Epic Pregnancy Transformation | Mimi Ikonn

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Sims hacker 101
That baby is so cute OMG
That Guy
Congrats On a baby BTW it was really f*cking cute
Jennifer Perez
wow, stunning!
Keagan Schneider
she is so sexy
Hannah Penelope
when you really think about it it is like, how is your body stretching so far. my stomach hurts rn
Syrea Jae
im all belly 31w
nicole candy
My aunt was 38 weeks and she didn't even look pregnant!
Rae O
has to be her 1st baby
Caelyn wassabi
why is her stomach red??
Maira Siddeque
she was still skinnier than me lol
How I thought having a baby was gonna be ! Wait , it was fortunately ! :)
Josefa Pablo
the baby is so cute😘😘
mia lovette88
Wow. Didn't show til like 6 or 7 months. How lucky!! Im only 4 months and i look like im 7 😂😂
Bubblepink881 M
so.... I look like I'm 21 weeks now. lol
Natily Guevara
is it just me or did your stomach feel very awkward and tingly
Wow, what a beautiful way to capture your pregnancy. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you at 42 weeks. This is proof that if you take care of your body it will take care you <3
Rainbow Colors :3
her tummy didn't grow up that long how weird,my mom is pregnant with 25 week and she looks like her with 40 weeks!
Stephanie Quintana
This is so weird
Kim Owens
Nouaim Nouaim
i fucking hate her
Arianna Rivera
Fell in love with this video 😍....immideately subscribed 💙
Evelyn Xie
she gained a lot of weight after the pregnancy and yes i know that's normal
niatalin gameplay
aaww :³
iiYumNums X
That little baby is adorable!
Week 10 is me
Doodle Buddy
What a beautiful video, congratulations
Aliah Cunningham
This makes me so happy at the end:333
hayat love
Lakshmi loknath
Ur baby is super cute....😘😘😘
yahaira scoon
I'm like a week 12 in real life
Rebecca Kelsey Sampson
So beautiful
erika Martinez
your so hot you can tell your belly is so smooth i l
have a crush on you
Pepinka Vrablova
pregnancy have 39 weeks
Francesca Garofalo
Francesca Garofalo
Liv Brady
can she stop rubbing it and poking it gosh
IsSaM LaMan
you are so sexy
Paola Aybar
temmie ghost
OMG Your baby is So CUTE!!!!!
Kirsten Linfoot
This makes me want to have another baby and I haven't even stopped bleeding yet at 8 weeks postpartum, uGH - HELP, I DON'T NEED TO GET ANY BIG IDEAS IN MY HEAD LMAOOO
Bonjour je suis efe EST Cap
Sniper LPS
I was much much more bigger then every week of dis. In my mom's tummy I was there 9 months but the stomach was giant. And it looked like I been there then more months.
Candi Lease
Wow! You have an amazing pregnancy body and belly!!!! I had stretch marks galore after my first baby!!! I used so many different creams to try to prevent them as much as poss but it didn't work! You're just simply gorgeous!!
lady Leela
Seeing the baby made my heart melt... so cute...
Jane Hervilla
so close to 1 mil views!!
jasmine davis
It's actually amazing how much skin will stretch
robocow 101
is this hot to anyoe else or just me?
zOwiE saTTLEr
on the week ten i am like that on a regular basis
JJ Wishart
3:07 is adorable!!!!!
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