Exploring an Unbelievable 1900's Mansion - OMG!

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This mansion built sometime in the early nineteen hundreds sits all by itself on the top of a hill overlooking a lake might be one of the most amazing structures I've ever had the privilege of exploring.

Everything about this house screams class. This is a place of privilege, a place of old money and a home that was built with every possible luxury. The investment that must have gone into the construction this luxury wilderness mansion must have been astronomical in its day.

No expense was spared to make this mansion stand out above the rest. To my knowledge there is no other home with this type of opulence anywhere in this area. The grand entryway with the fireplace centerpiece welcomes all the guess and residence who came in here. An elevator from the basement to the main floor purely for service and nothing more. There was no expense spared. Multiple kitchens, so many bedrooms I confused this Mansion for a hotel but after spending time here I know it was a home.  

This Mansion had an east wing and west Wing which my guess is allowed for privacy in a large family. If you look closely you can tell which room belonged to kids.

The basement might be one of the creepiest basements I've ever been in.  The walk down the long dank hall ways made me wonder how this could have been usable active space at one point.  The walk in safe? WTF? I wish I had a torch just to see what was inside! 

I can't even begin to fathom how this place became idol, how came to sit all by itself. So much went into it and now nobody cares.

I encourage you to watch this video and look for the idiosyncrasies that stand out to you. There's no way for me to describe them all and how they made me feel. Please let me know in the comments.

