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The New York Times has a new marketing campaign: "The truth is more important now than ever." 

For the version that aired during the Oscars:

"The Truth Is Hard to find" and the NY Times is a part of the untruth machinery.
Tiger TV
The truth is a Mexican drug dealer owns nyt.
Add one more line.
"The Truth is not found in the new york times."
Hot News USA
Is the truth about Chinese bots hard?
Jimmy Minor
Ummm... How about that Comey?
Climate Change is a hoax? The New York Times would never ever even begin to think about making an article with that headline.
The New York Times is not a reliable news source anymore. It's so liberal, it paints everyone in the right wing or conservative as a Nazi. it
Alex Calas
How Irrelevant.
The truth is hard, please let us make it easier for you, come to us for everything
We would never lie to yo you ;)
It turns out the NY Times doesn't care about truth after all. Bret Stephens, really?
Ariane Jay Gonzales
The NY Slimes is FAKE NEWS
Vitreous Slag
NYT: The Pravda of the Commie-crats.
Hounddog Qix
Ha. I think 'The New York Times' needs to look up the definition of 'Truth'. One of the most recent lies is about the NE Patriots visiting the White House. When they got caught and called out on, they were force to admit it. The Washington Post isn't any different either.
Chuck Wagon
This is real news about fake news.
Sacred Night
The Truth is Hard. That's why we do not print the truth. Opinion and Fake News are much easier.
The truth is only hard if you are a dishonest person.
Denise Jones
Thank you so much for a commercial that makes me have a migraine from the flashing lights every time it comes on. I'm sure it's just as convenient for those with seizures. :(
facsrni the dude
"The truth is climate change is a hoax."
Hell Bent
Fake news.
Rupanshu jha
The truth is... New York times is biased and supports jihadis and terrorists. #from_India_israel
~New York Times "truth" is far from the objective truth.

THE TRUTH IS HARD .. if you can't twist it to your liking

THE TRUTH IS HIDDEN.. because you hid it

THE TRUTH MUST BE PURSUED .. if you agree with it or not

THE TRUTH IS HARD TO HEAR.. especially if you don't speak it

THE TRUTH IS RARELY SIMPLE.. if it doesn't fit your agenda

THE TRUTH IS ISN'T SO OBVIOUS.. if you're looking through rose colored glasses

THE TRUTH IS NECESSARY.. if you want a free society

THE TRUTH CAN'T BE GLOSSED OVER.. you should take that advice

THE TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA.. so why don't you print it the way it is

THE TRUTH DOESN'T TAKES SIDES.. you should reflect on that

THE TRUTH ISN'T RED OR BLUE .. the why do you appear to be liberal oriented

THE TRUTH IS HARD TO ACCEPT.. if it doesn't agree with your slant

THE TRUTH PULLS NO PUNCHES .. so present it and let us make our own decision

THE TRUTH IS POWERFUL.. so present it straight up

THE TRUTH IS UNDER ATTACK.. by main stream media

THE TRUTH IS WORTH DEFENDING.. if we could get it
Hey NYT, publish the truth on Israel and Palestine. For once.
Oh forgot, your entire board consists of zionists.
Liberty Rising
The truth is New York Times = FAKE NEWS
NY Times is no longer a valid venue for reporting. The editors are only concerned about being anti-Trump and are ignoring real reporting. Shameful.
Karma Steel
Your marketing campaign exposes you for the shills and hacks you are. Why is the truth more important now? Shouldn't it have always been at the forefront of everything for 166 years? You got your 8 year nappy time. Now you're all rested up and suddenly concerned about getting back to "real reporting". It's disgusting and the vast majority of the country no longer trusts you.
Ned Harrison
The truth is, you can't trust the NYT anymore, either. I used to be able to take what I saw under their banner as gospel; now I have to fact-check every word. It's basically one giant editorial column. So I'm not sure this ad is in their best interest.
If it's so important AND hard to find....why aren't YOU looking?
titan uranus
Apparently, for the NYT, the truth is hard to print.

Err, what? ...a woman should dress like a woman? What the hell?
Jap Hanae
Shut up you fuckng syndicate bias media
Of course the damned NYT say Gorsuch is taken a "stolen seat"
Talen Tompkins
"The truth is, our nation is more divided than ever." Go ask Lincoln. Is it? No really, is it?
Taylor Heath
Would everyone stop with the "I hate Trump" and the "I hate Hillary" crap? Why can't people work with what we have? You people think you have it bad because Trump is president. Go somewhere where there are slaves, yeah there are still slaves! Countries have had slaves for so long, like 1000's of years! go live in their shoes if you think Trump is so bad. I am sick of this country splitting a part and there is going to be another civil war if people won't accept Trump.
Dawson Boyle
The New York Times = Propaganda = Lies
Rikard Renn
The truth is hard. That's why NYT can't report it. I get it now.
Ad says the truth is hard to find- YEP for you guys it certainly is. The way to solve that is to put down the comic books, the coffee and donuts and go do some REAL reporting in the real world, not sit behind your desk trying to figure out what the next lie fest is going to be. Advertising isn't going to save you- YOU SUCK AT YOUR JOB! Change or get kicked to the curb, people are sick of the BS!!
Emma Waters
This video is ironic, coming from the New York Times.
New York SLIME
Keksimus Maximus
The truth is, CNN, NYT etc are losing money and this is a long drawn out last gasp.

Die quietly please.
Cliche Guevara
This is literally like a serial killer lecturing someone on the sacred value of human life. LMFAO
Eugene Solario
@The NY Times......Right, what would you know about the truth?
worlddrop out
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me
You Already Know Boi
Rich coming from the NYT.
"Alternative facts are just delusional;". Absolutely right...The problem is..You Are the Alternate 'non-facts. Do you honestly think that you or any other mainstream media will ever be trusted again? You have all been exposed for the propaganda machine that you are.
suphie lyn
Women are so pathetic.
high commissar johnny nutmegg
dogshit video
Paul Anderson
Lol these liars wouldn't know truth if it hit them upside the head....FAKE NEWS LOL!!!!!
NoGhostHere -Gaming, Airsoft, and Paintball
You are fake news
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