Pogsit Pogapo
tall dude is 3 meters away from the car when he speaks, in that way the car looks big. BUT WHEN HE GOES INSIDE THE CAR HIS KNEES AND HIS HEAD WILL ALWAYS TOUCH THE LOWER DASHBOARD AND THE CEILING. That's a very uncomfortable riding and yet he gives thumbs up for the review JUST FOR THE SAKE OF MONEY.
Syd Clark
What a mental car, only people with more money than sense would buy this. Ohhhh, wait a minute, they did ;)
bruh this is the ultimate squad car
Kevs Caballero
Looks like a prototype
boogieman 76
it's a Italian Hummer
Sounds like an engineering project on meth
Cool for its weirdness, but the layout and location of interior controls look annoying. Also the angular nature of it makes it look like the doors don't fit right.
Heuristic X
This is the first Doug video I’ve ever watched, it’s been 8 months already wow.
Calum Butler
Big boss probably needs to have one!
Lamborghini LM002, sponsored by coke cartels, with participation by dipshits with more money than sense, in partnership with the "let's shit on the grave of the late Ferruccio Lamborghini" club, formally know as "Fuck Lamborghini and everything he stood for in his automobile legacy".
ZiboPlayz MC
The sound when the trunk was opening sounded like a cow mooing
Anthony P
the window switch and others on the panel contained in the rubber pouch actually is a waterproof protection, just saying
Seal of Approval
The hood closing sounds like when you get a headshot in cod
This thing is so dumb
Bilal Rasheed
This is in reality an EXOTIC LUXURIOUS LAVISH vehicle of the 1970s & 80s. I can literally imagine this being bought & ran on desert safaris by the oil-rich brats of Arab world decades decades ago.
Victa V
1:57 Satisfying Thud
Hahahaha OMG this this vid got me laughing so much hahaha!!!! WTF!!! LOLOL!
Rosalie Bent
Lambo or not, but that looks like a stupid and ridiculous car. Any landrover at a quarter of the price is vastly better. It looks like one of the worst designed cars Ive ever seen. If you pay $400K for this you have more money than sense. I cant think of a worse designed car ever.
DoomGuy 11
0:37 By any chance did you see some toy cars at first
Juan Gomez
I like it!
f t
How did you get such a cool job, lol?!
Eric Preston
is jay leno your dad?
Owen Mullaly
I think Homer Simpson designed it!
Jukka L
Some day this will be a car worth 2 bitcoins (1 million dollars).
Ksopas 8
LM002 or Rambo Lambo
Daniel the Husky
This is truly awesome, I would definitely drive one
Smarchitect Mann
Nobody believed me when I told them that Lamborghini already made a truck. Now I don't believe how non-Lamborghini-like this truck is.
wait , so you say that you have to twis that nob on the weel to get to 4x4 ?
But there is two stick in the cabin for that ???
Sam Field
Built for Pablo Escobar.
Insane Gang
8:04 that's what she said
This car looks like a retarded hummer
Mohamed Ahmed Fido
suzuki carry 😂😅😅😅
Mohamed Ahmed Fido
Lamborghini trucks 😂😂😂😂😂😃😃 look like oldest car and ugly car
regarding the shoehorned comment, doug, yes i have. a 351c in a ford ranger. ( the small ranger not the f100 one)
He didn't let you off road it, I note.
it looks like a lego car
Croa Arco
Let's be honest here. Lamborghini is in it for the money and drug lords have a lot of what they need. The rest is history
tito franzini
Carissimo Doug, sembra che tu non sappia nemmeno di che cosa stai parlando, è forse invidia perché negli anni 80 le auto USA riuscivano appena ad andare dritte? Dovete solo inchinarvi e rispettare queste auto..... Come mai nessuno commenta questi cowboys? Ad oggi devono anche ringraziare noi se producono auto. Parla parla parla , accendi il motore, guidala se ti riesce. Spero che quacluno dalla famiglia Lamborghini ti prenda e ti tiri le orecchie - Dear Doug it looks like you don't even know what you are talking about, are you jealous ? in the 80's US cars could roughly drive straight.... Please do respect such Technologies and remember who is now building cars in your country thanks to Europeans (Italian) You talk talk talk.... lite the engine on.... why you do not, are you scare? not able to drive it= ìì? :-) Very BAD REPORT VERY BAD i hope people from Lamborghini get you.
The Real Gamer
This is amazing, If i want to go Off-Roading i would Defenitly buy a Ford Raptor.
Seems like they borrowed a lot of style and designs from the Hummer H1.... which is really unfortunate...
400K for this horribly built piece of shit, but he calls the H2 and embarrassment. This thing has way more WTF's then the H2.
The hood-closing "clang" was the absolute best
When any other company builds an interior like that, it's bad design. When Lamborghini does it, it's "quirky" or "italian".
Tom Aud
Lamb Orgy? Lamb or Genie? This is such a stupid car. This is such a coo shit.
piece of shit
The honk sound is the same as the Countach. In both cases its a fun and romantic reference to the old honks sounds from the 60ies Italian cars and movies. At the time they were meant to be incredibly annoying.
Rubber pouch is to protect the buttons from off road dust and dirt that could infiltrate and with time blocking them
Øyvind Aaberge
In Norway it would be 600 dollars to fill up....
Morassi Gianfranco
The car was designed and create under the request of US army for their soldier in the 1980.
The LM002 must be see with a military point of view and not commercial ;)
Like the military Hummer i think
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