Hidden Talents w/ Kendall Jenner, Andrew Garfield & More

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James welcomes up-and-coming celebrities, like Stevie Nicks and Taylor Lautner, to showcase hidden talents like gymnastics, bird sounds and grape catching.

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Pylades Drunk
After Andrew, I kind of expected everyone to come out in appropriate costumes for their talents.
James- do u know how to do a backflip
Andrew- yes?...
James- good come to my show today
EVERYTHING IS ROSSUM :p a.k.a Summer Blue
Uriel Angela
"& more" lmao
hanieh khalili
Wtf Kendall is so talentless
I'm here for Taylor
Jessica Sutton
not only did Taylor steal the show, but he looked the best and the most comfortable doing his talent
does the song say "suck my butt" at the very beginning of this video?
Vale Zever
Nuca Tatikishvili
augustus liban
Taylor Lautner did it
i find james irritating as hell but this might be the only time I can stomach something hes hosting
Jorge Gonzalez-Corral
He's a wolf what do you expect. lol
Chicken Lurkin' Yung Chihuahua
I'm waiting for the day all these Kardashians and Jenner family won't appear on the media anymore because what the actual fuck are their talents? It's ridiculous people are crazy about this family who thinks acting like a hoe makes a savage bitch being worship 24/7. Fuck off
Abigail Mae
I'm from Michigan!!!!!
did she stretch to do bird noises???? xD
Maria May Jackson0522
such amazing hidden talents they have;)
Emma R
Lol from where I'm standing all her talent is hidden... 😂
Pixie LoopA
look at bae catch that grape lmao
Adi Adrian
So people screamed for Kendall Jenner. Good to know what are the values for people today
she hit her head agsfshd im dyingggg
fwc tan
if he caught all those grapes, why are there grapes on the floor HAHAHA 5:56
ruby Turner
suryadi taufan
taylor L .. so awesome
sidra amir
Andrew Garfield is really cute.
It's probably a lot easier when he's shape shifted into wolf form
Nicole Green
Andrew should have done a handstand and opened his legs. God, I'm a pervert.
Rosie Little
5:29 lol pause and look at all those grapes on the floor. Might not be grapes lol but I think they are.
Thumbs up if Kinda Funny sent you
kelli young
The fact that Taylor Lautner's hidden talent was the most impressive but his name is part of the " & More" in the title ...
mushi mash
it was all fine before she hit her slef
Sunshine Wong
Amazing taylor lautner
Eric Washington
The things kinda funny has me watch lol.
Jay Rivera
Taylor was the best of all
Qasim Abbas
Is she wearing a nirt?
andrew sounded like casper lee
Bird: Chirp chirp
Danielle Jay
I am but a simple person. I see Andrew Garfield, I click.
just like a beautiful dog ^^
Greig McDowall
......and still the most talented Kardashian.
i can see the three grapes on the floor
NeyjrKing .Edits
Jesus christ, Kendall even walks like a thot. Skinny arms looking ass needs to go back to her plastic surgery center to get fake arms too
Harley Reynolds
Display total tour some contrast bend intent cloud patient struggle boyfriend.
Alexa Lazo
I wish I was that grape
brooklyn jb
kendall just showed that she has the most talent out of all the jenners/Kardashians by far lmao
Callum Cameron
trust taylor lautner to have the most useless talent ever....
Garfield throws little bit too high those hail hitlers :P
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