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The New York Times has a new marketing campaign: "The truth is more important now than ever." 

For the version that aired during the Oscars:

Dawson Boyle
The New York Times = Propaganda = Lies
Rikard Renn
The truth is hard. That's why NYT can't report it. I get it now.
Ad says the truth is hard to find- YEP for you guys it certainly is. The way to solve that is to put down the comic books, the coffee and donuts and go do some REAL reporting in the real world, not sit behind your desk trying to figure out what the next lie fest is going to be. Advertising isn't going to save you- YOU SUCK AT YOUR JOB! Change or get kicked to the curb, people are sick of the BS!!
Emma Waters
This video is ironic, coming from the New York Times.
New York SLIME
Keksimus Maximus
The truth is, CNN, NYT etc are losing money and this is a long drawn out last gasp.

Die quietly please.
Cliche Guevara
This is literally like a serial killer lecturing someone on the sacred value of human life. LMFAO
Eugene Solario
@The NY Times......Right, what would you know about the truth?
worlddrop out
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me
You Already Know Boi
Rich coming from the NYT.
"Alternative facts are just delusional;". Absolutely right...The problem is..You Are the Alternate 'non-facts. Do you honestly think that you or any other mainstream media will ever be trusted again? You have all been exposed for the propaganda machine that you are.
suphie lyn
Women are so pathetic.
high commissar johnny nutmegg
dogshit video
Paul Anderson
Lol these liars wouldn't know truth if it hit them upside the head....FAKE NEWS LOL!!!!!
NoGhostHere -Gaming, Airsoft, and Paintball
You are fake news
The truth is not found in the new York Times
DidUSay Chocolate?
Climate change is NOT a hoax you liars, stop trying to pander to idiots
Conservative Texan
You are very fake news
Hunter Williams
The truth is... shut the hell up.
Anon Ymous
"More divided than ever"
You guys did read the history books about our civil war right?
Missy Thompson
The TRUTH is..... you have to pay YOutube to get this played- #FAILING #FAKENEWS
Feng Wang
Interesting, when NYT appied its ridiculous double standard on China, they did not start from "the truth"
Mr Shah
Hysteria and fear monger. Unfucking real.
Tyler Silverstein
The truth is you're a bunch of liars.
Travis Pavlik
The Truth Is Obama Sucked.
The Truth Is New York Times is Biased, Yellow Journalism.
The Truth Is...That New York Times Readers Cant Handle The Truth
Erik Rimes
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Erik Rimes
How do i flag this?
James Hamilton
Ha,Ha...New York Times...Privately (Pirately) owned..Politically motivated, biased News Reporting,...CIA:Operation Mocking Bird- Stooge,...NYT is trying hard to convince American citizens that it is 'real news' and 'reliable', sad, it's a sinking ship because of the propaganda it has pored out over the past few years! Edward Bernays would be proud.
César Sivirs
Did they just say Climate Change is a Hoax? As truth?
Shaughn McCormick
Such a good ad
Subito Hayes
I see it wasn't important during Obama.
John Bates
NYT is begging for honest Americans to read their politically motivated stories..... New York Fake Times..... fool us once shame on you.... fool us twice shame on us. We won't be fooled again!!
Wikileaks Wikileaks
#FakeNews #FakeMSM #FakeNYT

Jared Franklin
The truth is you are the weak. And I am the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' reeeal hard to be the shepherd.
Brian Min
Im curious to people who say the NYtimes is "fake" and is "disgustingly" bias... How so? There are 3 forms of bias, gatekeeping (what is and isnt covered), but every news site since the beginning of time has done this... 2nd is coverage (where the story is on the paper/site) again every site since the beginning of time has done this... 3rd is statement bias (which doesnt exists in the NY times and only in the Op-eds... Thats why they are called op-eds... They also havent lied about anything to my knowledge, and if they did please tell me what, im curious... Politics aside... i want to know what people have against this company.
Andy Ace
The truth is hard to find. Especially when one isnt looking.
The truth is that old school media formats like newspapers are dying.
Aiman Al-Khazaali
The truth is, the NYT is garbage. This is the most desperate thing I have seen in years. Look at that like/dislike ratio.
kevin sullivan
Is the NYT affraid of "The Truth..."?
Case in point: Story after story about Russia "Hacked" our election of 2016. How did Russian did this?? Mostly all ballots have a paper trail. Not one ballot machine was hooked up on-line. NOT ONE!!
So how, NYT?? Truth is it was FAKE NEWS (made up).
Another point: Why is the NYT affraid for an investigation into Obama's administration (DOJ, FBI, CIA) into President Trump's assertion that he was wiretapped during the election and the transition. Why NYT?? WHY?? Don't you want to know the truth?? Or since it was a Democratic administration, who has a proven record of tapping into reporters from FOX News & AP, are you affraid to know "The Truth..." of a corrupted political party (Democrats) & a President (Obama) you endorsed for years.
Yes NYT, "The Truth is hard. Hard to know that you really DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH".

And that's a shame.

John Goodfriend
This ad will win many awards. So good.
Saul Tecuanhuehue
Just stfu NYT
GodKing S
LMAO FAKE NEWS is all I SEE. The left are retarded bastards let's ship them off to the middle east.
TRUMP 2016
Dr. Hammer
The Truth is you are Fake News.
jedi26 jedi26
The truth is NYT is fake news !!
The truth is that of 25,000 media outlets worldwide it is all owned and controlled by 6 to 8 people and when you look at these people they are of Jewish decent "aka the money changers"
#1 Boi
Jews are 2% of the population. 45% of the presidents of media companies
are Jewish. 31.7% of the CEO's of those companies are Jewish. 38% in
terms of founders. 47.4% in terms of chairmen.
- Tabulated by a Jewish blogger, Jason Bayz

Umm... Wow just wow, this insane, Jewish privilege is getting way out of way
Todd McPeak
If this ad doesn't work, maybe try telling the truth? I know, there's an outside-the-box idea.
NYTimes playing left wing talking points for a commercial is not helping your image as objective journalists.
lI Il
85% of the world's muslims are not barred from entry. muslim ban is #fakenews
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