stickbot pro
how did you macke a fan made traler
Thanh Tân Nguyễn
Seth Miles
Why June 16. Why not tomorrow
Christopher Martinez
you did this summer 2 times
Mohd Rashdan Abd Rahman
lightning mcqueen will beat Jackson strom
Ricardo Salgado
thats rygth😎
Javian Rafols
Savitar flash and wally hmm sound good
king extinct
lighting in his prime is faster rpthan st or,m
"The beach ate me ".... oh how appropriate for a children's movie.
Zain Chupacabra
0:47 Not like millions of dollars down the drain
Lisa Winship
I love cars 1 I hope cars 3 will be the best
Christine Fleming
this is just a bunch of old trailers put together!
HelloInternet Jumparoo
Cruz: The beach ate me
Me: I ate the beach. SAVAGE!!!!!!
Mr Pacman :v
sosa msp
eeeeeeeeeeeee i don't now what to say
AmazingTv Productions EDCP
this fake trailer
The channel Of silence
Jackson storm=savatar lightningmcqueen=flash yellow one that helps him=kid flash
1:03 chick hicks!!! aka adolf hitler in car version
Nickelodeon awesome
Kia Insite
Just put a V12 in mcqueen xD
Rayo Mcqueen
Koby _02_
The Beach Hate me
Robin Gorrilla
Just some old trailer footage and soundtrack recombined to make a new trailer. Cheap Disney!
Florenza Evelyn
Cars 3 Full Movie 2017
Preetha D'Souza
game 2057
Is Storm a Koenigsegg?
Clorox Bleach
Fake af its just a mix😊
#The Tech Guy
where is my tow mator😓😯😯😢😢
Injustice Sub-Zero
Plot Twist: Jackson Storm is future Lightning McQeen
Nice mix but still clickbait
rookie sensation, that's what they used to call lightning
Boris Stoyanov
the beach ate me.
Adhie Oman
Daily Harry
Edward Ramos
It is an official trailer
2k17 dank memez
Not an official trailer.
Yoset el pro
is fan made
Well not that many comments so let's fill in the space for younger racers like Jackson storm.
not japanese again!!!!
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