I Was In A Cult

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You don’t need to find answers in another person that’s claiming to have all the answers.

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The scary thing to me is that people are just allowed to raise their children like that. No one is checking up on these homeschoolers to make sure the education they're receiving is up to par? Life would be very hard without even a high school education. If we know this is happening, it's pretty obvious it harms the children, so why aren't we as a country doing something to protect children trapped like this?
Robeee E
get up at 7, stroke some women's genitals, do some yoga" .....um Wut, lmao
I only know about ATI because of the Duggars.
Ryan Wayne
I feel bad for the women.....the guy is just a millennial turd.
Lalaforreal Forrealforreal
The guy fingers smell like fish.
Rachel Xo
Lmfao buddy CHOSE to join a cult..
so smaller organizations are called cults and larger ones are called religions...interesting.
Alisi Vakasalakabu
so this is what happens to kids that grew up in cults .................. who knew
Isabella Cutillo
I love the liberal media exploiting people for money 😊
Bill Gothard, the leader of the cult the blonde woman and I were in raped and sexually assaulted many teenage girls. No one cared because men were allowed to do anything to women because we were their belongings. We weren't people.
I was in the same cult as the blonde woman. Thank you for this.
That blonde ladies cult experience sounds a lot like Islam.
A Shady Cat
I feel like the guy joined just because he wanted to get laid. His whole story was less sincere.
Peter Spence
You don’t need to find answers in another person that’s claiming to have all the answers, find answers in God, no person can give answers better than the Bible itself does
Peter Spence
Some of these cults! A person said Jesus cane and said to compete something that he failed!😂 Jesus does not fail! And he wanted a one world order!! The bible says that’s completely against what God wants
Moon Bun
I've never been a part of nor have I ever met someone in any of these organizations, but the Unification girl's explanation sounds like a pretty normal religion, not a cult. The blond girl and the guy, yeah, cults, but that Moon thing sounds like a new-age Christian sect, not a cult at all. There are arranged marriages in other cultures, I've had friends that did a shared wedding so a mass wedding doesn't sound crazy to me, and tithing is a choice, they didn't HAVE to give $15k to join or advance like the guy's cult required. It's...just a church, no?
i just happen to b watching this the day charles manson died. may he burn in hell
dino man
the cult was buzzfeed.
Mermaid Cat
Squishy MarshmelloLOL
whats a cult?
We all know television books and music are sometimes evil. Right know we can clearly see the agendas but we can’t stop with the programs programming us.
I think these are religion not cult
I wanna get banged by the guy he’s pro lol
Ted Flob
But they are still in a cult... called Buzzfeed.
Sally Holden
Anyone know who the guy is?
A Johnson
Any 'Christian' that claims men rule you and you do not have free will is not a true Christian. That is just scary. People shouldn't control you and forbid you from meeting people. They shouldn't violate your rights and control you. Poor people. This is really sad.

Those cult leaders sound like the same people who preach hate. It's just gross. Let people live.
Sierra Davis
I hate buzzfeed but I'm intrigued
Yeet Yeet
0:40 doesnt sound so bad, I wouldnt mind being a part of that. A real cult would be the death cult islam.
Ghijk G
Love how Buzzfeed focused on this topic because it endangers many lives and this brings awareness
that dude shouldnt be there
Joshua Wheat
One "Religion" that's very cultish that a lot of people don't realize is Jehovah's Witnesses. My husband grew up in it. A lot of this resonates with him. They're strongly discouraged from associating with people who aren't JWs, education is frowned upon, ESPECIALLY philosophy, science, psychology, sociology, history, etc. They have internal judicial systems (there's a lot of lawsuits about covering up child sex abuse). Oh, and if you're "disfellowshipped" (like my husband is)? Your family and every other JW will not talk to you. At all. They will literally act like they don't know you if they ever see you. My husband hasn't spoken to or seen his mother, grandparents, cousins or aunts in going on 6 years. And not from a lack of trying.
Anna Morgan
I relate so much to the blonde woman--I also grew up in the south, part of a close-knit church, and was homeschooled. I was never part of a cult, but I am so grateful to her for attesting to the isolation that comes from this kind of upbringing. She (and the rest of them!) are all so brave to talk openly about this.
hahaha dumbasses
any ex-Mormons here?
Amish people are considered a cult or not¿ since there is not ludicrously involved and it's just a life style I would be inclined to thing it's not a cult but it's not that different either if you think about it
I'm a Jehovah's witness and it is super hard to leave. I'm in a cult as well.
The guy from the sex cult's story was fucked up
The other day a 70 year old man gave me a pamphlet from a religious group. I didn't think anything from it till I read it. Some of it said and I quote "The return of Chris to take their children is near, there's signals that show it. Are you one of whom will go with him or one of whom will regret staying? Don't lose your time. Talk to God. Ask for forgiveness. Thank him for sending his son to rescue you and tell him that you want to obey him for the rest of your life. God has prepared a great celebration and he is waiting for you with open arms"
Windy Hawthorn
The Catholic Church is a cult
This is Oz in 10 years
McKenzie Gable
I currently live in a place where I'm surrounded by a normalized cult...Provo Utah
helder pelegrino
where can i sign up for that guy's cult.
Janet Kloet
Was the cult BuzzFeed?
lol the guy
James William Irwin-Cowan
Man cults has really gotten a bad name these days Eh? Strange.
Rajiv Doobay
What's ironic is that BuzzFeed itself is a cult!
amelia perez
Wow, ok then appearantly god hates woman one of his beautiful creations... sounds logical and not totally a pathological liars decieving words... DAMN YOU you shouldn't be telling people fake stories about who god is I hate cults that involve Christianity and use it as a tool to control people it's so gross. (btw I'm a christian and I hate it when people speak for god who are lying it kills me on the inside)
The girl with the blonde hair and red lipstick sounds like the cult the Duggar family with the 19 kids believe in. It’s sick
Alisa Spear
I wish there was a mormon in this video lol
Um...ok the guy is scaring me. If he anything he sounds like he enjoyed it and im seriously uncomfortable
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