They Want Her BANNED, New Embarrassing Leaks, and Internet Outrage Over Costume

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Baylee Allender
About the Hilary duff thing I'm Native American and I don't give two shits about it BECAUSE ITS A HALLOWEEN COSTUME people are getting butthurt about the littlest things smh
StreamLine Music Review
As Natives we hate the team names Indians R$&)(:;ns, Blackhawks, Aztecs, Etc. or dressing up as "Indians" is very offensive. We are always yelling we hate and stop doing it, but no one listens or white folk will say if you had a problem why are you just now saying something. Weve been saying something since you rounded us up like cattle and stuck us on desolete reservations. If she dressed up as a slave and slave master in black face the country would lose its shit, but redface in aheaddress is just fine. Double standard and its frustrating that no one listens to us. And if you dressed up at school as a indian and think that is ok well there inlays the problem. Europeans spent over 400 years killing us. Now theres not many of us left and our voice never gets heard, and when it does. We get told its just the PC police gone array or get over it, But if a bleack person even feels the slightest bit offended, thats all the country will talk about for the next 2 weeks. Double standards man.
Mario Hennenberger
i think about 90% of the most "eating disorders" are a clear failure of parenting ! (i do not refer to medical conditions) !
Rainbow Farts
Social repose dresses up like an emo Indian and people don't care
Rebeka Woods
People are just so easily offended these days
I had a cousin who had a condition where they could eat as much as they would and never gain an ounce.
Christian Schulz
i can understand her, my weight is only 50kg, im 33 now and i weight 50kg since im 12, i find it a good thing for me that i can eat everything without tinking i could get fat
Kendra Hale
I miss vine but not because of its top followed creators. Kind of upset they came to YouTube.
Emaleigh Davis
Yet yt channels promoting obesity are completely okay
Meg Wiles
I find it unnecessary and off-putting to see people use ANY heritage, ethnicity, or culture as a Halloween costume. Whether that be Native American, which I personally am, or any other costume which exploits stereotypes of a certain group of people. If blackface is not okay, then it is not okay to dress up as a Mexican, a Native American, an Indian, etc. Based on intention, though, it isn't necessarily offensive, it's just annoying.
Madison Mccoy
I have Indian Heritage and honestly I am NOT offended in any way. People just like to blow stuff out of proportion.
Fran Resk
Tbh Eugenia is all about embracing your body (her outfits, personality, etc.) and so is an obese person so what's the difference? Okay, she may not eat a lot and that's okay since she is completely healthy and steady, like someone who diets. If she starts going downhill then this petition is appropriate, but attempting to take away someone's job and going against their word really shows how they don't understand people that are different
Nathan Cloudus
As me being part Native American I find the costume hilarious and not offensive at all
Zarz Anator
apologizing over a hween costume? Kinda pansy-ish if you ask me.
Pizz Uff
personal choice personal responsibility does not magically become endowed on a person at their legal majority it is inculcated in them from the earliest processes of socialization My personal feeling is that no youtuber should EVER be held accountable for the idiocy of someone watching their stupidity on youtube........................but apparently this is not a pc opinion to hold nowadays
The reason why wearing "Indian" costumes for Halloween is so offensive is because real regalia is sacred. I have a friend who is a Jingle- dress dancer. She told me that traditionally the dress takes 365 days to make. Each day, you attach 1 jingle. Each Jingle is also filled with medicine, which falls out slowly as the Jingle-dress dancer dances. Each stitch is blessed, and every. single. detail. has. a. purpose. From the choice of fabric colour to the very intricate pattern. The dress itself is considered medicine, that's how important it is. They aren't saying "We don't want to share our culture", they're saying "This part of our culture, and our traditions surrounding it, is extremely important to us, and we don't want it to be taken lightly"
Derek Quinton
so Vine made these people and there response is to extort them? silver spoon anyone ....
Eugenia's mom is obese so it's not genes. I hope she will get better
i minabrons
Having an eating disorder is in the same realm of self harming.
I think the Hillary Duff thing is silly. It's Halloween. Everyone dresses up. If you're offended, petition against the companies. I think they jumped on Hillary because she's mild mannered and sweet in nature
I don't think she (eugenia) is responsible nor is she being negligent... she doesn't endorse or encourage it. Are you (generalized "you") really going to hold everyone responsible for their LOOK? If she has a problem, I truly hope she gets help. But she's definitely not responsible for their decision just because they look at her and watch her videos.
Looking at her, I'm just encouraged to love and want that hair she's got going on
Smoke weed, lets see how long you don't get fat from the munchies.
Emily Robins
I have Indian anssesters and I don't think it is ok to dress up like a cheif because it is a culture not just a head dress to go to a costume party
MarkiPewdSepticeye KaleKaZaM
How is her hair so huge??
Patricia Orsborn
My great grandma was native American, tbh the vast majority of them THAT I HAVE PERSONALLY SPOKEN TO don't give a damn about costumes. Please note that I qualified my remark-i refer to people whom I have spoken to.
Phanic! At The Twenty Øne SOS
My friend looks at Eugenia Rooney's Instagram, and she wants to look like her. It makes me sad. I don't blame or hate Eugenia, but it makes me sad.
Chezabella Rose
Eating disorders are a mental health illnesses, so her being held accountable is a bit silly.. As far as i can tell, she is not advocating for others to be her size.. Yes some people will see her as 'thinspiration' but she shouldn't be banned because she has an illness! She needs support not judgment.
Aurora Greenwood
BECAUSE ITS RACIST. black face is wrong so is this. As a Native American women I was not off the wall offended just annoyed
I'm partially Native American, but I'm not getting butt hurt over a COSTUME?
