Women Try Neon Makeup

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"The only difference between me and the girl in the picture, is that I did not use witchcraft to do my makeup."

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She said goth like a bad thing
jazz killed it
Brianna Norland
Am i the only one who fricken loves Jaz?
Kid Carnival
How hard is it to get black all over your kids and draw a line
It'd be great if they got people who could actually do makeup
2:58 LOL ?
Giselle Sandoval
It's just the intro and I already relate.
jazz is so cute, I love her
ASMR Fantasy
can you stop making videos with the short girl with bangs? She's always negative and grumpy
Maddie Viator
so maybe you just don't know how to apply makeup..
Ananda Bluhm
how about "woman try the feather brow trend"
21 roses are Septicly holographic
the girl at 0:56 , i hate her
Minty Candy Arts
Am I the only one who likes the girl with the bangs :/ at least she's honest
Mattie Dean
here's a game: count how many times they say "like" improperly.
Anne Black
0:59 that girl looks like Yo-Landi :))
kill me
the comment section is more cancerous than this video kek
Exxie the Writer
Jazzmyn is a genie. Only magic achieved that.
Phoe'be Jimenez
I think the good pictures are photoshopped
"Maybe... Maybe i need a little bit more practice. But I think I got the general idea."

Really mate. It's not even close to the picture. ._.
Random imation
Sofie Smith
neon as goth? no definetly not, maybe scene though.
Kaitlynne Walters
I'm not very good at makeup but my attempt would have been way better than this.
Ramona H
the only reason I'm watching this video is because of jazz
the girl with the bangs is just so negative
Phoebe Tan
when buzzfeed knows they aint what they used to be no more and people starting to realize..so they changed their name lol
Andrea Gallego
Idk why but I dont like that girl with the bangs
Nisha Perez
I want to see some receipts too
Stephanie Lopez
That neon eyeliner doesn't even go on the eye lid. Hahaha, it goes on the brow bone
i wanna see some receipts lol
Diamond Topia
The girl with bangs annoys me
I thought we left terf bangs back in 2016... Someone please get that girl a hair stylist
This is so easy 😭😭😭 how do anyone mess this up
Julia Marie
if they had a white liquid eyeliner and just used a tiny eyeshadow brush around the edge of the liner, they would've achieved the look
To all "makeup gurus" complaining about how easy these looks are and "how did they mess this up": These women are NOT professional makeup artists. They can do their own makeup in their own style but they're not experts. They also didn't have anything but the pictures to work with so if YOU want to stop acting like smug little brats for 5 minutes and post your own tutorial on neon makeup then go do that :). PS the middle woman's bangs and attitude are wonderful so get bent. :)
ThatOneIndianKid IzHere
We all don't like the new girl cause of her bangs. Cause we shouldn't like a girl cause of her bangs.

I'm not feminist I'm just saying.
ᑕᕼᗩᗰᑭᗩGᑎE ᒪOᐯEᖇ
The girl with the bangs is giving me serious ¥o-Landi vibes, no joke.
Nadja Sprung
Dear Boldly/ Buzzfeed.
Can you do a video on what it's like to have heterochromia??
Anyone else miss the old buzzfeed?
Butterfly Gaming
copyright of buzzfeed!
Tori Peterson
god i miss saf
is this the new buzzfeed
Jenni Glamorous
what brand is that?
Legalized Panda
So is this the new buzzfeed?
LPS Muffins
at 1:20 the example person looks like my coinsin, Nina. and yes i know i spelt coinsin wrong
abby 03
it looked good with the girl with black lipstick
i love jazzys. i think she should actually wear it more often
Natosha Jarmon
"The only difference between me and this girl is I didn't use witch craft to do it" 😂 😂 😂
Beans the Name
The girl with the bangs looks nothing like that girl she did a silver lid and the girl did a black lid and her lips were pink,not black like how she was spose to
Do it!
Beans the Name
This video bugs me so much,they all could have done so much better!the who made her lips all pink that's not what her person did.Also I don't know any of their names (Exept for jazz)because buzzfeed or boldly doesn't believe in good editing anymore
Isa Caceres
Why does Buzzfeed chose such bad people to do these types of videos... yes I understand you don't want makeup artists but get people who are willing to put some more effort into it or at least know what they're doing..
:pink clover:
i cant br the only one who thought it would be glow in the dark makeup..
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