Lily LaGratta
I subscribed
galaxy girl
Your merch is like $50 but I might be getting a jumper (pink) and I'll do a video
Wow this really reassured to me how massive Anthony jousua, like Logan himself is a massive guy and look how much bigger Anthony was.
Omar Moghazi
please im in abudubi at khalifa street big circle in middle
M&M Manon en Michelle
I have subt
Isabella De Waal
What's habibis?
نورت دبي "❤🌹
Destiny Fae
logang 4 life
Destiny Fae
logang 4 life ; )
Flamur Delia
Do you have maverick hats
Candise Suds
Candise Suds
OMG does Logan have a hickey?!!
Steve King
I am going to Dubai!!!!!
Emery davis
Ryan Gamer
Please make maverick shoeeees
Shelby vlogs
I might be getting Maverick merch for Christmas but I don't know
Shelby vlogs
Shelby vlogs
I live in ohio
lisset lopez
Logan Paul for life
Jp Ramirez
You should make a gaming chanl
m and n production
Logan so nice to his fans
I have been subbed to logan ever since he had 2-3 mil subs before the disstracks and stuff about his brother you know
Angel Andres
Logan i love your vids
Janessa Hernandez
What 's your snapchat
scan for Venice Denver devil devil devil devil
Estefanie Olan
You make money move's
Idalia Santos velazquez
Are you scaerd of the shark
Melissa Bergerson
You look nice in a suite
scate 3
Will you please go to lewis county in Kentucky please I want to meat you in person
you have never been to lewis county in Kentucky
Please come and bring jack with you
I,l never like you if you don,t
I am a huge fan and it seems you don,t give crap about the state that lives near were you were born
You don,t give us Kentucky fans a chance
Ohio is were your from I hope you read this I wan,t a chance to see you
Here if you want to have a talk in person I,l give you my address
Lewis county kentucky daring lane 26
ahmad gaems
Logan you're my favorite YouTuber
Jason HunterX
Make a music video of the sea
the television location
فيديوهات ترفيهية داخل قناتي. أدخل و شوف. entertainment in my channel go and check out now
Mollie Capper Cox
Your the best youtuber ever!!
Maria Szczesniak
Done Logan4life
Stephanie Armstrong
Hi I watch your video every day and you are amazing
Diamondqueen 193
I can’t my parents won’t let me
Ms kitty
Hi I'm from Lebanon i love u so much❤
KauaVloggs &More
I can never have Merch cuz I have no mula
Don'tQuoteMe Talks
That guy was so british it made me cry tea
Vinod Vishavakarma

abir altayeb
I am in Dubai please meet me a Love ❤️ you so much
afra yosef
I live in uae
Blake Phlipot
im a Maverick
Lina Gonzalez
Omg I have the same exact jet skis at home so cool!!!
Syakira 1234
What you can trapped on there be careful logan
Logan spends more money in a day than my parents and I have spent in our entire lifetime
Thi Hoang
Australian Hillbilly
I want likes
dylan jury
what is that intro song i love it
the door kinda noise
Amazing Anthony Dahouch
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