They Want Her BANNED, New Embarrassing Leaks, and Internet Outrage Over Costume

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Robert Cremin
I get confused when you describe weight and distance and temperature because you don't use the metric system
The Cleveland Indians are lit 😂
Some unknown guy
If she has a genetic disorder she should disclaim it and I know she could be telling the truth because I know a frend who has that I've been to his house for almost two days and he eats like a fucking pig and doesn't gain a pound. Also just to make him actually have any wight he eats a fuck town of food, and I'm the one who's fat
Dakota McQueen
I am a Chippewa (native american) woman & when I saw the outrage I was very upset about it I went dressed as Cleopatra this Halloween should I apologize? Seriously people need 2 get a grip!! What I would say to Duff & Beau would be Thank You for reppin my culture and come on he went all out war paint & all!! Lol but seriously I just heard that as a Native I should b upset bcuz MY homeland uses the name of a traditional weapon (tomahawk) I am proud that words from my dead culture are still present & viable in modern times so every1 seriously needs to QUIT being butt hurt over my culture as #NoDAPL shows we natives have voices & will use them when we need to remind the guest cultures (sorry but it was my family land first) that this land is FREE it was free b4 Europeans & as long as Ojibwa live here will always b free so from an original inhabitant of this GREAT land b free wear what u want when u want & thanks for helping keep a part of my culture alive!!
Brandy Adams
I have Cherokee Indian heritage but it is 1/3.. my skin is white but I am sure I will get shit for wearing a costume like that because my skin is white.
The people going after that super skinny girl are hypocrites because obese youtubers aren't being forced off for the same reason, now are they? Obesity is a dangerous medical condition and compulsive eating is an eating disorder. They are attacking her for being cute despite her weight, basically, even though she has never promoted anorexia or unhealthy behaviors to my knowledge. She seems like a sweet person and damn it, anorexics and people with medical conditions have a right to exist in the public eye as much as anyone else.

These people are BULLIES and she's a bigger person than them for having confidence and a positive attitude and being a lovely person in spite of the hate and judgement she gets from strangers. I hope she does whatever she needs to maintain her health, but heck, I hope I do, too, I'm a hundred pounds OVER weight, who the hell would I be to lecture someone for being under weight?!
Cute Doggo
It's not cultural appropriation it's culture appreciation.
thenotorious ong
I'm not going to lie. She inspires me that I can be that skinny. I'm trying so hard to starve but I love pizza too much.
Emily Taylor
I was hyperthyroid before getting radiation and while I was pretty skinny then it wasn't like THAT, her weight is not normal
But... people have always been upset about the cleveland ind- Nevermind lol Phil, i love you and tons of things you stand for, and how open minded you are, and the love you spread, and maybe its just my stubborness and strong desire for all to be respected reasonably, but i always just get a lil bummed when political correctness and all that jazz gets into the conversation lol But we all gotta learn how to brush it off and see other perspectives ~ I kno one day we gone be alright
Arielle JS A
Fascinating fact: 90% of the American Indians were wiped out by a plague right before the Settlers came, and that was how the Europeans were able to move in upon them.
A " post sites the book 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann in which Giovanni de Verrazzano, an Italian sailor, describes first seeing the East Coast of North America in 1523. “He observed that the coastline everywhere was ‘densely populated,’ smoky with Indian bonfires; he could sometimes smell the burning hundreds of miles away.”

The post says there were between 20 million and 100 million people here before the plague, and the entire population of Europe was 70 million, so let’s face it, the settlers couldn’t have defeated the Native Americans without the diseases they brought with them, especially if the Vikings hadn’t been able to before them." -
Arielle JS A
How can her parents NOT get this poor girl into rehab??
