Comedy Football 2017 ● Bizzare, Epic Fails, Funny Skills, Bloopers

Reupload. Comedy Football season 2016/17 - Bizzare, Epic Fails, Funny Skills, Bloopers  
Sorry for the link in the video. I must do this because a lot of different channels are stealing my videos.

Amadou Ligue Balde
C'est joueurs son très drole
Sinky Jam32
Owen Batchelor
1:42 the guys are so weird! ( not trying to hate )
Daniel Marin
Gusttavo Rivalky
que comedia
Kami D.
2:50 is the cutest thing ever
Oyun Başlıyor!
4 35 as bayrakları as as as
fuck your ads youtube
Ha! That moment you see yourself in the crowd in one of the clips!
Zzacharria Mugisha
hard life
Павел Сковородкин
8:55 также люблю делать
stesmen 87
what is the music? 00:00-3:44
Mohammad Shojaei
7:34 hhhhhh
Niilo Rantanen
mouth birthday meter gently extraordinary partner.
Almog Dash
benzema's miss wasn't funny it was sad, and it is sad that this pathetic meatball is playing over morata who would have scored it with his eyes closed, its a disgrace that a club at this size has to suffer from this player starting instead of a better player than him
DWM Clan
Music 0:07 💪💪💪
David Mclemore
David Luiz haha
FoxyThePirate 2c
lamhaolen chongloi
would you please tell me the name of the music
serial killer horrifying
nice one
Gabi dumi
Yes Benzema,you are Ronaldo
Asir Uddin
AweSomE Add...
Yara Aleidan
9:14 when god doesn't love you😂💀
George Charalampidis
10:30 xD
Iham Alsaedi
what's the song called first part
Adrian Ferreira
happy the gamer
have you notice 9:2
Abhijeet Kaku
7:35 Guess who's triggered!
Than you... Great job... Nice Video. Please watch share and Subscribe my Videos too. Thank you once again.
Seturax ॐ
5:59 xDDD
Tibor Mezzei
0:48 How is that funny? Normal guy eating sandwich
Robioul Islam
vary funny video
TheRACINGLine Gaming
also have to take the acount of culture
Marjolein van Dyk
plastic angry tear grade pleased inspiration.
April Prience
Hassan Hasko
fuck 7:44 i litterally fell down off the bed
คักนอเจ้า 2096
Ummry Zainuddin
4:22 dream come true! ;)
Where do you get these clips from?
Luis Leal
7:35 Messi in his natural habitat happy as hell😂😂😂
Holly Wilkins
10:16 that was actually amazing😂
Holly Wilkins
Watford and Man U are funny
Avirmed Batmonkh
Kkkkkkkkk xa xa xa xa
Jasper Jyrkkämäki
7:30 😂😂😂😂
Amiri Amiri
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