Here's Why the Lamborghini LM002 Is Worth $400,000

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I tested out the Lamborghini LM002 -- the craziest Lamborghini of all time -- to find out why its values are shooting up. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about the Lamborghini LM002.

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Marco Arellano
Did he say nobody did a performance SUV? Wrong, GMC Typhoon
Dragon Steel
I think it's value is mostly a result of it's rarity and history.
Tokeus Pocus
This car is just awful I honestly have not seen anything designed this poorly and then put out to market as a luxury vehicle.
Jas S
Well the engine out of a super car into a n off road vehicle. Well what is a trophy truck?
Jack Larsen
Who tf designed this interior
was the interieur built that way by Lamborghini? never seen that "luxury" in an LM002...?!?!
David Razberry
Inspired by Indiana Jones.
paul m
stupid ugly and cheap looking shit for a 400k
You'll be hated at Costco Gas line with this thing.
Stephen Molzer
Why is he highlighting things subpar or completely normal in any other average vehicle? "Look at these 17" wheels with 8 lugs!??!?! How did dey fit demz?" Look at any 3/4 or 1 ton truck, dumbass. "Deez switchez has rubber on dem!" Waterproof, dipshit. "Dis has a normul bat-tree discunnect"

Still trying to figure out the price tag and this guy's ignorance...
At 00:39 I thought that was a toy car set because there were so many, damn
Brandon FFA
this car is just a big troll
Tiberiu Nicolae
The smallest street legal tractor from Lamborghini Trattori
Jon Jacques
While he is driving, two land rovers, one Ferrari, a pink Hummer, a pink trucking with an open bed right behind the hummer,
Jon Jacques
So 306 miles per refill.....
Korey Roszell
I dont care what lambo it is they only way i would drive it is right to the Dodge dealer to grab a challenger or a gen 5 viper
you wouldnt pay 400,000 if it was made by a japanese company, this car is shit
Nathan Selbach
So it's so expensive because there's not many and it has a good engine?
i always hated this thing.
I though it was a collection of car models..
why the heck should i pay almost a half of million dollars for the homemade-alooklike-car?
you just showed my why it wasnt worth 400k.
Cone Head
This car is a typical example of a car for people with much more money than sense in their heads.
Obinna Okoli
they should remake this car. It was a good concept, but i needs better mileage and a better interior
Obinna Okoli
4 miles per gallon? I would never even enter this car
Evo Plays
wouldn't pay 100 dollars for this
Hugh Jass
looks god awful in white, clearly aimed at arab prince's...
Ro Mel
id rather buy Hummer H2 than this boat..
Jerlin Vinson
What an expensive piece of shit !
Walter Maguire
A bunch of the weirdness is cuz they were designed to be military vehicles
123 456
4:53 I think he said "the" only Lamborghini, just incase you were wondering
Widair HD
it looks like a lego hummer
nerd Mike
Rotfl.. this car is insane in all this homemade (and badly made) particulars.
This should be in GTA 5, it would go perfect with all the other rare cars and stuff
Jamie Lant
Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
Id fill that ashtray up with some much ash from the finest kush
Ross Miller
LOL this vehicle.... I'd buy one if I had the money and a multi car garage. I love unusual cars!

I love my VW Phaeton W12
Aaron Coley
I wouldn't pay 40 grand for this piece of shit
"You think we're the only person in all of the northeast driving one of these today?"

Yep. Probably not the only people to have one, but certainly the only people to actually drive it.
Kevin Perry
this lambo is hilariously garbage, I love it.
Jerad Owens
it was never designed for public use. it was designed for the French military. the ones sold outside of the United States came with a 50 caliber gun turret in the rear.
ryvr madduck
It's like the designers never checked out SUVs of the day to see what worked well and what didn't, or the boss told the design engineers to get the final vehicle design, and the engineers fucked around 'till three days before the deadline, snorted tons of coke, drank gallons of coffee, and came up with this piece of crap in a drug induced rush.
This thing is a party machine. It's made for driving coked out drunk smoking a joint with 7 people in it
brian otieno
did he just look at the bug passing through
This is a true Lamborghini, inexplicable absurdity at every turn. I love it
Marshall Jacobs
What the hell! I thought my 20 gallon tank took forever to fill up. I cant imagine a 77 gallon tank.
I'm sorry but if Toyota or Ford art anyone else would have made this car it wouldn't be worth $500 and it's probably not worth $500
Gta Clips
10:43 ferrari testarossa i think
ASMR Music
What a horrible car....
Holy crap what a pile of sh*t. I love the Lamborghini Countach and it's what got me into fast cars as a kid. (Like probably many people) But if this was the car that came out before the fast cars of Lamborghini, I think many people would question the quality of their other cars. No legroom for the driver. The ignition key location is just ridiculously stupid as is the wiper lever. The 4 wheel drive levers and emergency brake are horribly placed as well. I pretty much quit watching after that. It just got worse and worse. Horrible vehicle. If I was Lamborghini, I would request to buy any of these out in the world and crush them. How embarrassing.
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