Real-Life Rapunzel Has 90 Inch Long Hair

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REAL-LIFE Rapunzel Aliia Nasyrova has hair so long that her husband admits he thinks of it as another member of the family. Aliia, 27, who lives in Riga, Latvia, took 20 years to grow out her hair, which measures 90 inches to the floor - and even has its own space in the marital bed. And while her massive mane attracts stares when out in public, her husband Ivan Balaban says he loves it and is proud of her for not cutting it. Weighing in at 4.5lbs (2kg), Aliia says her lengthy locks weigh as much as the family cat. 

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Editor: James Thorne

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Yeritza Gracia
i wish i had that much hair
Zackary King
Melina Wells
It looks so unhealthy..
Salonda Mccoy
Ft HD f
Blue Springflower
Does it ever get dirty when walking around grass?
Ginger Katherina
I would cut it, at least a little tiny bit so it doesn't swipe the floor all the time....
She is reeeeally pretty and her husband is hillarious :D
allen chen
Need a haircut?
I'm Shook-ith
Her husband is funny af
Moon Productions
Sailor moon hair lmao
Abby Byrd
When They Introduced "Ivan" I was expecting him to have long hair too😂😂😂
Annette Gomez
I would love to see how it looks curled
Kittydog kari the furry
Dipsheeka Boudooa
This girl can make anyone afraid at night with her long hair
Gabe The dog
Ariana grande is shaking
Angie Kowey
too long, too scary
Her and her hair are just so lovely 😊
Raudri nrisimhi
How do u grow? What oil?
It’s yai yai Evans
Dang how does she braid or brush her hair that much?
Andrew Gao
Well she doesn't need to mope her floor
Daily Why Don't We
She needs t cut the ends of her hair 😂
Nikolet Krishtop
When your already Russian you don't need subtitles
renars avitans
How you growing your hair so long😰😰
Allie 6889
She talks russian, that's my language
Mualu Mombutshi
What's there to be made fun of? She's pretty and has stunning hair. I sense jealousy.
Milton The Chicken Kitten Lol
I barely have any hair -_-
lol of course she's russian. my cousin has hair down to her heels
hkccmjj ohhhbbvh
Ol my got
Ditzy Rose
I'm slowly getting my hair to once a week washing to keep it healthy. As a long hair addict, I feel like I'm watching a video of my near future.
Williams Family
you have to cut that hair 😎😎😎
Williams Family
you have to cut that hair 😎😎😎
Williams Family
you have to cut that hair 😎😎😎
Shaun Crerand
them dead ends be killin me
Addison Odum
That is awesome
Kaito And friends
I’m growing out my hair, it’s only 50 inch’s now.
Василиса Ерусланова
Ее, русская речь
Vishnu Manimaran
Holy hair!😂
I would suggest a high pony tail
Melanie Martinez fan
The bottom of her hair must be so dirty from dragging it on the floor
Mani Tapahonso
One of the main reasons I like my long hair is because my crush LOVES so mess with it 😏 and he talks about it and that's one WHy for him to talk to me call me weird bich I gave u tips TF
Jen J
What if someone wanted revenge and cut it in her sleep??? Isn’t she around 25??? OOF!
Rose Vampire
Her husband is fabulous.
Rose Vampire
What type of cat wights 2kg. My guinea pig weights that (tho she is fat as hell) and my tiny little skinny cat weight 4kg.
The fat one is 6kg.
Rose Vampire
My hair is barely longer than my shoulders and it gets impossibly messy even though I brush it three times a day. HOW DOES SUE SURVIVE.
Yvng Sereno
That’s nasty walking around with it dragging on the floor
Vivian Yu
Vivian Yu
Why cant dhe make it into a bun?
Vivian Yu
Lovely Padilla
What is your Religion?
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