Skeleton Clique
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Jessie Thorn
Can we try this again with people who want to put in real effort? Except Jazz. Jazz looks like she actually tried with an open mind
Noora Ahmed
Does any one think the black girl with braids sounds like teala Dunn ( youtuber if you don't know her)
Omg I loved it lolol hilarious
Shelby Brasfield
What even did the floral chick do
Julia Stanley
without a tutorial tho??? downright mean
Summer James
The only thing that made this video bearable is Jazz💛
mariam hussain
jazz killed it💞💞
Alex Chambers
that one girl wouldn't know what goth is if a goth person walked up slapped her in the face and did her makeup
Niasia Williams
I swear some of them werent looking at the pic at all
Kawaii Kid
Why does the red hair girl look like a 10 year old that went into his moms makeup
Bizzy Hendrick
the girl said "i would never do it. its a little goth" pisses me off
what is the name of the black girl with the short hair? i think she did the best out of all of them tbh
Honestly the girl with the bangs made me gag. Her attitude is so negative and in general she isn't very pleasant to hear talking. Shes too close-minded.
sarah nutter
Scene kids
LMAO As a witch, I doubt I could even do that! And I got over 15 years in theater and costume/make-up work.
Kirsten Gee
this was uploaded on my birthday
delilah castillo
Why the attitude bangs?.... girl cmon
seems like they didn't even look at those photos before doing that.... that's just bad...
Abygail Harris
Jazz, that look was MADE for you
Sarah Chalmers
All the good people left buzzfeed
the white girl messed UP
Jennifer Farr
Why weren't they using white liquid liner? I can almost guarantee that's what they other people used.
Squirmish Worm
The girl with the bangs, her makeup made me cringe it looks like a 3yr old did it
Queen del lux
damn the girl with light brown hair and bangs really must hate her job
Afreen Bano
Jazz is so different and has an aura of empowerment . She is definitely pretty and hot as well .She is a role model for me . If I was a guy I would definitely marry Jazz .❤️ she is amazing .
Kayle Scooby
honestly think i could do this better no offense lol im used to the emo black eye makeup
hard times
Seaver Ino
The girl with the braids though<3
The girl with the bangs it so irritating i don't know what it is but maybe her bangs are inaccurate asf, did she cut them?

This is my aesthetic omg I'm definitely going to have to try this somehow.
Heather Graham
Bitter apply compromise usually sunlight concern district.
Elsie Viola Dupuis
Oh I wish they had neon makeup in the 80's!!!
Ryleigh Randomly
Bowie. Yeeessssssssssss
Tammi Miller
Redhead with bangs "I think I got the general idea" Um. Did you even bother to LOOK at the picture ??????????
no_ no
using white liquid liner would help, just like black liquid liner it's easier to apply
Becca Kate
Jazz looks freaking amazing! :)
All of them have no idea how to put make up... The video is just gross...
Michiru Mitsuki
they dont even have makeup brushes to start with so why expect them to be good at it ?
Headless Ham
Oy. Not very into the new buzzfeed people they are trying to be like previous buzzfeed or maybe not but it comes off forced and awkward. But Jazzmyne is always cool. I also like the woman who looks South Asian I've seen her before but I can't remember her name. Shes chill and so gorgeous.
Moa Jonsson
marioncameleon did actually do tutorials on those looks on her snapchat! they probably exsist somewhere on the internet 😊
Erica Hayes
These girls really weren't given the correct makeup to do a look like this. They had palettes that were using jewel tones and nudes with a couple eyeliners. They should have been given a black base, a white base, NEON shadows along with neutrals/black to blend it out and white LIQUID eyeliner. It's hard to create a complicated look without the correct tools.
Pierced French Siren
I don't know the name of the really short hair girl but she slayed the neon makeup, didnt know it was possible
would totally wear this if i had the right face to do it on..
Scout Hanna
uuuuum whoever the red head is (no offence just dont know her name) i dont know what photo she was looking at like what how did you get there?!
Kaiya Stringer
3:01 XD
Laura Wilson
that red head annoys me so badly. Her attitude is as bad as her hair 🙄
ONCE upon a time
Why was Jazz the only one that did good
Die Please
one word CYBERGOTHS!!!
megan kelley
There honestly not that bad, it looks a little bit more............. smoky
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