Liz Torres
Overall, worth watching. Wish Jared Letto wasn't in it, but thats personal preference. Also, wish there was more aesthetic appreciation of the male cast in the movie as with the female characters/ideals but no. In that as aspect is male fantasy all the way. Favorite scene was the beach scene. Beautiful.
Isabel Landas
This movie is sooooo loud stretched out for no reason like if u watch this in theatres be prepared for your ears to hurt like hell and to be super confused
Michael Walder
Awesome, just awesome
Samuel Gray
Worse trailer ever!!!!!
Solvei Pen
If you seen the movie please fill out ->
Akib irfan
This types of movie are an example that watching movie is also an ART.
This movie is awesome in its own way. one of the best movie of all time.
Connor Morley
Blade Runner 2049 is the best movie of the year!
Cayley Thompson
Bad ass short - Cyborg rebels against government control “7TRUTHS”
Scott Meyer
Regarding 7k dislikes. Some of us dislike this because it should have never happened. It doesn’t matter how good it is. It’s the principle of it. The 1982 Blade Runner is a perfect film. When I first saw it, I was floored by the visuals, soundtrack, characters, themes, and emotions. I thought about it for weeks. What I didn’t think about was how I wished there was a sequel. And I know others feel this way too.

Feel free to hate. I’m quite content with only ever seeing the 1982 film. But I won’t give my money to useless sequels. And yes I haven’t seen it and never will. This film is still useless. Blade Runner never needed a sequel.
Karen Walker
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The "happy birthday" part might be one of my favorite scenes from both of the movies
José Augusto
SORRY! But after 35 years in waiting. This Movie is Totally Disappointing. 1) the female Captain's charter is paper thin, with GOD awful dialog. 2) The Bad Guys are Simi-lukewarm at best. No where close to the sad and tragic-malevolence of Rutger Hauer's character. 3) I didn't like or identify with any of these characters! They looked and acted just like Robots. I didn't even care when Joe's Hologram Girl dies. The purpose of Blade Runner is to have piety for the Skins. And to hope that Rachael and Deckard would live and love and find peace. None of that is in this move, quite the opposite. And ALSO The Music is not 10% as GRAND and GLORIOUS as the Great Vagelis! Too bad.
Dmitri Krasyukov
I heard it didn't do well in box office for some reason, just shows that majority has very bad taste. I'll definitely buy it when its available on google movies!
Etienne Ouellet
This movie is Amazing fantastic perfect!
Leonid Weber
guys if you have watched the movie then you know what I am talking about. Remember those loud ass horns, well does anyone know name of that track?
David Micheal Williams
I have an original cinema quad poster for sale on ebay at the moment if anybody is interested
G Koster
Glad they kept it close to the original which is a sci-fi film noir. The even kept the pacing, and the music close to the first one. Not a landslide as the original one, but nevertheless a very strong flick. 9/10
Stuart Hughes
they dont make good moviw as they used to..
"WAKE UP! - time for a sequel"
Bruce Hood
1:18 Harrison Ford
"Let me fucking retire already...."
I've seen this movie in an empty theatre, but I can tell you this - it's more worth than everything it is getting.
Thank you Denis, Ridley, Roger, Ryan and Harrison (Also Jared, Hans and Hampton)
This movie just became my movie of the year.
Marcus Böetius Immerkær von Keil
A Sci Fi masterpiece once you dwelve into this world and understand the complexities of it
John Phelan
I just saw this movie in the theater....damn, you gotta see it in the theater...if you wait til
it comes out DVD , you are blowing it big time.... you'll see what I mean if you do.
iman Bay
Enjoy Full Movie Watch HD or Streaming Movie:
Matthew Champlain
With this type of story how can you get bored?
If you have any doubt about this movie and if it's any good then I have only one thing to say. No. This movie is not good. This movie is absolutely fucking incredible. Best movie I've ever seen in a theatre. The reviews aren't lying, this movie is actually really that fucking great. Watch it for yourself and be amazed by the incredible world that Ridley, Denis & co created.
Blade Runner 1982: Groundbreaking. Blade Runner 2049: Heartbreakingly horrible.
One of the worst big budgets I've ever seen. Yes, the great R. Deakins is one of the best photographers, and great to see Ford, but you'll drown in swilly dialogue w/ a miscast Leto, douchy CG. Even Gosling's apt. in "Drive" was more 'Blade Runnery' than this Ikea meets RoboSears. Robin Wright's office looked like a Pizza Hut bathroom in Vegas. Okay, I get it, it's a bleak world, but even mediocre Sicario had more passion.
Big disappointment! The movie was way too slow. Way TOO SLOW!!! There were too much fog and yellow filters. Actions started with Harrison Ford appearance in an hour or so. I watched the audience, people literally went to sleep. there were not much of CGI effects, not much actions. Producers were just stretching out movie time on moving camera around actors. There were some thoughts about some kind of revolution at the end of movie, but guy who suppose to lead it died at the end of movie. All in all, the movie was a jello. I liked Harrison Ford action, but it did not make a movie.
Rutger Hauer and Harrison Ford did better 35 years ago.
It was a full house in theater, but no applause.
Ryan gosling should of been cast as a replicant. He just cannot act, at all. One expression, one emotion level. Which is a shame because the film as a whole was fucking brilliant.
Watched it last night, SO FUCKING GOOD
Adil Mudzaffar
Seeing red like Mars 5 755-255-255 nhh
James Barratt
Depends on your mood whether you'll love it or hate it. Personally I am not through the whole movie yet. Watched 2 parts so far and really, the first half is like come on will ya, do something. Damn slow movie the first half. So yep I am not a great fan. Watching shit version too so I haven't even got the supposedly great visuals to trick my mind into liking it or appease my boredom. Yawn Yawn.
noooooo the advertising girls are supposed to be asian like in the original film :(
and if the dog at 1:41 dies i will sue :((((
John Dubay
Movie was great, check it out.
Srbin Srbijanovic
hi died in the end...fuck fuck fuck
Really enjoyed this movie!
Danny Blade
I want to see this!
Hentai God
And Fifty Shades of gray beat this?
First time a fell asleep at the movies... So boring movie
Ben Quinney
Go ahead and use me you sicko
Ronald Samson
"Every civilization was build of the back of a disposal workforce". Correction, no not the civilization you belong to brother - neither the 20th nor the 21th century (beginning) required slaves as such. What a lame statement in every way. Still: 6,7 at best.
How come ive never even heard about this movie till now, it looks amazing and i would have liked to watch it in IMAX but i didnt see no commercials on TV or in social media. I was reaserching vangelis and there was an article of how he made the soundtrack to this movie. IF it wasnt for that i would have never heard about this movie. I even asked all my friends and they had no idea what movie i was talking about. How did you guys find out about this movie?
Amy Christenson
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
I can say that this movie is my favorite one of all the time. Fucking brilliant
Craig Marshall's Asian Rail Tours
Tears streamed down my cheeks just as they did in 1980. I didn't follow a thing back then but I knew I was witnessing an audio/visual Masterpiece. I just watched '2049' for the first time in the huge Tokyo IMAX which had the power to deliver that stunning soundscape in all it's glory. As the Credits faded, I stepped outside at dusk and into the real thing...
2049? I'm pretty sure humanity can't accomplish all of this in 32 years...
Jeymin Park
Who came here after watching Sophia’s interview?
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