Real Food VS Gummy Food! Gross Giant Candy Challenge - Best Chef Edition Mommy VS Daddy

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The restaurant is open,Jordon and Tiana are the customers and Mommy and Daddy are having the chef battle with real food and gummy food so it is now down to you to choose the best chef,please comment below mommy or daddy?

Toys AndMe Channel Here👇🏾

DADDY OR MUMMY???? LOL:) Please comment below👇🏾
Pedro Henriques
MUMY you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kellie Grayson
Mummy wins
Erbolat Kerimbay
Mother is stupid
Ellie Scott
Roseanna Lane
Can't decide
Jessie's gaming
Rashmi Menkudale
The best chef is. Mummy
Danny Starling
Khloe Rakich
Annika Ryan
Sophie Webb
Princess Niamh
I love chupachup
tim lehman
Famtastic mommy
Kerryn Taylor
I love chopechop
Hayley LOUISEFrench
I think Fantastic Mummy
Robert Paulk
Hayley LOUISEFrench
Kerryn Taylor
Kirsten Rising
daddy won
Eriks Club
Dad won
Ross Parker
dady won
Sophie Webb
Thifah Bungas
tiana the best Chef
Isabelle Dunn
Mummy wins
Isabelle Dunn
Do Tiana vs jorden
Fire bross
come live with me please
Fire bross
daddy is the bet I wish he was my daddy/chef
Scott McIntosh
Scott McIntosh
10 for the spider
Scott McIntosh
Dad wins
Keilie Earl
ivrhink mummy because she is great aut cookuing
Melina Monroy
Keilie Earl
Ella McRobie
Karina Martin
mom is the best
Karina Contreras
UniversalGalaxy 123
The dad cooks the best food I also like eating stuff with hot sauce or I also like stuff that looks huge and sweet😊
Amanda Glasgow
Mina Basim
I love chuba chubs
Sydney Slocum
Jaydah Fuentes
can you spot the3 difrints
Nayeli Guerrero
Bloom Winx
Bloom Winx
janelle boudreault
i like videos im a fan of your videos and i think daddy and mommy win
Quinterra Adams
It's my birthday is today can I get over 10 likes
BabyAliveDollsAreMyLove Te'len
Neil Duff
Robert Kareem
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