Epic Pregnancy Transformation | Mimi Ikonn

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Trinity Johnson
her stomach was so red bit look like it hurt
SofiGamer XD
Those abs didn't dissapear 😅
Shadi Ibrahimzadeh
She looks even better than Kim K during her pregnancy
baby the circus clown fnaf sister loction
ok even if im a boy i did not want to watch this so i closedmy eyes
Codstar11 Powell
I watch random vids each day and this is so random
Nancy DiSciullo
where is her belly button😂
Popi Grunow
You have to do the mormona rutina wuth Alexa
Faith Patterson
that is hurting my belly
Satrio Pinilih
she wore the same panties for 9 week? eew
Lou Lom
On week 42 when she had no Billy I was so confused for like a second but then I realized wow I'm so stupid
Beyond Beautiful!!
She wasn't standing straight in the beginning it was hurting my back
Cheyenne Smith
It's been like nearly a year
Cheyenne Smith
Killer Cutie
it looks painful 😥
Hind Moustafa
I'm 13 weeks preg and I was to sad because I thought it was too late to start filming my tummy ,, but I think it's not ... congrats on your beautiful baby <3
Reema G
You are one of the few ppl who inspire me. When I watch you, I want to be a better person. I want to be happier, healthier and more successful ❤️
Harley Quin
This video makes me happy
Krystin Johnson
you are looking healthy and congratulations
awesome sans18
my mom is 16 weeks pregnant i can't wait to meet my new sibling :3
Nisha Dr R
wow u r super duper..may i knw which country u originate frm
Holly Bluett
what an incredible video!
its a beautiful video and you look gorgeous.
didn't your back hurt?! Your baby is beautiful btw❤!
WOW! Great video. 😨
Kat Khan
This is so beautiful! I don't know I was getting a little a scared because I thought "she's growing so fast!" and then realized it wasn't in real time! LOL
Raveena Kaur
What necklaces are your wearing?
Docter H
aaaaawwwwww so cuute
Ariella Elisa
Awee, pregnancy is wonders on the human body! 😊
Amazing! If there's one thing I'm confused about is why women begin to rub their stomachs once they find out they are pregnant even before a bulge actually forms. I'm female but I just cant grasp the whole stomach rubbing thing, not to mention everyone else including strangers who automatically reach their hands out. I would think that by the time you give birth your stomach would be raw and red from so much rubbing lol.
Fernanda BA
i wanna be like you when im pregnant lol
Ally Crafter
Cutest couple and baby congrats!!😄
M Jedski
Awww! :) :) :)
jawa alkhudhairi
Vianka's World
so sweet🐳
Anna Fresa
I was keeping by breath the whole time, because I have almost the same body form as you and after 30 weeks it looked too much for me. I suffocate imagining such a big belly on me :O but maybe it doesn't feel as uncomfortable as it looks :) Anyway congratulations, your daughter is very pretty. Take care.
R. S.
Week 18 is like me on a normal day
Silia S
Wow...so amazing to see your beautiful baby girl grow inside of you! Mums are all so special! Thanks for sharing your journey. You guys are such a beautiful happy family!
Saurabh Saanvi
wow likd baby so sooo sooooooo cute
Yecenia Ramos
You had the prettiest baby bump ever! You looked so radiant throughout your pregnancy, wishing you and your family the best xoxo
So cute
Asia. Millz
How do u not have stretch marks show me your ways
Racquel S
You just made me cry ! This is beautiful, you're so gorgeous,your husband and of course your precious baby!
paperino 리노
such a beautiful you are... !!
Pien Pakvis
Beautiful Mamma and baby
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