They Want Her BANNED, New Embarrassing Leaks, and Internet Outrage Over Costume

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Steven Stenner
she looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to skinny!
The Chow Mein King
Unpopular opinion:
Everyone is being waaay to sensitive about the Native Halloween costumes crap. Every costume is representation of someone's culture (for the most part) and if you are going to ban one, then you might as well just ban Halloween, because its hypocritical to get angry at people for dressing as Natives but not when someone dresses up as, say, a Ninja or a Gypsy. We should absolutely go out of our way to make sure our costumes are properly representing the culture of their choice (and are kept tasteful) in order to avoid spreading negative stereotypes, but there is no culture, race, or religion that has the cornerstone on suffering and oppression. People need to jump off their social justice boxes and recognize that its just a costume, and if you aren't being a racist ass about your representation of said costume, you should try and take it as a compliment rather than spreading more negativity and hate. Seriously, we have more important things to protest about.
It is actually ridiculously offensive to dress up as a geisha, etc. What the fuck was wrong with the commenter insisting otherwise? Ah, yes - they were just another privileged person with no understanding of the historical contexts of the costumes they mentioned.
Garry Perkins
FYI, Wikileaks is and has always been a tool for Russian intelligence (FSB).
Dressing up as an native American when you are from the USA is similar to a German dressing up as a jew
Dan McCoy
hillary duff shouldn't have to apologize. a society that worries about your feelings is a society that is doomed to follow the path of extinction.
Dan McCoy
i feel like the probability of eugenia cooney having a medical condition that isn't anorexia is abysmally low.
she definitely has an ED, and how she flaunts it, how she stands and the way she always has her arms flailing around, she's trying to show off to all us regular fatties how skinny and dainty and disciplined she is. I have anorexia, so I know what she's doing, she's not in her right mind and probably doesn't even realize it's not right, because that's what this disease does to your brain. she's living in a delusion, one where she can have her ED and lie about it too is (if it's a real medical issue where she can't gain weight why doesn't she tell us exactly what it is?) I have gained weight, about 15 lbs, and I feel disgusting and gross but I realised I'm still smaller than the majority of people, but when it was really bad I didn't feel small I felt huge and I used to think my spindly legs looked cool and I would grab at my flat stomach and things like that, I wanted people to notice me. I never put other people down and for some reason I thought normal sized girls who weren't me all looked ok and even beautiful and I was some big boned hulking ogre. I hope Eugenia gets help but at the same time she's encouraging damaging behaviors and unhealthy mindsets and then just dismissing, like we are the bad ones trying to bring her down. I hate to say it but if she stays the weight she is now, she'll be dead in like five or ten years
that iphone is charging but there isnt a charger in sight. magic
Hellion Shark
Again the same old "BUT THE CHILDREEEN" argument. Kids don't become anorexic because a girl online is anorexic. a lot more problems lead to that. She does need help, not being banned for how she looks. Having a problem with how she looks probably is the reason she is in such condition. A ban because of that would not make it better. Especially if youtube is her job
Miller Child
Should Youtubers who are clinically depressed be told to " Get Over It, Be Happy! " No, mental illness can't be simply stopped. Just understood
So stop being harsh on a girl with an eating disorder, no one's perfect
Miller Child
If those people are watching her in the first place because she's skinny then they can easily just watch other dangerously thin peeps instead.
This is the internet there are literally millions of vids and youtubers, no one can censor the freedom of the viewer.
Should Youtubers who are clinically depressed be told to " Get Over It, Be Happy! " No, mental illness can't be simply stopped. Just understood
So stop being harsh on a girl with an eating disorder, no one's perfect
Brooke Hawkins
Also my grandfather was full blooded Cherokee Indian so I'm 1/4 Cherokee Indian and a custom doesn't bother me they weren't running around making slurs or being rude to our culture who cares! Ppl are too fucking butt hurt over stupid shit and not worrying about the outrageous shit we should actually be worrying and angry about!!
Brooke Hawkins
My problem is there are clips of her live streams where young girls say I'm not going to eat for days or weeks and she responds by saying do what you need to do! Instead she should tell them no that's not good instead of encouraging young girls! She could be such an inspiration if she was honest and shared her improvement and her missteps would help so many young girls and boys know they aren't alone and it will be hard to get healthy but we can do it together!!
I'm 10 and I watch her sometimes and I NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS WANT TO BE HER SIZE
Dante steve
Poor girl she's so darn sweet
Rebekah Irving
I'm currently recovering from an eating disorder, and the main thing people don't understand is that the more negative comments, regardless of good intentions or not, make the situation worse. She has uploaded a video since responding to hate comments and she clearly gets upset about all the comments she gets, in the end of the day if people stopped hounding her down and leave her be youll will see improvement, in the end of the day she's just another human, she doesn't mean any harm, I don't think she has a malicious bone in her body, she certainly isn't showing off her figure, and due to her size she often wears the same baggy hoodie in multiple episodes due to being constantly cold.

