Real-Life Rapunzel Has 90 Inch Long Hair

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REAL-LIFE Rapunzel Aliia Nasyrova has hair so long that her husband admits he thinks of it as another member of the family. Aliia, 27, who lives in Riga, Latvia, took 20 years to grow out her hair, which measures 90 inches to the floor - and even has its own space in the marital bed. And while her massive mane attracts stares when out in public, her husband Ivan Balaban says he loves it and is proud of her for not cutting it. Weighing in at 4.5lbs (2kg), Aliia says her lengthy locks weigh as much as the family cat. 

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K-Pop Trash
I feel bad for the husband lol
Tere Garcia
rykohm rykohm
Her husband is hilarious! "I always talk to the braid respectfully." LOL!
Image her geting Lice omfg
Nia Alpha wolf
personally I would love that but she should donate some of it cause its just hair she can grow it bacm
Валерия Фалёва
Тут русские есть?
Emilie Etoiles
Okay I like it but I wouldn't want my hair to drag on the floor, dude id be scared to trip on my own hair.
Pugs are bae
I always talk to the braid respectfully

And here I was thinking I was weird.
mel 789
She's beautiful but I don't like hair this long I just think it's not looking very nice 😕
Alanie 07
if my hair was like that I will cut it
Noe Reyes
my sister has her hair like that
I wonder how tall this beautiful lady is.
Katy koala
I could never grow mine out that long i can't stand it being past my shoulders
dragon breath gamer
Imagine if she went swimming. Or if she went near a fire.
into the sky
idk why but extremely long hair like that looks unhygienic
Cb Cass
Why does she not have it cut and donate it to have it made into wigs for children who have cancer, and have lost their hair because of chemotherapy treatment.
Cute Potato554
It would suck if she got lice
Jen Midwest
Beautiful hair. The lady with dark hair who works in a can see the jealousy in her face. She says she would not want hair like that....she is so jealous.
Everyone: Wow long hair!

Amish and Mennonite women: wow normal hair.
she could use her hair as a scarf
Oh Hol
My hair feels heavy already and I only have it down to my hips. I don't think I will go much further, because it gets pretty bad when I get a knot towards the top of my head and I have to work it down, it can hurt pretty bad :/
nazibrola ivanidze
real rapunzel
Laura Silina
Its One of the biggest shop in Latvia. Its in Latvia central city Riga
Crystal Gale used to have hair that long. I saw it in concert.
The Holo Unicorns
wow she lives in latvia i speak latvian and some Russian i can tell she speaks Russian
Ashley white
oh my God that is so so long girl
Pharah Amari
Wow so long
Evano mans
beautiful lady
Teena Borojunn
my hair will not fall under 2/10 of her hair😂
Kawaii Girl_206
Anabelle Llana
I used to have hair like that it was down to my ankle but I had to cut it cause my mom told me too
David Mendes
the girl: dad, can I not cut my hair this time?

dad: sure

Omega Rubis
I wonder how she brush it
TieDyeUnicorn 11
She's lucky. She doesn't need to sweep the floor at all because her long hair is the broom 😑😂
Mila Milana
Класс уминая тоже такие
It's Kelly
It is look good why people are so mean
Espranza Perez
Can I have your hire please
Maria Rae
Damn it must take long 4 u to wash
Maggie Hernandez
I wish I had hair like that
Ashley Ramroop
I wish I had hair like her
Diana Mother of Cats
Girl friend , aliia has really really beautiful hair its amazing to have grown that long , I don't understand how she has avoided having it break off from allowing it to drag around in dirt on the filthy floor in a shopping mall Friction traction all kinds dirt and grit? damage split ends just wearing away'
mike brown
Wow what a complete IDIOT, feel sorry for the husband though..
Alex Colon
I wonder what kind of shampoo and conditioner for her hair. I want to braid her hair
Jazzy Johnson
when it does drag on the ground it gets all dirt from off the ground
Kaylin S
Not to be gross but I wonder what they would do if they got lice it is just so long
oOllR34P3RZllOo HD
she must FALL a lot
zehra can
Imagine this lady in front of you on a roller coaster with no tied hair or braids
With you at 4 o' clock
she can use it as a blanket while sleeping
Happy Dog
does she cut her vagina hair?
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