the next boy is me, i am sure.
emwatson family
but mathew janney is the hottest boyfriend
emwatson family
by the way she didnt date tom she had only a crush on him
Elsa Maria Sanches Silvestre
dan and Rupert?
Christopher J Willington-St. Pierre
She and Tom Felton both said that they never dated and will never date, she had a crush on him when she was a kid. She thinks of him like an older brother and he thinks of her as his younger sister. You need to edit this video and take that out.
Power Off
will emma date with me?
Leny Romero
Even if it's not true...I still think Emma should date Tom...for my little Dramione heart
SpiderGhosts1307 Ghosts
on her age
SpiderGhosts1307 Ghosts
I truely love Emma Watson .I Wish I was dating her
Georgianna Hufflepuff
DRAMIONE SHIPPERS WHERE ARE YOU!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Luz Puebla Lara
Her face looked prettier when she wasn't so slim
Ice Cream Cookie
We can only wish Dramione was real.
Harry Potter
13 person she dated is me and we are going to be together forever (I wish) srsly tho I love her so much
Emma Peregrine
I don't care if this is true or not or half maybe, whatever. It's how celebrity life rolls, I guess but for me Dramione will always be my ship
Silver Dragon
am i the only one here from tobu?
you know the background music?
Edward Cohen
Wow she really gets around 😊😆😋😍😍
Lala la
she can dates all the world if she wants to as long as she is single <3 bc it's HER LIFE .. and she is sooo beautiful
Jessica Richards
yes Tom weird guy
Jessica Richards
cool video s
Jessica Richards
Thumbnail : why does everyone of them the same shape of eyebrow
if emma and Tom felton actually dated I would DIEEEEEE DRAMIONE
Skye Catalan
Have you ever felt like
“Oh! Emma! and … men she dated…Let’s watch it.”
Then you regret it because YOU WANT TO BE DATING Emma Watson and seeing this just makes you feel so pathetic compared to all them other dudes who actually DID?
I feel so terrible…..
Elena Vitoria
WTF?!12??? I hope is not truth! Because it's too many!!! half of them are probably just her friends:-)
FATAL & Anto
Ashley Swift
She can date whoever she wants btw
Sees cover
Asks self "IS THAT DRACOS FACE!!!"
Merrell Twins Fan
Google says William knight is 83
Christin Wan
She never dated tom although I wish she did 😜
Jäsmine Leopöld
Why did i think Ron Weasly would be here??
Fiend S
Whoa whoa whoa, someone is dating Emma Watson? Fuck.
Aliya Kensler
Malfoy and Hermione dating. Never saw that coming, did you?
Nikole Tanaka
Annalise Nightcore
When I get out of the bath, I have a full Draco gel hairstyle and I'm like "fuck."
arjun sharma
Mathew is so hot
Tanya B
Only here for Tom Felton aka for Dramione
Nargis Javaid
so she changed boys every year too...
but every 1 gets crazy when taylor does that 😕
I'mObsessedWithEverything 03772
Kim Min Sung
im jealous now
Ok. And the point is...?
Rubbish video. Half of this is not true.
Robert Aguire = nope, just friends
Tom Felton = NOPE
Tom Ducker = Yes
Angus Willoughby = Maybe
Francis Boulle = Nope! They met once at the Cartier International Polo Match where those pics are from
Jay Barrymore = Yes, but the dates aren't correct, they were together until 2010
Rafael Cebrián = Nope, just friends
George Craig = Yes
Johnny Simmons = Yes
Will Adamowicz = Yes
Matthew Janney = Yes but not sure about the dates
William Knight = Yes

Why even posting such a video??
Kylee McPugLover
1:23 the most awkward and sad picture
Lucy Kitten
A lot of these people I haven't even heard of!
Challenge Fc
1:48 paused.

When your friend tells you they love your enemy.
mina mosca
tom and Emma didn't date, she sad that while filming she had a huge crush on one of her co stars. later she confessed that it was tom felton
Izatora Kamisho
looking thro all her and her exes foto....she probably happiest with draco (tom felton)....just look at her smile, it was big and happy.
Shania Markwart
1:44 This is not working we need to break up
Emma Watson is hot😘❤️👌😍🙏
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