She knows what's wrong, she is trying to deal with it in her own way, but the more people poke and prod her and harass her, with malintent or frustrated support, IT MAKES IT WORSE!

I follow her to see how she's managing, at the moment I don't think she is managing well, but 1m people commenting on her physique and potential condition ISNT HELPING
Eugenia and me used to sort of talk kind of like id always watch her live videos and shes snapchat me and all but because of all this we lost touch and no longer talk she follows me on twitter and all but just please leave her alone even if she has an eating disorder people on the internet she doesnt know just seem to be making it worse
Jordan Ireland
if they ban her for setting a bad example then they'll also need to start banning massively overweight people
Haley F
I get why people have a problem with her. It's understandable. But banning her even for a little bit, just isn't right.
This is a slippery slope situation. If we do this to her, who else can we do it to?

We could at least reach out to her first and ask her to do a video about how she is unhealthy.
Cabbage Lettuce
And there sure are a lot of obese people in America that it's now considered normal
Cabbage Lettuce
Wow... now I guess every costume is now considered offensive since it may offend someone's culture.
Jessi Rogers
Man I really loved the way he put this out there. Tasteful
Angela Vaulters
we aare not flipping indians lol we are native americans i am native american chippewa we are nativs peoples
all of you saying ban fat you tubers, I get it, turnabout and all that, but general concensus is obesity is generally thought by almost everyone to be seriously unhealthy. being this thin is less so. just saying...
I am concerned for Eugenia but there are plenty of obese people on Youtube, but no one's arguing that they're promoting obesity so I don't think it's fair the way people are treating Eugenia.
I never understood how or why being a skeleton was attractive. No doubt my Mexican culture has an influence on my perspective of beauty - having breasts and a huge rear are ideals. But seriously - I don't mean to sound offensive or racist - I'm genuinely curious, what is it about being so sickly skinny that you white women find beautiful? Or maybe you never found it beautiful and someone told you it was, what did they say that supported being skinny was perfect? I also would like to know from the white men's perspective. Maybe some of ya don't found it attractive, but you know someone who does. What was their explanation? I'd like to know so I can understand and help anyone facing the same situation.
Shelby Cat
Eugenia should be taken off both Instagram and YouTube. I've read the comments on her posts and videos and the number of girls saying she's "GOALS" and how they WISH they had her legs or always saying how amazing she looks. She doesn't look amazing. She looks SICK.

Eugenia posts decent content when her calorie deficit doesn't have her sounding less intellingent through mumbling and being unable to form complete thoughts. She usually looks like the weight of her phone is a strain on her wrists. She NEEDS to go get HELP.

