Here's Why the Lamborghini LM002 Is Worth $400,000

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I tested out the Lamborghini LM002 -- the craziest Lamborghini of all time -- to find out why its values are shooting up. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about the Lamborghini LM002.

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Actually one of my favorite Lamborghinis. I love it.
Wouldn't pay more than 4000 for it
Just imagine Arnold S. driving this. Instead of Hummer H1.
Bernd van Kooten
LM002... more like LMAO 2
yt zaarw
what about the Lamborghini tractors??????????????
Hisham Dawod
Lamborghini made this car to prove that there are many stupid people around the world who would buy this because its a "Lamborghini" i mean seriously almost everything in this car is soooo wrong!
Tyler Durden
It's ugly as fuck!
cray nelson
the lamborghini LMFAO2
Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen
its worth 4 k
only used for commenting
if i had a chance to keep only 1 lamborghini i would take this

ok nvm
3:48 Look!! A limo hummer!
Andrei Bondoc
Nice boat interior lol
Pablo Ortiz Lopez
turns on captions Lamborgini lmaooo... LMAO
Indra Moses
the stupid ugly
Hugh Jass
"Its not really that loud". As the engine, road noise, and wind overload the microphone.
The whole design of this car is so fucking retarded that its actually really funny. The stereo control placement it just hilarious
Madden God
I would buy this for 25k. It looks fun for off-roading with your friends
Visibility is TONS better than in the HUMMER H2.
Joshua Chan
I suspect the lack of "shift on the fly four wheel drive" (10:03) is actually a feature - lockout hubs. Also, the 8x6.5 bolt pattern is common even on 17" wheels. Off roaders want a lot of tire, not a lot of wheel to scratch up.
A & E Mobile Detailing
that has to be one of the most fascinating vehicles I've ever seen! I love it.. lol
Ayy lmoo2
Pablo Casiano
Lol!! Wow that thing is sick!!
Sanal Ettan
excellent military truck
Historically cool but for $400k? You can buy a Jeep SRT, Jeep Wrangler, BMW M3, Porsche 911, Ford Raptor, a HumVee and have plenty of money left over.
NoGains Gaming
Nice video, please fix your video and audio quality ...
Bas van de Kleut
So basically it's a $400.000 garbage can.
Sean Aldrich Siruno
Lol XD
Aban Jacob Ruman
ugh horrible interior. Very stupid to buy such a shit turd.
andrew Fell
for some reason that makes me think of a boat.. might be all the white and placement of things, like the under seat storage
Gregory Freeman
Jay Leno's gay son ?
poye balboa
not good
Yo Yo
here's why nobody gives a shit
Fabian Tapia
7:07 at least the rear sits have toilets on it, how the hell I made it this far, Im out!
james allen
i love doug
Sullivan Muse
Lol, praises terribly designed lamborghini. looks over at the suggestions "Here's Why the Tesla Model X Is an Awful Car" facepalm
muhamat aliyev
You should change the title of this video
david dina
Queue small hand Italian memes
Duran Duran CD and 8 ball not included?!
A broken GBA cartridge ________
this car gets a tiny penis out of 10
Time illusion
Actually "Here's why it doesn't " ..
Alexander Hamadryad Martin
dude you flap your hands any more, you're gonna take off, ya...
Aiden Dawson
I didn't think a tractor company would make such an expensive car 😄
Richard Jones
I remember one of these for sale in Unique Cars in Australia Around 1990..$25.000 . I always wondered why so cheap. now i can see .. heap of shit
Bill Overbeck
Those buttons look like they came from one of those tacky "gaming" keyboards.
I love your videos, but why are your in cabin segments have such horrible buzzing audio ?
you could tell it was made for rich yuppies who like to think they could offroad, 400,000 dollar car with no on-demand 4 wheel drive?. . .yep. . .anybody who bought this would never ever ever need it, we have had on-demand 4 wheel drive for years and years on 4x4 package vehicles that were cheep and easy, of course lamborghini could have it but they just knew they would never get complaints about not having it
that looks terrible
DeCay Grim
My Ford Explorer is way better than this car.
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