Uber CEO Kalanick Argues With Driver Over Falling Fares

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I don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't buy a 90,000 vehicle to drive to for uber.
Wushu Wushu
Is well know how are called those kind of CEOs, .... they are called FUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS BOSS .... instead of LEADERS.

Sooner or later he will fail and fuck up all the company cause he isn't a LEADER just a SELFISH CEO BOSS ... nothing more than a SELFISH RICH that had lucky ... But he isn't a LEADER.

If UBER keeps working in that way they'll fail 100% sure soon.
Dunno, I think the driver was really really rude and Kalanick didn't deserve that attitude. Don't wanna bankrupt? Get a real job like the rest of us, but oh well, America...
Lol, that driver set him up from the beginning.
Joe Broski
This man doesn't give 2 fucks about his drivers, he doesn't allow tipping on his app because he "doesnt believe in it", are you kidding? Tipping your driver makes a complete difference it covers some of the expenses (gas, wear and tear, mileage) we make out of pocket for our vehicle. Fortunately some passengers are considerate enough to tip us in cash, unlike Mr. Kalanick here, who regardless of the argument wouldn't even have taken his 6 billion dollar wallet, to tip this man 5 dollars, what a slimeball. Lyft will keep rising because they're taking care of their drivers and in return their drivers are taking care of their clients, better rethink your priorities Kalanick.
"Some people do not like to take responsibility for their actions"

That's your whole Democrat voter base. Everything is someone else's fault.
Breaking News Trump Today
That is their driver, Uber's driver. Let's see what he does with his driver !
alice buttil
here is the truth eastet Sunday busy holiday let's hear more excuses about charging all gas in one week again and why I didn't make a fare over 12$ on Easter
Marc Gratton
The buch of puts
ronald perry
Uber is designed for the drivers to fail...like America and Britain, south Africa design their countries for
black people to fail
All This Power
This is the infamous video? Seriously.
bilal sheikh
uber is modern slavery
James Bond
telling someone who is worth 6.2 billion, "i know you're not gonna go far!" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Tedros Tekle
for all those who keep saying Uber is not meant to be a full time job, it is, and it could be better than taxi too. Centralized transportation company with competitive rates with Taxis but superior response time and worry free payment option. Uber is surely the future. but Kalanick's greed might jeopardize the company by disappointing drivers , which might stop driving for Uber in large numbers suddenly. Ubers survival depends on balancing the fare to please the drivers and riders. now it is only pleasing the riders by dumping the bulk of the cost on the unassuming and often immigrant driver. Now Uber takes a hefty 28% from already all time low fare and that's without adding the service fee and safety fee which never goes to the driver and recently increased this fee too. Even if it was as expensive as taxis people will still use Uber just for the efficiency and relative safety of it. if the fares were better, it would keep the riffraff away and improve the overall experience of the driver and passenger. Sad to watch an uber driver giving ride in a newish car for a $1 per mile and trying hard to please u with accessories and some even offer snacks as Uber recommends as if the fare is decent.
Tedros Tekle
Uber drivers are to blame for Kalanick's fare blunders. If they only realized they could change things if they stood together and striked across the country. But pathetic immigrants don't stand together , they sulk and complain and follow like sheep. that's why Uber gets away with minimal cost to them and huge cost to the driver ( compare Ubers $1 per mile to Taxi's $2.50 ).
Tedros Tekle
Uber drivers are to blame for Kalanick's fare blunders. If they only realized they could change things if they stood together and striked across the country. But pathetic immigrants don't stand together , they sulk and complain and follow like sheep. that's why Uber gets away with minimal cost to them and huge cost to the driver ( compare Ubers $1 per mile to Taxi's $2.50 ).
Discerning Daniel
Yeah Uber wont's be lasting that much longer. More and more drivers are quitting because as CEO Travis gets richer. He stops caring about the people that make his failing business a success. Uber is not a good company to work for. Especially if you don't have the patience to wait for hours for people that don't care about your time or money.
Walt Lenelle
he was drunk trying to show out in front of the hoes
zact lee
wait i dont understand the argument whats black car?
Just a human
uber days are over
gojo bojo
Mofo thief stole googles driverless technology fuck this liar.
business comes from EUROPE sucks.
Road House
I never use Uber! And this gives me more reason to stay away from Uber, and tell everyone i know to stay away from Uber.