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kathy TIchnor
Take a look at 13:30 as he goes around a bend it looks like a small boy sitting or kneeling. It goes by fast. I did it like five times and I think it looks really creepy. If you see something same or different there please let me know.
Woogie 13
This is the best video of its kind that I've seen. No talking over the footage makes it feel like you're actually in the house exploring yourself. Brilliant! x
Kellie Wentzel
This is such a shame beautiful home left to fall apart. Probably forclosure.
Ernest Vaillancourt
That was meet! Stranger to see there were no mice or birds in that house when there was a staircase leading to the roof with no covering to it. Over all, still neat.😂😂
Bonnie Belle
The most beautiful abandoned mansion I have ever seen!
I can only imagine how it looked while occupied!
Thank you for sharing this!
vhenuz venum
wooow thank u for sharing👍👍👍
This have been a home but I am guessing it was a lodge of some type. Hunting, fishing etc...
Miss Charming
Wow ,amazing.
I see Ewe
Not interesting, no attention to detail, open and closing doors and quick turns. I rated this 👎 no interest was taken in this vedio, seems to me that you were more interested in rummaging around!
Missy B
I want this house. It's amazing. I would totally gut the smaller bedrooms and make 2 bedrooms 1. It's so beautifully made.. It will out live most of us I am sure. You have way more courage than I. That lift/elevator was really awesome. It freaked me out that all the fire places had nice new wood ready to start a fire. Just thought that was creepy and all the bathrooms looked pretty good. Not like most I see on these abandoned homes.
Moe Szyslak
A petition needs to be started to save that place. Cannot let it go to waste!
Attic??...sigh...they never check the attic
Time to break out the metal detectors
Robert's Art Studio
Seems like a McMansion to me, except the fridge seems a lot older than anything else I noticed in the house. Also, in one of the cupboards you can see the less dusty circles where the glasses were kept, which makes me think the place was abandoned while it still had some furnishings, then later, the owners came back and removed everything they wanted. That place will be un fixable very soon with that open roof and the standing water in the basement.
Mercedes Pernas
I would feel like a queen living there. That house was amazing.
Wendy Nardi
This is a very strange building; I won't say 'house' or 'mansion' because I don't think this was ever meant to be a residence. I don't think it is as old as some folks here have said, but the exterior stonewok is extraordinary. The interior is just bewildering. The custom built-ins have an almost fussy feel, as in: the big coffee pot will go here and will always BE here, and this little room will be for such-and-such and always WILL be. But, as others have noted, the 'upgrades' over time seem to have been made on a stringent budget, by people who did not share or care about the original builders' sensibilities. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a hunting lodge or clubhouse of some kind.
Terri Santiago
What a beautiful home.
Amber Spelman
Have you checked the public records on this house?? Because it would be awesome to know the history of this house.
Rosemary Jordan
I would love to restore that place
Jullia Woodling
This breaks my heart that such a beautiful place is being left to just rot away.
The cut stone construction is absolutely beautiful
Chris Moret
this would be such a beautiful place to live, its sad to see that no one is living there or restoring it
Jael Jade
Looks more like early to mid 1800's except for a few of the updated things in bathrooms. I lived in a house built in 1896 and this is reminiscent but looks earlier. Nice video 😄
Cool video, really nice! Would have been more interesting (in my opinion) if you talked about the history of the house, who build it ect. while you showed us the house. Anyway, I subscribed!:-)
Elna Bjelland-Hughes
Beautiful house and hasn’t been trashed is there a caretaker taking care of this house ? There must be someway to find out who built it and why did they leave if you can do this please post another video.
Rachel Kent
I saw that "J & J Taylor" looks like the house was built in the late 1800s. I wonder if it was one of the J's houses they built as they made safes and that was a wall in the basement : http://www.housestories.ca/2013/06/the-j-j-taylor-safe-company-2/
Rachel Kent
I bet that people forgot about this place; so if someone came in and snatched it and lived in there no one would know ?.
silky says
What an odd house. It looked like some made an imitaation of age. I'd hate to meet the weirdo with the hammer who did the damage.
huggs. silky
Corsi Cano
Looks like a dead body in 16:59
Ed Bouman
Does anyone know the location of this beautiful Mansion?
Hayley Ford
is this in the States?
Doris Rosa
This house looks like a house used in a movie... beautiful place don't understand why the Government don't rebuilt these places and make them homes..
Doris Rosa
What beautiful stair case, but that piano right up the stairs so spooky
AngryRed Banjo
I thought the video was was good, thumbs up. I think the house was built in the late 30’s to early 40’s. Renovations kept it up to date into the early or even mid 80’s. Like most of the place, I think the foundation has been repaired and fixed from the outside but the original parts were clearly block construction. Some walls were Sheetrock, some were plaster and lath, electrical spanned the eras I mentioned from the round switch’s and few outlets to the jacuzzi tub and the GFI outlet. The curious electronics in the basement are the relays for the elevator. It has all the niceties of a mansion, but it was clearly intended to not appear too opulent. There aren’t any “flourishes” on the exterior and most of the wood looks like maple to me, fancy would have been mahogany or similar especially in the gentlemen’s study (where the small safe was). That room had properly skookum construction of the paneling, but inexpensive wood. I think this house has an interesting story. The basement had some sort of purpose like a business or meeting place...or something. The map and and all the key hooks on the board in the stairwell are curious also. Someone here was “in charge” of something. I didn’t see any signs of the grounds being showy either. The servants were few also, unless there were other buildings for them on the grounds somewhere. The drive didn’t appear to have been bricked or cobbled either. All in all, it a very nice house that says “don’t pay too much attention to me, nothing to see here” when actually there was. I didn’t pick up on any ghost vibes, sometimes I do.
Penny Griffin
Where is this? It's beautiful!
26:15. Video on 1080p and slow it down to 0.25 as he enters through that door, look alongside the edge of the door and you'll clearly see a cat with two ears and two black eyes. Shit sent chills through my whole body. Wow. If I knew anything about videos I would make one and circle it red. It is 100% there.
e/ you can hit space repeatedly to make it a lil slower.
Definitely older than 1900s, but this one is a bit difficult to date. The fan light over the front door is a very early style (1810s and later) but there is also a marble fireplace from around 1870ish. Some of the bathrooms are sanitation era 1920s (as are the wash tubs in the basement). That hanging globe light fixture around the 12:20 mark is also 1910-1920. The house has definitely had a lot of updates and modifications, but it's hard to tell exactly how old the shell is. The windows (with many small panes) is also another very early style. 1900s would have had "one over one" or at the very least much fewer glazed panels. Regardless, the stonework is gorgeous.
Jason Mutz
Was that a jacuzzi tub in one of the bathrooms?
Regina Redding
Very cool! :-) thanx!
Great video; thanks. I assume you used a drone to get the aerial shot of the property. The video was so clear; it makes me want to get a drone, though I don't know what I'd use it for. I just love gadgets and always have. Love older houses like this too, especially the section with the stone and woodwork and the curved staircase.
Tracy Machado
I absolutely love this house. Nice job!
Pinja :3
Does anybody know where is this place?
rohan raj
where is this place
Gena Ann sottile
Absolute beautiful
Creepy abandoned Finland
Abigail Prickett
28:54 there's just a random basketball...
Abigail Prickett
the caution tape in the bath tub really freaked me out... as I was commenting this I saw caution tape in one toilet and that send chills down my spine. like, how did it get there? who put it there
Tammy Tucker
Is it for sale? It's gorgeous and such a shame that no one is living there.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6dpc8LjgYw ... looks really like the bibliothek from myst 1...
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