James Richard Jeremy Clarkson-Hammond-May
if i was american id vote for a infamous mass murderer serial rapist over him
Merkel wins in a game, Trump doesn't even know he's playing. Best thing that ever happened to Europe.
she did ruin Germany. And Obama did tap her phone...what the fuck is going on?
smc uk
This guy presenting is one of the most annoying cunts on the planet
This John Oliver guy is supposed to be funny. Where is anything in this 2:27 that is funny? Not one second. I didn't thumbs down it. It should be heard as is. Extremely unfunny. Have you thought about why you are losing? Take a look in the mirror. End.
John Smith
That idiot trump is so retarded my dog stand put smart big time.... and my dog is a small fingered DuDa dog
But the NSA did wiretap Merkels phone. Nice job, playing for the systsem mr. Oliver.
taken by who
Steve Lowden
Susie Que
Nothing says comedy like a British guy running clips from CNN.
silvano de lazzari
Two idiotic faces: Trump and this commentator...
What a dick, this "president"
Gisley Alves
Trump is a rich fool who is playing to be president. In Brazil he would be fired as president long time ago . Impeachment in Trump before he destroys America.
le melomiel
Merkel is an amazing person, I respect her very much. I live in France and I think we have a lot to learn from Germany, that country did succeed at getting its economy a boost.
Merkel is being touted by some on the left as the new leader of the free world, but remember it was not long ago she had Jan Boehmermann locked up for making fun of Erdogan!
Rob Wine
"It's not often you can say 'Trump really should have touched that woman.'"

LOL, well done
Ruby Honey
John Oliver is a complete WANKER
Merkels face is like the face you made back in school, durring a difficult presentation, when the dumb kid who's your partner suddenly starts bad improvising because he forgot what he had to say
My Lord
trump is funny, i like him
Jamie Riddell-Carre
Any conservative wanting to add their voice in the run up to the election please join the Facebook group;

Blue Tories In

Trump is such an unsurpassed jerk! He's definitely number one at that. Idiot.
Hobbesian Thinker
Merkel and Liberal loonies can fuck themselves.
Merkel is garbage.
how can you mansplain acting?
Augusto Schroeder
CNN and HBO are both owned by Time Warner, which was one of the top 10 donors to Hillary's campaign (do your own research) in 2016. Which makes John Oliver extremely biased in any news report. He is only a comedian anyways. Angela Merkel is destroying Europe with her immigration policies. She is the "Hillary" of Germany. Trump knows exactly who he was dealing with. Ask any German in 2017 if they like their PM.
ahmed faisal
you people are idiots.... dont u know he DOESNOT grab the women by the hands???
Anthony Tillman
Had no idea merkel used to be that skinny
Shy Fukei
I figured it out - consumer is literally an employee of HBO. Finally an entertainment company has figured out social media!
Caleb Brown
side note Merkel has opened her borders and the refuges are Raping her citizens like crazy I Mean like Gang rapes they have been many occasions where they would open up their homes to them and get raped heck one guy got raped by a refugee by opening up his home while visiting her deceased love one and that's not even the crazy thing the crazy thing is that their LEFT and even some of the citizens that have been raped protest that the refugees are somehow the victims it's really crazy over there in Europe
Looks like USA is loosing allies with Trump on the thrown.
Joshua Littlewolfe
Why would he shake the hand of such an evil woman? She has and will continue ruining Germany and Europe if nobody stops her.
James Moseley
It sounds awful, but I kind of enjoy watching our presidents fucking traumatize the German chancellor. Merkle cannot hide discomfort to save her life, and it's always a little fun to watch those kind of people squirm.
Any American calling Germany "ruined" is like the owner of a rusty bicycle with 1 pedal and no chain calling a brand new Porsche "slow."
Trump is perpetuating the typical American on the world stage. Americans must be so very 'proud.'
Trump is a child. He's actually managed to live for over 70 years without growing up. Disturbing and sad, but not that uncommon.
I just wanted to say as an American to any Germans here after I have read this and other threads under this video, it just adds to how I more and more everyday am utterly ashamed to be American. I had a feeling that crime rates in Europe were lower than ours here in the U.S., but almost 25 times lower?!?!?!?! I know there are many factors that affect our crime rates like income inequality, racial segregation, and racial disparities, etc., but much of my shame is because I have a strong feeling that a huge P A R T of the reason for the lower European crime rates are due to the stance many European countries take with gun control and the right to own a gun compared to the U.S. And it's sad because I think it is just acceptable or normal for many Americans to hear about 4-5 different people being shot to death per day on the news in many metro American areas and now it has gotten to the point where it is just perfectly acceptable for 49 people to be shot in one night in my own city of Orlando, Florida and nothing to be done about it. So I just wanted to ask any Europeans, Canadians, Australians, etc. here to just tell me how your country deals with the right to own a gun. I feel like the U.S. is slowly heading to 3rd World status and doesn't even realize it. Indonesia now has universal healthcare before we do. I'm considering moving to Australia or Canada in the next decade.
eric vulgate
hitler ruined germany?
didn't he run on 'make deutschland great again'?
Trump has changed his mind. He loves Merkel now. Just read the FT interview he gave a few days ago.
Not presidential. Period. He's sulking like a three year old.
Sir Mutantenkraken
this guy is fucking ridicolous ... well at least brexit wasn't the most stupid thing that was decided last year. how could anybody in theire right mind vote for this pervy old grandpa... is it THAT easy to win over america? because a child could do that. "I'm gonna make america so great again, you won't believe! millions and millions of dollars. lets build a wall and make someone else pay for it - because thats how politicianism works, right?"
p.s.: i like his reaction. he has just as little respect for angela merkel, as most of germany has for him, so we're even on that. and now get the fuck out of our country...
Maureen McLean
He likes his Ladies younger. She is too smart . He can't buy her.
Eddie W
is this fool supposed to be funny,silly cracks whilst civilization is being destroyed??
LOL he is such a fucking embarassment.
arcanerhythm lennon
why do america take britains "entertainment" rejects? john oliver piers morgan trevor noah, they're all shite
Jimmy Weberknecht
Shake her by the Pussy XD
Just another "PEDO"........
sypets U'Tube
As a German, I feel insulted by president Trumps behaviour towards Merkel. I don't know what I was thinking to expect some basic diplomacy or even decency from this man. Behaving towards our chancellor like that: it is a slap in the face for every German - it does not even matter whether you like Merkel or agree with her policy. And the joke about the wiretapping: it was mildly funny, yes, but you can make these kind of jokes when you are good buddies with someone. Which, of course, is not the case here and never will be.

"Last Week Tonight" here is excellent, as always. Thank you for bringing this up. You're brilliant the way you put the finger in the wound. Besides being informative, funny and engaging as well.
Trump is a 5 year old kid in the driverseat, worst President EVER in the history of USA.
While I hardly agree with much of what Merkel is doing, of the two, she's a fucking angel, and this at least shows she stood up to him. So now he acts like a kindergarten idiot who refuse to shake hands with the one he was just fighting.
I'm sure he just found out that Germany is pretty much the frontline defense of the US... And now hes grumpy that she can actually demand and refuse xD
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