Internet goes wild over the 'stylish' daughter of 'BBC interview dad'

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When Marion Kelly swaggered into the room as her father gave an interview on South Korean politics, a star was born. The four-year-old became an internet sensation when she appeared in the background of Robert E. Kelly's BBC interview last week.

Sandu Elena Georgiana
I can't stop watching this kid.
Andrew Nicholas
Btw Prof- one day u will reveal the truth of ur lower attire. The under the desk debate. U can put these theories to bed. the world is waiting........
Andrew Nicholas
Dad doin a typically bs job lol the kids shud punish the parents. Ther was more truth in the original BBC interview via the kids n Korea than all these bs boloney blablabla follow the masters script pundits n media on the history of the subject of n and s Korea heha
Andrew Nicholas
Dnt mess wiv the kid or the kids gonna mess ur politics up
sabrina hamid
Mus jan I makeup after long time puch makeup puch dras but May phone dosent work comera to much whant to send
word ery
Fashion stylist!!!
sweetlex aquino
What i see in them is love and affection. They are family who is living a normal life regardless on who they are and what they are... i admire the father who knows how to balance everything. God bless.
Pritam Thakur
Take a chill pill Daddy!
ㅤ ㅤ
I saw the Asian wife and thought "you lucky bugger". If you've seen Australian women, you'll understand.
Fashion icon? Legion of fans? Exaggerate much News 247?
Dr Olga Goldina
seems like lots people are bored in the own lives and use anything to make rumors
Munmun Chowdhury
After a while, the voice and the words get hilarious!
You can't make rooms in your house 'off limits' from children? Yeah. Yeah you can.
Srishty Dhawan
the entire family got a swag -both babies and the mum. it's super hilarious coz it contrasts the dad's professionalism. funniest video on internet right now
Hyun-SE: Zegal
am I only one who thinks this professor working in 3rd class university in sk go back to his country with his hybrid children? FUNNY~ㅋㅋㅋ how dare u euro descendant racists treat, look down on great people from such an advanced region like Northeast Asia awfully? do you guys even know our countries are more advanced than your dna's origin homeland, western/northern europe where smells like rotten cheese and seem old fashioned and sucks like countryside and it is really hard to say even the usa is more advanced than great northeast asian region ( japanese, korean, northern chinese provinces)? face the fact we are still rising and your homeland is collapsing! if you are american, are you still so proud of being western/northern european descendants~?ㅋㅋ I have respected ur race because I know ur ancsestors & people have achieved so many wonderful things through hundreds of years. but, after watching too frequently red skinned people' the hatred comments and calling bad toward us online for almost 10 years, now I changed my mind and I regard you red skins are the mortal enemy of my race. this is why I think s.korea & japan should also arm ourselves with nuclear weapons, so non-east asian monkeyes can't look down on us anymore. don't forget s.korea or japan can develop plenty of brand new nuclear weapons so easily and so fastly with world's highest technologies once our governments make mind based on forming public opinion to be a superpower! let's see who would win with smiling in the end~ red skins with so much freckles, highest obseity, longest face or too broad square face like shovel, too thick body structure, too large godzilla nose with giant nostrils, and such lagre mouths with big troats like cave, almost like popped like alien eyes if someone punch your back of your head~ mountain pigs!ㅋㅋ
Bornsinner 54
The narrator sounds exactly like the guy who dictates on your screen when you pull the screen down with 2 fingers😂
This fake voiceover makes it so much funnier AHAHAHAAHHA
Choco lat
People are so weird...
i vote Marion
Who could ever think these children were maltreated? They are both so lively, and Marion is full of personality. Abused kids are quiet and subdued. They would be afraid to show any sign of independent behavior.
Under President Mariom, no walls will be build and all doors shall be open.
ash a
who the fuck are you?
I just assumed she was his wife - they look like a lovely family!
Xiaoyang Zhang
Like a boss. She didn't choose thug life, thug life chose her.
Tatiana Bolaño
Beautiful family!
J Jero
That cute dance by Marion saved her Dad's Job.
Boogie Woogie
Good Lord. These loving parents shouldn't have to apologize for anything or even explain themselves! People need to take the sticks out of their arses and leave them alone. That clip was comedy gold and if the parents were abusive no way would that little girl be so care free and have such a cute lil swagger!
Saved by Grace
I love them.
Siti Sharida
Siti Sharida
hope that she will political influence when she grow her
She will be glorious leader someday.
what a cutie
Lucy Foster
I count myself among Marion Kelly's fans.
Andrew Ovenden
What's with the fake voiceover?
I don't know whats funnier...that little girl walking into that room like a boss... that baby popping into frame following her...or moms antics trying to get control of the
Niki Saraswati
hihihi... my kind of kid. the 9-month old kid can steal the show too. this baby is closer to her sister, that's why he followed her.
Trena Oelschlager
What's stylish about a little kid in a raincoat?
SJe Lee
Marion will be a big star in the future surely. She's creator her future...
Thinking that the mom was the nanny just cause she is Asian looking woman that so fcking racist.
james callaghan
What a road of clap.
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