Beauty and the Beast - Behind the scenes with Emma Watson

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Behind-the-scenes on the set of Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson.

Rafli Wahyudo
bahasa indonesia
0:34 Neville Longbottom reference? XD Where's the rememberall when you need one.
LetsplayDK ?
Its gotta be hard for emma daniel rupert to try new movies and new roles because people will always remember them as harry ron hermione, and personally i try my best to avoid it but it is goddamn hard especially because the HP movie series is one of my favourites.
Chelsea Jhee
I don't know why.. But I see her as Emma Watson.. Not belle 😐
Hello Goodbye
LOVE the practical sets. So impressed that Bill Condon decided to build most of the castle and town for the movie instead of using green screen. Well done!
Haeni Choi
Emma is the perfect princess
bb5788 as
introducing " The Global Goals"
bb5788 as
i have watched "Emma Watsons introducing the world's largest lesson"
Sarah Sepanski
This is amazing :)
Sarah Sepanski
1:10 I'll get the knife.
grace Rodriguez
i love emma watson she is pretty and i want to see her
Анастасия Головина
Круто! Моей дочери 5 лет и ей очень понравилось побывать на съемках ее любимого мульта-фильма. Спасибо Вам!
Noelle Mak
I love beauty and the beast I seen it ten times!!!!!!
Little miss chief Chief
When Emma sined up for the role as belle I'm sure she didn't think 💭 she was going to be talking to a horse 🐴
I loved the movie but Emma was disappointing as Belle. I recently went to Disney World and the actress in the Beauty and the Beast play was able to capture all the emotions perfectly and made belle seen full of life unlike Emma.
My unicorn Family
I love that movie 🎥
Iris Marie
I didn't like how they had to stress out the horse to make her scene to calm him down.
Ataur Rahman
Emma watson I am Arina sareen by the way I really really like you
Alony Shell
This is amazing how this was put together.
3:21 wtf?
Lauren :3
Everyone here is complaining about emma watson while i'm over here like the poor horse ;~;
, Rapunzel
Juan Rodriguez
uosoy un caballo
Juan Rodriguez
yosoy el burro. q toma agua
はいどうもさくっと美味しい プリッツです!
Anyone else... so excited for rapunzel live actiona? That'll be so coo cool
Heather Willow
Whenever I se people in the background just randomly there ( for the effect ) I keep thinking they're just random workers in the scene just dressed to fit the movie, like in NCIS I always see random people walking in the back. But in THIS movie, everybody probably had a script and stuff..... Must of been stressful
Liza Saakadze
Everyone says how awkward it must have been for her and all I think about is what I would give to be in her place. I certainly would enjoy every minute.
Amy Stunning
Odalys Gutierrez
Ub tacos
we did a good job everyone on set was very professional and it was an honor to work with emma she's an amazing actor
Maddy Anne
When you see your role model talking to a horse...
I watched this today for the first time... IT WAS AMAZING!!
Marije -
People really like to complain and hate wow... Emma was perfect as Belle..
Day or night dreamer
I'm surprised at how well Emma Watson to Sind so well!
N.k chanel
oh its really so hard to make amovie it takes alot of things and the most important thing to imagine something and its hard not eassy 😙😉
The chandeliers are so beautiful and the sets are amazing!
Valu Relanez
Emma Watson is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. I simply adore her <3
[牛奶TV] milk
I am Japanese!!

I love Emma so much!!!!
gina g
Sorry to say this, but.... watching this...the movie looks boring as can be. Emma Watson looks like she walking through the movie like a zombie. Going to watch the movie tonight. I really hope the movie is better than this, seriously.
iLumixity h
"oh. there she goes.."
This was a good movie Emma Watson with you in it
Dave H
I love you Emma <3 I wish you many more successes.
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