Fudge Monkey
I know where everyone is coming from on Cooney, but i also kno it must suck for so many ppl to talk about her. But this is a serious issue, she has definitely gotten sickly skinny since her youtube has started. She looked healthier and happier in the beginning. The doctor thing doesnt make sense because my older brother had a real problem gaining weight for his age/body structure. Doctors usually try to help with the weight gain, be it pills or diets. Doctors may have said tht to her but it doesn't seem like she tries to fix it.
Some Person
So, if I wrote a book and it was about people killing, raping, or kidnapping others and some lunatic read the book and actually did what the book said, then that means that my books should be banned?
SushiRoll Speaks
Also LOL at the guy who's trying to claim cultural appropriation isn't offensive while calling Native Americans "Indians!" He played himself.
SushiRoll Speaks
You open a women's magazine and all you see is "Lose weight!" Eat less! Count calories!" Something Eugenia has never promoted. Why don't we ban the companies who actually DO force that on women, rather than throwing Eugenia under the bus?
I love that shirt. Where do I get one like that.
Frank accomplished in four minutes what Onision couldn't accomplish with an entire playlist.
Gamingwith MIL
I'm naturally skinny from my mom But I'm not THAT skinny
Reilly M
I think Eugenia is responsible for her actions to an extent-- no matter if she's suffering a mental illness or genetic disease, I feel it is her responsibility as a public figure to give us an explanation and actively seek treatment. That treatment doesn't necessarily have to be successful, but it's important that she's open with her audience about her struggles and her efforts to live a healthy life. I've only briefly watched her content, but it seems to me that she's constantly trying to exude "the perfect lifestyle," and though that may work just fine for other content creators and artists, that's just not plausible for her. It's like looking at someone who was just shot (or shot themselves) in the foot, asking them if they're okay, only for them to reply "yeah, let's go to the mall!" The only difference in this case is that many people actually believe her and start thinking "hey, she looks pretty well off... Maybe I should shoot myself in the foot, too?"

If she can't properly maintain her body/mental health, then how can we expect her to be a role model for thousands... And if she is genuinely doing her best to be healthy and happy (seeking treatment, seeing medical professionals, etc.) then she needs to portray that side of her life too. TLDR she just needs to be more real with her audience.
diana severns
I've seen many girls on her younow tell her they want to be as skinny as her! So yes she is influencing young girls n if the world doesn't care then who will?
oiiii wanker its miss bastard
Lantern of Diogenes
if it is indeed an eating disorder I say yes, it's like shooting heroin in front of am audience. We can all try to help the person out of concern, but they are already in it. We need to protect the younger viewers that might look up to these people and follow thier example.
Esther Chilcutt
the drive behind eating disorders is feeling a lack of control. the only thing you can control is what you eat... And that has an effect on how your brain works
Catlin Whiteside
This girl does need help, but like my man +Yoel Rekts ! I've looked into it.
And she seems to be gaining a slight amount of weight.
Not enough to say see still doesn't need to get some kind of help, but she is doing better then last year.
Can you imagine the out rage if somebody went in black face? Dressed as a slave? But it's OK for them to go as a native makes no sense
its mostly offensive because it treats native Americans like a prop and not like a people. i dont usually get mad ( I'm at least 1/8 Native; my dad is adopted) because i know people are going to have a different sense of humor. people are gonna dress up as something sorta douchey because they think that its funny. and they're not, imo, at all. but it doesnt HURT me. nor my fully native American grandmother.
Chester Cobblepot
she is such a pretty girl too and would look so much better if added another 60lb
alan Yung
What kind of society is this? Double standard to the finest. Blame girls that are too skinny at the same time protect the ones that are obese.
oaky sketch
I have a lot of Indian blood in me, although I don't show it visually, my family shows a lot of pride for our heritage. We have many Native American paintings and heirlooms in our family, and I have to say; No, I don't find the costume offensive. Nor does my family. It is a costume, and not racist, by that I mean comically so. He wasn't in red-face, and wasn't trying to be offensive. That's my 2 cents. But, the world is vast, and I would love to see other opinions.
