Beauty and the Beast - Behind the scenes with Emma Watson

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Behind-the-scenes on the set of Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson.

Xahannah Omalley
is she alive and were is she so i can see her
Xahannah Omalley
how old is emma watson
Angelina Oronce
I thought she lived out side of the village
Julianna Goodwin
LOOK! You people who keep complaining about that they should have picked another person because she isn't suited for the role. SHE'S PRETTY MUCH DOING HERMIONE GRANGER IN 1500'S FRANCE!!!!!
as a tv actor myself it is VERY harder than it looks! there is so much equipment round you!! when i was an extra when 1 person makes a mistake we need a new tape and once you get it right they have to film it about 10 times
Bea's Corner Vlogs
I was hoping to see the beast
most beautiful
Kira Meatyard
HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAH 2:56 2:58😂😂 I had no clue what that was?
Theblack Chicken
Be Our Guest in reality...
simien brion
emma watson your so beautiful
Grace Plus Joy
So many people are hating this movie but it is so great
Rhussel Heirs Santos
Where the fuck is Dan Stevens Behind the scenes
muito legal!
muito legalL
Gainin Viana Nambio
You can type in messager emma watson
Gainin Viana Nambio
Hey guys you can type her name in the massenger it work it said it can messege us!!!!!!😝😝😝😁😀
where is the beast? Was Emma Watson act alone??
Aida Pinkcloud
WHAT AN AMAZING PRODUCTION! I just wish I could be with that horse 😂
Hailey Moreno
Natálka Hanousková
I love Emma Watchn
Lara Kathleen
This is such a wonderful insight into the making of the film <3
영화도 노래도 좋다
Livia e seus parça
It is the best movie
Guillermo Gonzalo
muy linda la película y Emma como siempre hermosa😍😍😍😍
So disney finally woke up and realized all we want is replicas of their cartoon versions not epic battles. I bet you anything they will redo alice in wonder land and the rest that failed so much.
Onodera Ritsu
Hermione Granger :v
when me and my sister went to see it, she said, "where's Ron?" I cracked up
Do Bo
Behind the scenes? I was hoping to see Emma masturbating in her trailer between takes.
Larry Angeles
I watched the movie it was great
Alexandra Fonti Castro
i was hopping to see the beast
I'm so confused by how they record the audio in movies... I'm an amateur photographer with no prior training in anything lol so I have a few guesses but like I'm always amazed with big set and stuff
Zac DiVito
Emma Wastson is HOT
Rita Ugarte
little town what a quiet village little town full of little people / there must be more than this diviitol life!!
Rita Ugarte
Roos van den Ham
i have sie the movie and its asome
Heyitz Mina
Hermione belle granger
Aurore Maton
Chère Emma, Je souhaitais te féliciter pour ton rôle attribué dans la belle et la bête* Ce rôle était fait pour toi* tu correspondait à la description du personnage du célèbre dessin animé* J, ai été voir le film* tu as le charme, la beauté naturelle, le sourire, les émotions, tout ce qu, il fallait pour interpréter ce rôle de Belle. J, ai ressenti plein de frissons, de la joie, du rire, de la tristesse aussi de par les séquences du film a te suivre tout au long de chaque minute! Chapeau! Beau travail! Les costumes t, allait à merveille! Tu m, as fait revivre les bons moments de mon enfance de par ce film, on est attentif aux détails en pensant au dessin animé* Merci******
Belle Gaming
I love you Emma Watson
aliyah arman
isn't Emma Watson the harry potter character ?!?
Hannah-joy Walker
I loved the movie, but honestly I was cringing whilst listening to how auto tuned Emma's voice was, it sounded un-human, if she couldn't sing then give her a voice tutor or have someone with a similar voice who can sing, sing it then have Emma lip sync to it, over all I think Emma was a pretty good belle, definitely has belle's beauty and over all was amazingly cast and put together, it only bothered me because usually I listen to the sound tracks of the Disney movies when they come out but I'm afraid I'm going to have to skip the opening song, no hate cause I love Emma 💖
Venus iriazz
Ugh the autotune is gonna kill me
Rachel FabueSos
I love Emma, but if I were to choose who plays Belle, it'll be the hardest decision between Emma Watson and Anne Hathway, but Emma for sure (I love Anne, no offense) cause she is more in the millenial times
wer poi
happy late birthday emma
Anoushah Akram
I thought I was going to see the beast as well
annie cipriano
2:35 tho
i cantttttt
Wolfstar Forever
I wonder if Daniel and Rupert watched this???
Spencer Frank Clayton
I loved Adrian Schiller as the guard at the end.
how did i get here?
Georgina Fegan
I always forget when watching movies the huge film crew who are behind it. Watching behind the scenes seems so strange because of all the tech equipment, green screens and camera crew! It shows just how much work goes into productions :)
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