salah adwan
Oh my god Mickie James is so hot
Malena Sayles
Don't give up sasha
bad win
Kay Mauricio
But in reality, Mickie James can end these three in a short period of time.
TheSingingDivas 100
Do a match with mickie and sasha
Patrick Ballantine
i'm shocked sasha took the pin
Kendra Armstrong
alexa is selfish for stealing nias chance
ALEXA is queen
Mohit Chauhan
WWE is doing such a huge injustice to Mickie by making her lose every single match. She's the best wrestler out of all these women. She needs to have one more solid title run with great storylines. And she deserves the greatest reaction from the crowd.
Brandon Taylor
mickie James was the greatest female wrestler now she starting to suck a little but I still love her
David Ladd
Alexa Bliss couldn't do the job her self that sad
Julio Merlo
such an awesome match with an awesome outcome
smiljanic vera
ahah yey
Boa Hancock
Who's Alexa Bliss and Nia?
Joney John
stunning bliss XD
Joney John
the same way she became number one contender on smackdown live Carmella superkicked Nikki Bella and was about to pin her but Alexa kicked her out of the ring and stold the pin.
vansh Dhall
I want the full match including entrance 😡😡😡
Paiten Frederick
the wwe grils i like are mickie james and natayls
iwanna pl.
if nia jax didn't have her fat she would be nothing !!!!!
Cɍƴ Bαƅƴ
poor Mickie, whenever she does that move someone interrupts her every time 😂😂
Taylor Dayne
i can't wait to see mickie vs charlote
B Jenkins
what is the possibility of seeing Gail kim in a wwe ring again??
Jorge Guerra
I hate when WWE doesn't push the veterans like mickie Alicia Natalya tamina
Sasha banks fan number 1
Sasha banks should be on smackdownlive.
Batuhan Altıparmak
go bliss. I love you
Jasmin Ortega
I know right
Darkness Eternal
Annnnnnd of course Alexa Bliss wins. Should have been Mickie.
Swiftie Boy
I am so excited for tonight. I haven't been excited for RAW in a long time. Alexa has me excited every week to see what she's gonna do next!
Jonn Taeda
The worst fans ever! The worst audience ever!!! #respectalegend #mickiejames #psychomickiereturnsPlease
Daquan Jackson
Sasha Banks should of had the Divas Championship
Carla Ferreira
I hate alexa
i wanna nut in that alexa girls face
Potato Junicorn Squad
So are Sasha Banks and Bailey still friends I'm still confused 😕
What happened to the Sasha versus Bayley rivalry? They sure Blew it having Sasha turn on daily would've been unbelievable.. By the way whatever happened to the women's revolution? We had charlotte versus Sasha overkill and we only had bayley versus Sasha had an XT which was phenomenal. Alexa Bliss #1 contender and Nia an afterthought. Lol!
Sajan Sandhy
mickie should have came back as a face and her character could be like how she is one of the best and the revolution happened years ago like she is doing but as a face so she can get the crowd behind her mickie rocks
I'm a Dolan twins fan girl Don't judge me
The way Alexa plays tho... lol 😂
sia venisa
Alexa Bliss kinda reminds me of Harley Quinn
Boss is winer
Anthony L Serrado
Anyone notice that they shortened Sasha's theme after the first (idk what it's called) part where the guy sings
shah rezuan
Larry Legendary
congratulations to harleen quinzel
maria. ghia
maria. ghia
maria. ghia
Zay2Lit _
Not gonna lie Alexa Bliss is smart asf she knew she couldn't take on nia jax or Sasha so she made nia jax do the dirty work and Alexa swept it up well done
justin daniels
01:28 that's Melina's move
Keven Ravendale
I love Alexa but I think she should't have win this match. I think she sould had some of her Nxt move when she was a very good wrestler, now its like wwe want her just to be a cheater heel thing
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