Wan Yuan
is that ms skeletor¿???
Elizabeth Heriz
I think if a creator knows they're unhealthy, and they acknowledge it and say not to be like them (anorexic/obese/whatever) then they're good, but if someone is anorexic/obese/whatever and they know they're affecting they're audience - I'd try to take a break and get help before that kills someone.
Anime Problem
I'm from Native American descent and i could care less
Brianna Brickey
As a women, seeing a girl being body shamed for being skinny is just sad. People shouldn't be angry at her for that, it's stupid. I don't watch her videos, but seeing someone get hate for that is annoying. If she has a medical condition that makes her look like that, it's not her fault.
whitney willie
I know this is an old video so fuck me for watching it. But just an FYI, many of us Native folks do in fact protest teams like Cleveland and the R*dskins because they are very offensive. Just because you don't see it in the headlines doesn't mean we are cool with it. Us as a people have been through so much so forgive the hell out of us if we don't want to be mocked as if we do not even exist.
A Spanish Inquisitor
'60lbs is not normal'. I'm 5'6 and 56 lbs and I'm nowhere near anorexic. I'm not overweight but I'm not super skinny.
Read this on my mom you will subcribe S
Read this( on my mom I will subscribe)
Lizzie Don't knoq
My only problem wit Eugena is as a recovering anorexic even though I never want to be that thin I can't help but look down at my body and feel discussed with myself... even if she doesn't promote it just seeing her can be a huge trigger to starve yourself
u are generalistic the world probably need that . but u do sound like a critical as hole no offense
KatMan &&&
Karen Carpenter died of anorexia.
Gabrielle Donn
MY little cousin does not gain weight and he eat's a lot but he has an average weight. But never hate nor like her but her mother admitted to it!!!! And if it's a medical problem that sucks ass but if it's a eating disorder get help, but if she doesn't want help no matter how hard people try to help her, I will try to help a person if they want help or even if they don't but a helpful person even has their limits.Then screw it let her basically kill herself, like a person addicted to alcohol a person can try to help an help even multiple people but if that person refuses to help then fuck it there is nothing you can do. Example a grown friend of mine we sent her to rehab and she walked out the next day we gave her a place to stay and we tried to help but she kept doing the same crap knowing it was bad we got tired and said fuck it then she bashed me and my grandmother and me and this grown 40 something year old got into it because we tried our best to help and well no one disrespects my grandmother who tried so hard to help. So life lesson to be learned from an 18 year old if you do everything to help and they don't want it then screw it you have to let them realize that you f**k yourself up. And as having a good amount of Native American in me I see why it is offensive but was he covered in blood with an ax took to his head? And people dress up as manyy other cultures sooooooo yeah not offended
Steven Stenner
she looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to skinny!
The Chow Mein King
Unpopular opinion:
Everyone is being waaay to sensitive about the Native Halloween costumes crap. Every costume is representation of someone's culture (for the most part) and if you are going to ban one, then you might as well just ban Halloween, because its hypocritical to get angry at people for dressing as Natives but not when someone dresses up as, say, a Ninja or a Gypsy. We should absolutely go out of our way to make sure our costumes are properly representing the culture of their choice (and are kept tasteful) in order to avoid spreading negative stereotypes, but there is no culture, race, or religion that has the cornerstone on suffering and oppression. People need to jump off their social justice boxes and recognize that its just a costume, and if you aren't being a racist ass about your representation of said costume, you should try and take it as a compliment rather than spreading more negativity and hate. Seriously, we have more important things to protest about.
It is actually ridiculously offensive to dress up as a geisha, etc. What the fuck was wrong with the commenter insisting otherwise? Ah, yes - they were just another privileged person with no understanding of the historical contexts of the costumes they mentioned.
Garry Perkins
FYI, Wikileaks is and has always been a tool for Russian intelligence (FSB).
Dressing up as an native American when you are from the USA is similar to a German dressing up as a jew
Dan McCoy
hillary duff shouldn't have to apologize. a society that worries about your feelings is a society that is doomed to follow the path of extinction.
Dan McCoy
i feel like the probability of eugenia cooney having a medical condition that isn't anorexia is abysmally low.
she definitely has an ED, and how she flaunts it, how she stands and the way she always has her arms flailing around, she's trying to show off to all us regular fatties how skinny and dainty and disciplined she is. I have anorexia, so I know what she's doing, she's not in her right mind and probably doesn't even realize it's not right, because that's what this disease does to your brain. she's living in a delusion, one where she can have her ED and lie about it too is (if it's a real medical issue where she can't gain weight why doesn't she tell us exactly what it is?) I have gained weight, about 15 lbs, and I feel disgusting and gross but I realised I'm still smaller than the majority of people, but when it was really bad I didn't feel small I felt huge and I used to think my spindly legs looked cool and I would grab at my flat stomach and things like that, I wanted people to notice me. I never put other people down and for some reason I thought normal sized girls who weren't me all looked ok and even beautiful and I was some big boned hulking ogre. I hope Eugenia gets help but at the same time she's encouraging damaging behaviors and unhealthy mindsets and then just dismissing, like we are the bad ones trying to bring her down. I hate to say it but if she stays the weight she is now, she'll be dead in like five or ten years
that iphone is charging but there isnt a charger in sight. magic
Hellion Shark
Again the same old "BUT THE CHILDREEEN" argument. Kids don't become anorexic because a girl online is anorexic. a lot more problems lead to that. She does need help, not being banned for how she looks. Having a problem with how she looks probably is the reason she is in such condition. A ban because of that would not make it better. Especially if youtube is her job
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