Ashton Kutcher Examines President Trump's Tweeting Style

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'The Ranch' star Ashton Kutcher has a theory that unbaked tweets already had their moment in the sun.

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Alex Anderson
Fucking Kelso
منير النمر
Jobs'movie affected him ❤️
He is such a cunt low life actor.
kyle nicholson
He is wearing Louboutins! WERQ ASHTON!
Omar Joseph
Dude he reminds me a lot of Arteezy holy shit, the way he talks is so fucking similar
How can I pitch an idea to him?
If Kelso didn't smoke weed
Jen Tries Things
Ashton doesn't look very good. His hair is flat- looks unwashed. :/
john waters
Anti American low life Hollywood liberal communist parasites they all need to hang for treason. Im hoping for a revolution then real Americans can attack Hollywood and the Fake Mainstream media and hang them all in nearest trees. Make America great again. Average people could make better movies than the psychopaths and trannys in Hollywood. The American people would do much better with out Holly wood and the lying fake media. But the parasitic media and Hollywood would die with out their host the American people.
terry fuckwitt
I used to think this guy was a bit of a turd, but I got him wrong, he seems ok.
Katherine Wilson
Oh, good, just what we need. A lame show where liberals make fun of conservatives. Cuz no one else is doing that.
Huh, I thought he was sort of a dumb joke before this. I have to revise my apparently baseless opinion of him! I actually found him interesting.
jaelynn zee
The current infrastructure for checking if cows are pregnant usually goes to vets if I'm not mistaken. So, they would be taking business away from vet pregnancy checks.
Matthew Grimsley
Stephen guided Kutcher to his seat like a "To Catch a Predator" perp.
RAVE - The Best Place on Youtube

Loopybla's Haven
When is the Ranch back? Love it
America got punked real good
Gary Cooper
"Assess chaps" are just chaps. The kind that cover your backside are known as "pants."
Tarik S
that sick sensor idea sounds like something that Phoebe will come up with
Neghie Thervil
If he was average looking, the amount of comments about people "being surprised" that he isn't an airhead wouldn't be so high. Good looks = dumb ass apparently.
So he's making a show about middle America being eaten by globalization whilst simultaneously investing in companies that promote globalization. Makes sense.
Lonely Wolf
now i inderstand how he does the dumb act so well . he is the oposite to dumb in real life
Left Anti PC
Ashton for president 2020. Way better than Trump.
Gusstavv's Stuff
Ok, he is well spoken and intelligent, but he is a terrible actor :(
Mr. Womb: Lord of Unmerciful Torment
It's just cuz he did that ridiculous Steve Jobs movie, he probably met a bunch of nerdy start-up guys as consultants and on all the press junkets and they begged him to invest. He's still the same annoying dork.
Aloha Corvera
Is he wearing a toupee??!!
How on earth do people like Ashton catch so many investment opportunities early? Do people seek them out or something
Maria Yadanza
Ashton, have you researched the abuse and cruelty that dairy cows suffer? Do you know what happens to the male calves who are born?
The dairy industry is inherently cruel. The exploitation of the mothers. The theft of their babies for whom the milk is meant for. The untimely death of male calves as juveniles. And after the mothers production falls in a few years, the slaughterhouse. Indeed, investing in this exploitation of a sentient being might be profitable, but nothing to be proud of.
Beatriz Moreno
Now that I'm sick, Flirpy is all I can think about.
"Fuck Ashton Kutcher
The public image butcher.

His shows a hit
And I can't stand that shit.
I don't even know him
And I hate his guts.

If he punks me
I won't sign the release.
Because whenever he punks black people
It always involves the POLICE.

He be having all them white folks at home rollin'
"Brandy did you know that that jewellery was STOLEN?!"
But Hey! I'm a star!
Well stop shining and get your ass out that car.

Now he wouldn't like it
If me and my friends
Just before dawn
Bust in his house
With some ski masks on
Put a gun in his mouth
Turn on the lights
And just when he screams
I'll yell out "SIKE!"
Can you sign this release?
I want to entertain people with your fear.
You punk bitch."
JoyAnna Neiner
I love "The Ranch".
I like that his show has a non-ironic laugh track. Don't see that too often anymore.
Ohhh shit I read that "don't come upstairs" story on Hooked
He's so articulate and intelligent. I love
Ethical Warrior
Exploiting the dairy industry, Kutcher?
Have you heard about "induction"? Of course you are describing the process....After which hundreds of millions of "unviable" male dairy calves are killed by having their heads bashed in with a sledgehammer - or jumping on their rib-cages and crushing their hearts? You are investing in this ATROCITY? While dairy is the most profligate waster of precious water? And livestock is the greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions than all of transport? If livestock was a country it would release more greenhouse gas pollution than every country on the planet except for the US and China......
He has a great vision for business
Poppy Petit Orenji
Why is his neck so thick? Are his thyroids okay?
Fighting Faerie
all the people saying "wow i didn't know he was smart"
i still remember his Teen Choice Award speech: "The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. And being thoughtful. And being generous."
when stupid dumbfuck hollywood celebrities talk about politics.... No matter what people, good-looking people can never be smart and intelligent. He is too good-looking and so I am not buying anything from him.
Phoenix Chastaine
He's still HAWT as hell! ..But when did he start that annoying uptalk that usually is an affectation of teens?
He's a brilliant investor and actually earned his money (unlike someone else), but man that show doesn't look good..
Alfie Corthorn
andra popa
so he's filthy rich.
I love Donald Trump, he's a great President.
wow Ashton actually is a very intelligent person. I have change my opinion of him
Mr. Gifted
he is high
Minds Eye
Aston is handsome AF and articulate and very intelligent. Killer combo for sure!
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