demi Alexia Rostron
Who else thinks that Ochi's daughter is adorable x
Ciel Phantomeme
why did i think it said homewreckers
april the awkward
"I don't eat breakfast, and I don't dress."
Rambling Mama
Nobody should be a perfect homemaker????..I thought women are supposed to do whatever they want.
one of the negatives was "is over 15 pounds overweight" that's fucked up. You're telling me that even though my mother is an amazing homemaker, and works over the normal amount that the average person works she's inferior to other wives because she has an awful metabolism? This is FUCKED. UP.
their comments in the beginning were kind of condescending to women who struggle to get this stuff done, but like doing this kind of stuff :(
Homemaker is not a profession you are just unemployed
Craften Wiccan
Why does that one lady have curlers on in the morning, if you're smart you put them on over night and take them out in the morning.
Katelyn Marsh
If I had no school, and a work from home job, I could probably do this...
Jonelle Pemberton
I think the reason homemakers were so successful at doing all of those things back then is because none of them worked outside of the home
...i kinda want to be like this when i'm older and a wife...
Tupshin Zhu
Things were so much better back then
Addison Lewis
Audrey_ Unicorns
This makes me appreciate my mom so much more.❤️
icon for hire x flyleaf
"my immediate thought was disgust" maybe she LIKED working as a home maker?
Alma Estrada
Terrible just TERRIBLE.
"A wife is just their to entertain you with interesting conversations and violin playing?!?" Um yeah kinda
Suzette Kath
I bet another demerit would be: Does her husband do any of the household chores. Like laundry, cooking, vaccumning, etc... please mark for every chore he does. i would be in the negative sooooo fast. My fiance, due to me being physically disabled, has to unfortunately shoulder a major part of the chores.
R. P.
Girl wash your tongue
Daniela Kendall
wow these women are so lazy. its not that hard to be a "homemaker" get off your butt and just do it. its hard for you because your lazy. I'm not saying its easy to take care of kids,cook,clean etc all by yourself but it sure isint as hard as they make it seem. literally they haven't even done anything and are saying I'm so tired blah blah. especially those women that do not work and stay at home while the husband works have no right to complain. you think your husband can just decide not to go to work everyday or only go whenever he feels like it cuz he's tired? no he has no choice and has to go to work everyday with a boss that rides him everyday with all the tasks he needs to do everyday!why? because he has to provide since your not working. damn be grateful and do what you gotta do! no ones perfect bones saying that, but cleaning and cooking etc are a part of life. get over it. if you don't like to clean and cook and take care of your children everyday then go out and get a job. let's see if your employer will let you be as lazy as you are at home. smh should be ashamed of your selves.
Hannah Boots
I don't Morgan's husband cleaned the kitchen because he has little faith in her, I think he did maybe because it's just a habit for him
Boss Kid
Their kids are so cute!
Vic Thibeault
Delilah is my name! Spelled the same way too haha, that's a funny coincidence!
Clancy Dinsmore
Do a large percentage of American women not do the cooking and housecleaning?? It just seems like a trend in buzzfeed videos that women don't know how to sew, cook, clean or many other basic household duties? I live in Australia and could count on one hand the amount of women I know that don't prepare meals on time for their families. I think its more about being organised and equipped with the skills to look after yourself than being oppressed.
Brianna Gonzalez
I go to that church !! It's next to the San Gabriel mission
why do they stay at home uf they don't do anything? some working mamas dealing with all this stuff more better
Alexis Hansen
I feel lucky because in a way I was raised to be the "perfect housewife". I was taught how to knit, crochet and sew so I can create and mend clothing, stuffed animals and more. I was taught how to cook, bake and clean, by my stay-at-home mother and kitchen savvy father. Being the eldest of 4 siblings I helped take care of them, sing them to sleep and change their diapers. I also babysat often so I am great with kids (not boasting, they just gravitate towards me), and I am used to keeping them entertained while cleaning up after them. I learned to iron, wash clothes by hand, and I colour-code our clothes. My boyfriend always appreciates coming home to a warm dinner and clean house, and I love dressing up for him too. I guess what I'm getting at is that I think I would pass this test easily since it has been instilled into my brain. I am grateful that I was taught how to run a household and take care of my man from home, because someday I want to be able to keep our home running smoothly and as perfect as can be with children of our own.
Jane Stauss
I love being a homemaker! I am not forced to. I just love to. It is so much fun!!
Space Kitty
Rose is cheating by outsourcing the cleaning chores to her toddler. :)
name surname
"Huevos con tortillas"
my heart melted 😱😍😍
Olivia Caroline
As a religious person it kind of bothered me that they kind of made a joke over prayer and getting bored at church. Not a lot, it just kind of rubbed me the wrong way
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