Endora 7
ever lasting crush
John Smith
Stephen Colbert is a total bullshiter.
Die Zexyy Bear
man what a smart guy. no wonder mila married him. Im jelous but I ship them haha
Die Zexyy Bear
LaDonna Begley
Trump just won 2020
Blue Sky's
Trump tweeting 5 years ago u stupid azz
He said 10 pounds, not 4.
Tare Suriel
You got all this money but are still wearing doo doo brown with sunken navy blue
alter BOY
Tad Whitworth
Ashton proving time and time again he is a very decent and insightful person. One of the good guys out there people.
Arathi Rai
Like most liberals, Ashton Kutcher is college educated. I am not surprised that he's intelligent, informed and well spoken. Trumptards take note.
"I'm from Iowa" - majestic jungle bird in the audience takes off
Gerard Kaye
i love his attempt to give substance to his show. roflmfao
Punkd was brilliant! He was the creator. So I guess he's been brilliant...um...always. Thinking he was immature and stupid was how he punkd us. But actually he's also a brilliant artist. And a good human. Amazing interview. Back grinding on my startup. Thanks for the inspiration.
Just Kamal
Handsome. Beautiful. Talented. Savvy. Charming. I hate him 😡
Khajiit Overlord
Sooo is he going to be on Shark Tank now?
Keely Nelsen
Except Square makes money and Twitter doesn't. Nice job Kutcher.
caviar fortytwo
I like the Flurpee idea though
JP Benedetto
Colbert - Our President...
Kutcher - {{chuckle}}
Fucking brilliant!!
kelso turned out to be the smartest one!
Jordan Fisher
Stephen's smile when he heard that Ashton is naked on the show 😂 I swear he's not 100% straight
Jordan Fisher
Sofa king hawttt. Ashton Kutcher is sexy af and ages like a fine wine 👌 his intelligence increases with his mellow
"i'm ashton kutcher"
"dating mila kunis"
more applause
"with kids"
intense applause
"while drinking beer"
manic applause
"i'm getting a gut (like 99% of the population)"
...............................single clap................................
John Lacy
Smart guy.
dan taylor
Uber? Jes he'd be slashed and strung up in minute over here!
Quick Man
Yeah ... that "text message story telling app" ... TERRIBLE idea! They neglect to mention the INSANE data charges that would come with using that. Jeez, read a fucking book people
he is a genius
This is what jay-z is talking about, Invest and become rich
DEploribus Unum
Antonio Moya
spoiled and rich. Nothing especial. Don't understand how people overrated on common people.
Andrea Padonou
...but...he should step back from airbnb
"Lawyer up, Bessie" I almost spit out my water 😂
hooked tho is really popular in the youtube community...
Bobbah P
Mr Drump. must have invested in Twitter
Jamie O'Shaughnessy
10:37 ... They let peacocks be apart shows now. Its beautiful how far we've come :,)
Paul Bernard
Kutcher is a very smart man. I can't get enough of the Ranch> I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has a Netflix account
Andrew Morse
It's funny, in the tech world the best ideas come from engineers. Business people and VCs just catch on later and input their capital. There's no genius in predicting something after the fact.
Adrian Monk
Often intelligent persons play dumb or naive characters on tv shows like him or Rowan Atkinson playing Mr Bean
Jattmosh Sports
Btw hooked is dope af
Jattmosh Sports
You hired Kelso to analyze something?
Jeff Jones
Good on the Kutch for not falling for Colberts try at him trying to dis our President
He's a low key amazing person.
Wictor Lunde
Beautiful, clever and sticking up a bit for conservatives. That's awesome.
Currently Unavailable
'Hooked' sounds like 'Tap'.
Jack Cade
Huh, Kutcher isn't a dumby, who would've guessed?
Micheal Kelso really made something of himself
Ashton Kutcher is literally the opposite of his character, Kelso, in That 70s Show
I don't think you understand him.
brittany rietz
This is how you're supposed to use a genius IQ
Isolde E-G
Is he wearing louboutins
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