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Bill Nye uses the power of Twitter to answer some common science questions.

Check out Bill's new show on Netflix "Bill Nye Saves The World" premiering April 21st!

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Bill Nye Answers Science Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Starring: Bill Nye

And Pearl
He says, "Carry on," a lot
Andre Wen
Bill would be the best teacher ever!
Question for Bill Nye (or anyone with knowledge on the subject):

Does extensive daily computer usage lead to eye/brain diseases and/or tumors?
Jordan Copper
Woah woah woah Bill "he" or "she" I thought gender was on a spectrum???
"Gender is a spectrum."
~Bill Nye
i have a answer for all these people,use google
Isabelle Malhabour
I love how he begins to answer so calmly like "burning coal is.. THE WORST THING WE COULD BE DOING" AHAHAHA! This man is a legend, I love him.
M.I Mungwadzi
5:04 Tony Stark
yellow byrd
do you have a phd bill nye thank you a lot.
Ordinary Potato
The flat earth society has members all around the globe.
Lotus Angel
he says dude!?omg HE'S NORMAL!!
Fraud, only fools stupid people.
Bill, we fuckin love you. One of the best memories of dumbasses actually learning because of this man.
seffi rotti
take a shot when he says carry on and next
ISynerGy BeAr907
Sorry Bill I'm gonna have to correct you here, Dark Matter is actually a camo for guns in Call of Duty BO3, simple.
Now that Bill Nye has been revealed to be a complete fraud, and a sell out, I hope the dumptruck full of money the left no doubt gave him to become a complete cuck was worth destroying whatever credibility he might have had.
Jordan Good16
I love him
Juliana Chaparro
Columbus did not know earth was a globe, everybody told him but he refused to change his idea. i guess.... cognitive dissonance?
Marcello Mancini
There's actually a connection between cellphones and brain tumors.
Eloy Flotte
Bill Nye the sellout guy
Bork Lensar
if Bill Nye qualifies as a scientist,I as a bank teller qualify as a nobel prize winning economist
@WIRED Bill Nye: " Are we going to make a machine that produces electricity in a way that we can't control? Who would build that?" ...... ahh.....Google....
Brainwash Effect
About accupuncture, if it is so useless why does it fix my problems? Magic?
Misa Tange
good info
Timmy Two Trucks
Can you list things that are on a spectrum?
He's not a scientist. Don't think he's credible just because he pushes your own bias.
Austin Morales
Bill Nye is the best
will graham
why are his legs bent like that and freakishly skinny
Nick Meckfessel
How many are genders are there?
Oh wait, nevermind, this medical textbook says only two.
Ale Monforte
It's not clear...get it? Because it's DARK matter? hahaha I hate myself.
Chloe Haney
Bill Nye's appearance highkey reminds me of Spock
Nivek Changeling
Didn't somebody build a water powered car and they killed him?
Bbiscuit3000 Gaming
After 3 years as a produce worker I can tell the difference between organic and normal apples. The organic ones don't have that wax shit on it, and doesn't have a nicer almost perfect color.
Welcome a video of God answering questions.
I still don't think Bill Nye should be the go-to science man. He only has a BA in engineering. Dolph Lundgren is more qualified to talk about climate change than Bill Nye.
Mason Mosolowski
Science is the religion that everyone is a god but they have enough power to explore.

idk why i don't like avocadoes
Pearl Vesper
Bill Nye the guy with a bachelor's in engineering with no dignity but still a massive ego who says people who acknowledge the basic facts he's stated earlier are extremists and censors his own beliefs to fit in with his brainwashed audience.
Mary Curran
Project _ Baby
Bill Nye The Science Guy. I hate this idiot, i used to have to watch his videos in my 7-8th grade science classes
you either die a hero , or live long enough to become the villian
River Noah
It's incredible to me that such a high volume of people who are highly likely scientifically illiterate believe they have a monopoly on the transgender "debate", saying things like "science says..." or "science tells us..." without a sliver of evidence to back the notion being hypothesized. It is a marvel of scientific arrogance which just doesn't exist amongst the ACTUAL scientific community. As a Canadian (perhaps not in the United-States), we are taught gender and sex are seperate and thereby chromosomes do not have a place in a conversation regarding gender unless it is about evolutionary legacy. Transgender people do not have an opinion about themselves, they have a scientifically testable perception about their person that most likely originates in the brain and is just as much a behavioural signature as males who indentify as men, females of the like, etc. The fact is transgender people exist, this means that they are scientifically valid because like gravity or evolution or depression, whether you'd like to believe they exist or not, they just do. Arguing that they don't simply makes you look like a fuck. Please treat people better and take social cues from the scientific community (people like Bill). :)
Leo TM
bow tie goals
Spoons Out of Stock
Please find a salvageable dodo specimen to clone I want a dodo
Cars And Water
gender is like a sex
Keira Conrad
Bill nye your mom's a guy
Too bad he isn't a scientist.
Peter Trast
0:46 "I think it'd be cool" FREAKIN' LEGEND!!!
Your Girl Nikki
bill bill bill bill
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