Isabell S
I Love this video so much. They are so cute😍❤
mia merlin
put it on the floor 😂😂
Sophie Liang
I know what a whisk is ;) HAHAHHAHA THAT SMILE THI
rebecca likes potatoes
2:30 is my face in school 24/7
Hubert Cumberdale
I wish I were in a homosexual relationship. Is that a thought I should keep to myself?
This was my daughter and I. For some reason, she didn't want me next to her when I was TRYING to teach her to bake! Luckily, she didn't throw anything on the floor . . . XP
Omg when he pours the oats on the floor. i'm crying
I want them to do this as a series, with the recipes getting more and more complicated. <3
Bias Yoongi but got wrecked by the dirty ass Jhope
It actually look delicious
Diadems Are Worn on Capita
They're so cute together!
Shivanshi Sahani
Is that just me or the thumbnail looks pink and when I look somewherelse then look at it looks like grey..
Maria Sandiego
Is it just me or doesn't Pablo looks like Ariana Grande's brother.
Zoi Andersen
I need more of these guys!!
Where do I put 'em?
On the floor!
Pours them on the floor
Did you actually pour them on the floor?!
Me- Dies of laughter
So cute!
Sarah Chan
I'm in pain lmao relationship goals not baking goals
Jill Sanders
This is so cuteeeee
Crystal Perkins
Paulo and Patrick are the best
Mystical_Anime_Cookies And_Cream
Katerina Toporovsky
2:21 omg LOL
Twenty One Phanatics
I bet Dan Howell is triggered (the whisk)
Sapphire Sundaes
i want to try those cookies soo badly
Shireen Dhar
Am i the only one who thinks that throwing it on the floor was so stupid
Gaming Princess
It's was adorable
Catherine Z
I thought they were going to use their mouths to pull the cookie apart and kiss at the same time or something
taehyungs hands
Paolo literally looks like Frankie Grande
Sophisticated Bourdeau
There needs to be a clip of
Now what do I do with it
You put it on the floor
* pours on floor*
Did you put it on the floor!?
soccer girl
He actually poured the oats in the floor LOL I'm sooooooooooooooo dying right now lololololololololol 😅😅😂😂😂😂😂

Jennifer Chami
Do this again!!!!!!!
Laura Johnson
Omg they are the cutest couple!!!! Can someone please get them a reality show so I can start enjoying reality tv?!!!
My friend is bad at grammar, so I told him he should

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Lily Spring
when he put on the floor and the other guy was like what I am eating cearl and I laughed so hard it just came out like a fountain and went everywhere
Lily Spring
when he put on the floor and the other guy was like what I am eating cearl and I laughed so hard it just came out like a fountain and went everywhere
I love gay boy couples❤
Dawn Girl
The person behind the wall is so gay
Rebecka Henry
"I don't know what you're doing, but it doesn't sound right" 😂😂😂 me in math
It's LadyGine
"1 slash 2" 😂😂😂😂😂
I am the guy who was cooking when he poured the oats on the floor 😂
Erandi Hernandez
Jolene Tran
They need to make this a series!! But only with them. They are hilarious!!😂😂😂🤣🤣
I thought different couples were gonna try to break a heart cookie equally in half to symbolize their love for each other shdjhgxxj
Sierra Rose
They need to make a part 2
McKinley Cobb
Paolo is like my favorite person😂😂 but he looks so much like Frankie grande
K-Pop Trash #1
Dan ruined whisks for me ;-;
They're so adorable 😍
Lola B
2:17 to 2:25 lol😂😂
Lola B
Cutest couple ever like if you agree
Pusheen Cat
Patrick and Paolo are actual 'GOALS'
Glee Escarda
they look so in love i love it ❤💖❤😩😩
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