Abigail Survives Life
Jeanna, you need friends.. your to obsessed with your rats you call "Dogs" Jack's dogs are cuter, and actually Dogs..
dead meme
the dead dog is the alpha
Flowergirl xox
This username is better than yours.
I can't vote, IM AUSSIE
Halle Sembritzki
Kermit looks like the weird bowler hat guy from meet the robinsons when he was just wearing the black fabric
I'm addicted to saying hellya
AwesomeSauce 751
Missy Oaks
Ew omg same breed marriage so gay much homo fuckign millenials!😷
Tana Mongeau
Hi Paris
estefany sanabria
Felicity Duran
Love jenna, but did she have to get her dogs from a breeder
When peaches looks better than you
Perla Gonzales
Omg I love those dogs!!!
Grace Mathis
"although he would make a beautiful flower girl..." I screamedπŸ˜‚
Simply Abby
her job should be planning dog weddings
Zella The Random Fandoms Girl
Thunder Crack
How many rights do these dogs have?
Emmy Anne
KAYLA <333 I can't believe I'm just now watching this
So when's the honey moon?
If Kermit can find love then GOD DAMNIT SO CAN I!
kynz grimm
ok but i actually started crying at 6:06
C Jones
this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen
Janet Jimenez
White folks are crazy "tight" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Cole Willams
My otp is becoming canon
Bethany Campbell
Emma The reason JackFilms wouldent do this is because Jenna is soooooooo much more funnier!!!! XD
Emma Rose
Just saying his dog are better
Emma Rose
Wow jackfilmes would not do this 😬😬
Julliana Bravo
i don't know what's going on but i'm here for it.
Lily Rutledge
I wanna be Jenna when I grow up
DJ poison
The whole time peach was thinking
'I didn't even get my bachelorette party'
swiftze whip
Kermit: stares at camera as if he's from The Office
Emelia Hernandez
I hate Donal trump
Turtel F McGee
Who proposed to who?
Momma Blunty
Anyone else like accidently cry.
Sofie Carstens
Every time I'm sad from now on, I just wanna see Jenna marry her dogs
Alina Star
I love that she's a Dan and Phil fan :)
Tuxeetoman The 65th
This is the most quality content I have ever watched. The elegance of these dogs are stunning, and the wedding was more spectacular than I'll ever see. This is perhaps the best video from Jenna Marbles I have ever seen.
Laura Swatosh
They both look miserable
Myla B
Jenna: "Dont cry craft'
Me: Hyperventilating
E.J. Loves You
If they have the same dad then they're brother and sister
Shirley R.
Is this Jenna's way of telling julien something...
Michaela Gross
if they r from the same parents then they are brother and sister
Anais Adriana
" I do " " tight" πŸ˜‚
Emily Is lame
"Who gives this bride today?"
"I do"
Ebony Allen
"You smell good and I want to keep smelling you forever" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lily Pearson
i cant vote i live in new zealand i dont live in ameracia
M'aiq The Liar
this is so precious
Amanda panda Channel
in this video no offense for her boyfriend's haircut looks like jacksepticeye's
Bridgette Smith
Holo Glitter
She said some thing about HOLO and dan and phill in the same video I'm dying right now
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