MAYIM BIALIK Remembers Beaches



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now how does she get down off that chair?
Joyce Gibbs
still one of my favourite films of all time. They don't make films like that anymore. Most comedies are just swearing and rudeness.
bonnie benini
I saw her in a. Christmas show! Was so good! Hope its on this year💟
Natalie M
Went to high school with her and we're friends now she acts like she's too busy
lisha g
I wonder why 21 people thumbs downed it?
Gerry Nightingale
"I'm so fucking interesting everyone on Earth must be made aware of it!" (Bialik has spoken more here than Einstein did in his lifetime...!)
a really good interview...she was wonderful in the movie--very believable!
Lucy Lucky
Not fond of that Jew :(
Orion 10851
The first time I saw Beaches was before I had even heard of Mayim, and I was amazed at what a plausible young Bette Midler she was able to portray. "In my opinionation", Mayim stole the show and was the best part of the whole movie. She is a show business rarity - a truly intelligent, articulate actor.
she was pure joy in that film.
Lydia D C
Is there anything that this woman is not able to do?
rafael velazquez
very smart lady
What an insightful and smart lady.
Jackie Musgrove
An actress with her brains and talent, saves the show from letting Cuoco kill it, like she did Charmed!
Having just seen "Beaches" for the umpteenth time, I believe from every aspect, Mayim's performance is the best "child" performance ever on the big screen. Nuanced and simply wonderful. A gem that never gets stale.
Luis Govea
I don't think I want to see the remake on lifetime
Veronica Vale
If the person has had a different language before English then it is an accent. If the person is speaking English but in a different region then it is a dialect. NOT accent. It is amazing that people do not make this distinction.
Oh shut up Mayim. I've watched so many of your interviews and videos and you come across as an all-knowing, arrogant, self-important, judgmental bitch, claiming you're an expert on every topic including breastfeeding, girls, feminism, gender issues, language and with a perfect divorce and perfect kids. Stick to neuroscience and SHUT UP.
Honey Bee
geez Bette was a little control freak
Randy Kucsan
I had no clue the actress who played Cici's mom was Aunt Honey in Will & Grace.
Hannah The Llama
Love u in The Big Bang Theory Mayim absolutely fantastic role. Used to watch Blossom faithfully every week with my brothers.
Jodie Finney
Super talented.
Kennith Umperovitch
Mayim is a fine actress! Tomorrow I will be watching Beaches! Have the video! Used too watch Blossom even though I was older, Shalom sister and Happy Holidays, in Passover!
Store 14534
Never mind Mayim, who is Luis Govea ... ouch he is hot !
Vikki Waiting
omg it wasnt her singing!!!! omg crushed
Mayim sounds like a very down to earth person and its great that her parents didn't push her into acting and made sure she stayed grounded. She is awesome on Big Bang Theory!!
Amanda Nicole
My question is why are actors alwasy studdering and saying um um
sandra brown
Love this video. You seem like such a nice person and so grounded. Your folks really raised you wonderful. So happy for you. You sound like you deserve a great life. I also have two boys. They are grown now. Please hug and enjoy them every single day. Because they grow up so fast.
jane goodman
She's someone who has made it on talent and wit Alone and not looks which is refreshing in Hollywood
All these years, I thought that was Mayim singing and now she says it wasn't her. Woah! Mind blown!!
Jacqueline/proud mama Robertson
Such an intelligent and talented lady!
Joshua Hahn
What a wonderfully down to earth person.
One of my fav movies!
Mel Meli
She was so cute in 'Beaches'
Johnathan Velasquez
i love this movie to death
Sylvia Zuk
amazingly talented
k Racine
This is a really old clip!
j gillotte
bett didn't like it?? was she the director? geez
Mayim is SOOOO talented and awesome. I'll watch her in anything and I love her in The Big Bang Theory; she adds so much to it. She has a presence and that certain "something." LOVE her! Mayim you need a big gay following, I'll start!
Sounds a lot like Bette was a creative pain in the ass.
Lin J
Dr Mayim is a neuroscientist.
alice ranger
You were awesome in this role, great interview. Thanks for posting.
Lawd how I wept, I'm such a fag
Mayim you was da bomb in Pumpkin Head yo!
She was fantastic in this part. Had no idea she wasn't singing.
Rob Roy
Golda Meir genes much, yikes, ugh, yuk....
Allyson Messina
I haven't seen this since I was a child. this came out the year before I was born.
Archie Tito
We have this movie on vhs in the 90's but it was titled FRIENDS
was drem am an doctor. even so bad midler
Eric Hirsch
There is not a dang thing wrong with Mayim here. I would never cut her up at all. I adore her big time!!!!! Why would anybody hate her because of her religion? Get real!!! She's happy being Jewish and that is just fine by me. I'm catholic and I'm happy with my religion. Mayim I love you a great deal!❤️❤️❤️❤️
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