Beauty and the Beast - Behind the scenes with Emma Watson

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Behind-the-scenes on the set of Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson.

Natella & Milk
Wow. If I imagine me in her shoes, I just wonder what I would do, talking and looking at objects on the screen that aren't actually there while filming. There's also a lot of people watching her :O
Must have a lot of pressure, adding to the fact that she's one of the main roles.
Manu Kind!
2:34 They pull the tail to the horse for a movie, that's animal abuse ...
Diana S.
hizo la película sola? xD
Pamela Dextre
autotune :v
charmaine hansen
I need to see this so bad
fluffy unicorn and the rainbow
so beautiful
Lavinja Sinnen
Hallo Emma ich war gestern in dem Film drin du hast es wirklich super gemacht wir lieben dich alle
Her facial expression and gesture sometimes look like awkward, and let people feel she didn't put herself into the role. I think this might be the reason that some people criticize her. I don't understand why some people claims that many people hate or dislike her, it is not about the hate, it's about her acting skill. If her acting skill is as excellent as Jennifer Lawrence, i believe nobody will say a word about her performance in this movie. She is a good and kind girl, and i also like her performance in harry potter, but she need to sharpen her skill. If she can't improve acting, next time people will keep talking about her acting problem just like you see on the below messages.
Josephine Chloe
Is it true that Emma doesn't know how to ride a horse ? Because my book told me and almost everything is correct...
Jenny Fu
its awesome also its awesome when l watch it in the movie for my friend birthday it was on v-max and l did cry a little bit 😐 which was embarrassed
Enny Widiastuti
where is the beast
Дария Кокосьян
This is so cool! I wanna be an actress
Can I say she seems to be a nice person, and I appreciate much her battle for feminism, and her speeches... But God, she can NOT act. She was already bad in Harry Potter but we were young and we loved it anyway. It was like the book and we forgave her. But now it's just unbearable, she only has one expression, one feeling, and her face can not show any real emotions. It's not about her singing or else, it's not so bad I think, it's really the way she plays (she doesn't, she is always sleeping I think).
Vendelin Smith
i hated the new movie-it did not touched my heart the way animated version did.
I don't think Emma was good for Belle , Belle is bright and smiley and Emma just looks pissed all the time
Arabella Faye Manuel
Pause at 2:37 look at the left side of the screen they are pulling the horses tail 😂🙁😡
Tiffy Tattoo
She always has this resting bitch face. Which looks nothing like belle.
Queen Bean
Best film I've ever seen xx
Kosui Hydrogen
This is when you truly realize Emma has played all alone in front of the camera for the major part of the film. Must have been awkward as hell.
Daisy-Mae Tinsley
Should I watch this as I'm seeing it tomorrow, don't want to ruin the magical feeling
did anyone notice Belle's undergarment is somehow shown a little bit at 0:28?
Ashley Dawnhurricane
Poor horse she was pulling on it's head
pinoy vendetta
Did I just saw Emma biting her lip at 4:16 omg im gonna die
Echeva Mora
GᗩᔕTOᑎ ᒪOOKᔕ ᒪIKE ᑕᗩᑭTᗩIᑎ ᕼOOK
Millie Radford
Who's watched the film and has loved it
Rofi uddin
Emma really can ride the horse...
airin nurfattma
thousands of real singer using autotune over a decades no one have ever cares...but when an actress/actor possibly use it in movie, all of you spend a millions negatives comments about it...what an odd world we are living right now
I already watch this ins cinema i love it so much❤ i can't get over😂
Nicole Vlogs
emma watson is look alike of molly sister of rossana pansino???!! who agrees?? lol
Impact Gamer
Omg Emma is soooo pretty
Ashlynn Smith
Moon Magick
Rip imagination
Khánh Linh Nguyễn Hữu
They invested a lot
Bigpika Girl gamer
I just watched the movie so this is really amazing to me now
Najwa Syabania
you belle
Delilah Pie
It's so awkward without the music
Nicole Ignacio
Whats about the green things???
Andresolteroo Lima
destruyend my infance¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Ember Styles
I absolutely loved the movie, might see it again!
LaneDuke Cutler
RJ 20
wait...then who is Emma dancing with???!!!!
Khushi khan
Malang Strudel
wow how cool!!!
bernadetta amara
very very beautiful 😍😍
LoGien Tarek
There's no beast😔😂
Kryshia Leal
My fav part of the movie is when all the people and the antiques were fighting and having a huge conquer 😂
A WeiNing
I didn't see the beast T.T
A WeiNing
So my Best Friend yesterday asked me to watch Beauty and the beast with her..and I said I will definitely sleep because I don't like watching this type of movies but I'm the end,I watched the entire movie. Ok,it was a really a good movie. Highly recommended:)
Quick-Sword Ilena
I think emma is perfect for this role except the fact that she is playing a french girl and she has a british accent haha
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