MinosaurChicken Isn'tASpy
For all you saying fat people should be banned too, if it isn't going to affect their health or they aren't obese and dying, there's no reason to ban them. If Eugenia has an eating disorder, I'd say at the most she's 3 years from dying. If we ban here, maybe it will make her wake up and realize, wow... I'm killing myself to look better... and she will change. Also, usually fat people don't have a disorder. If they wanted to lose weight, that could. But for Eugenia she would be obese in her mind if she gained weight. They're two totally different things...
Jasmine and Juliana
Who else is here from 2017 thinking 'If only you knew...'
Cleveland Indians?? What about the Washington Redskins! I'm not necessarily one of those people who actively cares about the issue (I don't really follow sports so it's not that important to me :/ ), but personally, I feel like if you're gonna get into offensive names, the Redskins is much worse than the Indians. But that's just my opinion ¯\(ツ)
Who is Hilary Duff?
Naomi Dragneel
Eugenia keep saying she is fine and its "normal" and because of that 1 kid died of trying to be that thin. People keep saying to get help and she blows it off and said "im fine". Anyways i am worried about her
Callie Jet
she's only responsible for herself
Overeating is a eating disorder....but we're not allowed to say anything about that. We're only told to CELEBRATE it.
:-( !!!
The funny thing is that if she just put on a few pounds she would probably be really hot... which is the opposite of what you'd normally say about someone weight lol
Amber LEE
I know this video is old but i wonder something... if Eugenie is triggering girls young and old to be thinner or to act out there anorexic tendancies, and everyone wants to ban her; then why isn't anyone bothered by the thousands of women on youtube who are obese and also unhealthy? Not to mention the ones who get on youtube spouting 'body positivity' when they are clearly unhealthy, they are mainly stating its okay and that they don't diet or worry about their weight or their health and actually have millions of people believing that you can be healthy at any size? Those women are supporting an unhealthy movement and making people feel like its okay to be giant because we are all human and who are not just curvy or voluptuous but extremely overweight and obese? I dont think its fair to be pointing out the flaws of one girl who might be dying but the girls who are dying from heart disease or other really bad consequences of being obese.. Especially the ones who are over 300lbs and still stand behind their life choices and proceed to eat junk and not exercise, making others who are big, comfortable with the fact that they are promoting bullshit saying "healthy at any size" when we all know that its bullshit! I definitely do not think it's okay what Eugenia is doing to herself on the internet but i think it is absurd nonsense to not be able to question her polar opposites without being a "fat shamer"
How do you love my face when you don't know what my face looks like, PHILL??? fake news confirmed...
Joey Shears
Okemos chiefs has started going by the Okemos O-Zone, even put a black patch on the back of the wrestling singlets to patch out the head not making any commentary just throwing it out their thought it was interesting.
Denise Richey
Phil you gotta back off the Indians. Seriously people are to goddamn ve about everything!?
Ilena Machado
I have seen videos of people who struggle with mental health issues that before they speak on it, they offer a disclaimer. They will say something like "trigger warning" or "please do not continue watching if you are struggling and are not seeking professional help". She needs to be honest and offer a disclaimer.
As a Native American I have never been offended by people dressing up in our native garb. If anything my family and many that belong to the Delaware Nation believe these costumes bring awareness to our culture. We don't want to disappear and I myself feel that most are in good spirits. Though if someone decided to make fun of our culture do not think I wouldn't be quick to speak up.
Hogan McCale
My brother has a similar Body size as Eugenia and it's not like he has an eating disorder, in fact he eats A LOT, and he got this from our dad, but from what i think he will gain weight typical of a young teenager, maybe Eugenia has very odd genes, hyper thyroid or a high metabolism, or all of these things put together, but the possibility of her having an eating disorder is still a possibility.
Angel Henriquez
You are very handsome.
Hey man, sports in Cleveland is tough enough, we don't need a Washington Redskins fiasco
hiw the absolute HELL does she not get hungry.
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