The Taxi Business is a large Industry, allowing just anyone to get behind the wheel and mess it all up is very irresponsible of our governments. Taxi driver's have to take a course, and they are fingerprinted to make sure they have no criminal backgrounds. Tell me something, does Uber fingerprint drivers?
Eric Lin Hsu
Close your damn legs Kalanick... obnoxious man spreader
Elites Engineering
lol at people who are saying fuck uber.
Cyprien DIOT
You guys have never seen a true argument if you think this is one.
Vikrant Subakade
can i get a transcript of what they are saying?
Jack Cade
Look at the man spread, what is he doing with his phone at 2:25.
I don't know about the driver getting into it with him, I mean, sure the dude is a CEO so he's never off, but still, he's out with a couple of women, perhaps he'd had some bozz, is thinking about the threesome that he is (one way or another) paying for.
Trumpitup Babe
Uber drivers are allowed tips! Are you fucking kidding me???? This asshole is worth billions and won't even tip one of his drivers. Just goes to show you his nature
This driver should be the first union president of Uber. I have a new hero! Slimey company!
vicky :
why theitr is a cam in his car???
Kalanick showed poor judgment in arguing in public. He should realize
that cameras are ubiquitous. "Never complain; never explain (to the
public)" was Henry Ford ll's credo. Kalanick's behavior was bad but
not egregious. As others noted, the driver can seek employment
elsewhere. There is the Black car issue, which on cursory review seems
very unfair. Overall, I would say Uber is improving transportation.
For one thing, it will make for less cars and pollution. Secondly, we
studied many cases in law school in which taxi companies avoided
liability by claiming all drivers were independent contractors. The
rise of Uber instigating a review of all ride companies and their
liabilities is a good thing. Uber has some serious imperfections.
However, it is changing a consumption that needs to be changed.
E Rocha
Uber started out great....then went down hill fast when it started lowering fares in the drivers perspective....however it still is a great more affordable alternative to taxis in the user side.
Shuwei Li
the video starts at 4:00
John McCauley
Sorry, but this driver is a whiney little girl.
Regan Tessier
I don't get how Travis cost him 90,000, like car aside what other costs would he be incurring? And if Uber is so unprofitable why not switch to Lyft
The driver should be the CEO.
uber youtube channel = comments are disabled.. why? uber can't afford any criticism.
i would like to hear from some uber drivers (subcontractors) ...are you living the dream? after all your expenses including tax, are you living the dream no worries?
James King
UBER works that way. They drive up the demand by lowering prices and then they sacrifice the drivers earnings to decimate the transportation markets they operate in then make it nearly impossible to continue paying for the cars they financed through their companies. They own you if you work for them and then they throw you away when it seems that there's no more competition by dropping the prices so low you have to work 80 hours at below minimum wage to pay for your own car and save up for taxes which by the way comes out of your pocket. This is not Ride Share, this is Market Rape. The guy who doesn't want to accept any responsibility is the guy who got this driver to go bankrupt and loose a $97,000 car to be an UBER driver.
Kalanick is very heartless....considering he is a gay Jew....he should have more compassion.
A Ceo can pay whatever they want, but the drivers don't have to work if they feel the pay is unfair. Simple as that. Ceo may be selfish but it is what it is , he created the company and it wouldn't exist without him
Human One Of a Kind
I'm not impressed with the way how he talks to his driver a contractor whatever you want to call it. Mr CEO it's a matter of time. it's a disruptive innovation. your business model is unsustainable. A business that is only making money, it's a poor business.
Stuart Oswald
Shame on the driver. He what's to use รผber's position to skank customers.
Kris Kringle
WOW just had a horrible Uber experience. I will never be using them again. I am going lyft from now on. uber sucks and they are making billions from screwing people.
Hank van Tulder
I think that Uber eats CEO Mr. Travis is an ownest man and he is working very hard.I also wanna believe that CEO's have no other choice then to make choices for the company and that brings possitive and negative changes with it self.I WORK FOR UBER IN AMSTERDAM THE NETHERLANDS AND I HAVE A LOT OF JOY DRIVING THE PIZZA'S AROUND ON MY SCOOTER. MR. KALANICK DONT WORRY ABOUT IT YOU ARE A TOP MAN AND NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. SO HEREBY TO MR KALANICK. YOU ARE A TOP CEO!!!!!!!!!!
When things suck, at the end of the day, at least be glad you have a job.
Mark Hall
Uber is modern say slavery and this CEO is a complete dickhead
bloomberg is a pussy
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