I think her Instagram and YouTube should fall under "promoting eating disorders or self-harm" and they should be suspended. I think that might be the ONLY way she would feel compelled to actually deal with her disorder.
Paul Fuccillo
Theres much more to the Indian Story. The democratic party past legislature to start war, murder indians an then give their land as a reward for voting democratic. No matter how much the kings and queens of rhetoric ty to rewrite history, the Republican party formed to free the slaves. They did not lead the push to slaughter the indians.
smol_bean_jishua tøp
I actually struggle to gain wieght no matter how much I can eat and I can tell you that no one I have ever seen who go through what I go through look like that
Asher Elric
since she's been to doctor's - than what's the big deal? maybe people should leave other's alone.
force feed her chocolate shakes.
this vid has ads
Jedi Isnt Creative
Phillips titles are so clickbaity but god damnit i love him
Robert Cremin
I get confused when you describe weight and distance and temperature because you don't use the metric system
The Cleveland Indians are lit 😂
Some unknown guy
If she has a genetic disorder she should disclaim it and I know she could be telling the truth because I know a frend who has that I've been to his house for almost two days and he eats like a fucking pig and doesn't gain a pound. Also just to make him actually have any wight he eats a fuck town of food, and I'm the one who's fat
Dakota McQueen
I am a Chippewa (native american) woman & when I saw the outrage I was very upset about it I went dressed as Cleopatra this Halloween should I apologize? Seriously people need 2 get a grip!! What I would say to Duff & Beau would be Thank You for reppin my culture and come on he went all out war paint & all!! Lol but seriously I just heard that as a Native I should b upset bcuz MY homeland uses the name of a traditional weapon (tomahawk) I am proud that words from my dead culture are still present & viable in modern times so every1 seriously needs to QUIT being butt hurt over my culture as #NoDAPL shows we natives have voices & will use them when we need to remind the guest cultures (sorry but it was my family land first) that this land is FREE it was free b4 Europeans & as long as Ojibwa live here will always b free so from an original inhabitant of this GREAT land b free wear what u want when u want & thanks for helping keep a part of my culture alive!!
Brandy Adams
I have Cherokee Indian heritage but it is 1/3.. my skin is white but I am sure I will get shit for wearing a costume like that because my skin is white.
The people going after that super skinny girl are hypocrites because obese youtubers aren't being forced off for the same reason, now are they? Obesity is a dangerous medical condition and compulsive eating is an eating disorder. They are attacking her for being cute despite her weight, basically, even though she has never promoted anorexia or unhealthy behaviors to my knowledge. She seems like a sweet person and damn it, anorexics and people with medical conditions have a right to exist in the public eye as much as anyone else.

These people are BULLIES and she's a bigger person than them for having confidence and a positive attitude and being a lovely person in spite of the hate and judgement she gets from strangers. I hope she does whatever she needs to maintain her health, but heck, I hope I do, too, I'm a hundred pounds OVER weight, who the hell would I be to lecture someone for being under weight?!
Cute Doggo
It's not cultural appropriation it's culture appreciation.
thenotorious ong
I'm not going to lie. She inspires me that I can be that skinny. I'm trying so hard to starve but I love pizza too much.
Emily Taylor
I was hyperthyroid before getting radiation and while I was pretty skinny then it wasn't like THAT, her weight is not normal
But... people have always been upset about the cleveland ind- Nevermind lol Phil, i love you and tons of things you stand for, and how open minded you are, and the love you spread, and maybe its just my stubborness and strong desire for all to be respected reasonably, but i always just get a lil bummed when political correctness and all that jazz gets into the conversation lol But we all gotta learn how to brush it off and see other perspectives ~ I kno one day we gone be alright
Arielle JS A
Fascinating fact: 90% of the American Indians were wiped out by a plague right before the Settlers came, and that was how the Europeans were able to move in upon them.
A " post sites the book 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann in which Giovanni de Verrazzano, an Italian sailor, describes first seeing the East Coast of North America in 1523. “He observed that the coastline everywhere was ‘densely populated,’ smoky with Indian bonfires; he could sometimes smell the burning hundreds of miles away.”

The post says there were between 20 million and 100 million people here before the plague, and the entire population of Europe was 70 million, so let’s face it, the settlers couldn’t have defeated the Native Americans without the diseases they brought with them, especially if the Vikings hadn’t been able to before them." -
Arielle JS A
How can her parents NOT get this poor girl into rehab??
Fudge Monkey
I know where everyone is coming from on Cooney, but i also kno it must suck for so many ppl to talk about her. But this is a serious issue, she has definitely gotten sickly skinny since her youtube has started. She looked healthier and happier in the beginning. The doctor thing doesnt make sense because my older brother had a real problem gaining weight for his age/body structure. Doctors usually try to help with the weight gain, be it pills or diets. Doctors may have said tht to her but it doesn't seem like she tries to fix it.
Some Person
So, if I wrote a book and it was about people killing, raping, or kidnapping others and some lunatic read the book and actually did what the book said, then that means that my books should be banned?
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