5 Celebs Who Rejected Bahubali Movie 2017

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5 Celebs Who Rejected Bahubali Movie 2017

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1. Hrithik Roshan rejected the role of bahubali movie
2. Nayantara rejected the role of bahubali movie
3. Sridevi rejected the role of 'Sivagami'
Sonam Kapoor rejected the role of bahubali movie
5. John Abraham rejected the role of bahubali movie


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pk Surya k
sridevi one person correct all of person fake..fucking video
bahubali characters will not suit them
Indraneel Joshi
Modi was Cast as Bhalladevas father and KRK was director. you didn't mention this.
laukya reddy
Sriedevi rejected Bahubali but not the other actors coz the proposal dint even go to them.... stop making wrong videos....
Pratik Shrestha
very bad english.
Gouse Basha
Don't share false information......
bunty rajgir
Laude ka video...maa chuda paise athe...aise galat video kyun
kathi divya
My hearty tnx to sridevi fr rejecting the role of shivagami 😂 itz even too funny to imagine her in the role
Asphodel Aphodel
Only sredevi and salman rejected the role not other
nabeha khan
hrithik roshan did a great mistake
Rjh Bade
bollywood hero bekar
thay are made for copy cat
debalina chandra
thank god they didnot accept it otherwise it wont be the history today. all the actors were excellent.
Kumar Endluri
Fake news stfup prabhas was decided for this role 10 years ago
Sagar Jogur
i wasted my time....Rejecting this video.....☺
Arul Raj
how come in Telugu based movie all are Bollywood actors? 😉😇😇
Sunny Sapra
whatever was happened it was good, who rejects the role, they don't even looks good in that roles, now movie is shake Bollywood
John Stanley
If Hrithik Roshan done this role, he would have been the superstar of india . He will be world famous more. Prabhas Raju is not a match for Rithik in any parameters.
Junaid Quadri
u have written sivagai
What bullshit. Rajamouli himself old that each and every character was carefully chosen by him. Only SriDevi was an option which the producer proposed and Rajamouli after some thinking and graphic designs rejected it. She was not even offered for her to reject. Why the fuck is bollywood so envious, not everything in this world has to be about you people.
Layla kabir sonali
its good that they rejected orelse the film couldn't be so better. Loved all the characters.
shhiv ram
Why is North India full of lies??
Satish Chaudhary
pls dont believe on the video it s alla bout publicity stunts rajmouli already choosen the actor ad actress ignore the above video and dont subscribe
Raj Kumar Jain
Shiva gami ko shivami likha hai
sourav mukherjee
is it true??
Bano Khan
bahubali k acters n bht acha kam kia hy . achy kam ki tareef hni chahye sb n kmal acting ki zbrdast.
Pintu Kumar
thnk god... sonam kapoor did reject
Jiten Bhanushali
tatteeeeeee fake he juth he
Basil NA
if these are true, then the ones who have now acted in this movie is the best.. no one can beat them
suba thra
it's fake
Harshita Dudeja
they dont have mind
bijesh balan
ha ha ha haaa. the cry of a Bollywood fan. ha ha
band karo chutiyapa, Prabhas n Rana were the first choice for sure. Rajamouli must take action against u idiots.
hathi (elephant) nikal chika hai.
Dr Shakeel
imagine how worse it would be if harithik ,siridevi,and especially sonam kapoor would be in this film. Its the fate which invites you.its not under control of a humane.superb movie and superb cast .
harihar chand
Bahi you forgot one more name, Rahul Gandhi for Bahubali, Kejriwal for Katappa.
Dr Rani
its not true that hritik was offered this bahubali role as film director himself said the role of bahubali was written exclusively for prabhas
abraham lenin
Let that all suck the thumb and the rest of old(buddeylok) actors scratch the ass
This all fake
S.S.Rajamouli is our Tollywood director and he would plan to do a movie with Tollywood stars mostly.
Kisan Kamti
Siddharth Macal
Unfortunately can only dislike once
Sandra Owen
why not watch hd movie here instead of netflix
Sudipa Roy Chowdhury
the choice is perfect
absolutely bullshit. rajamaouli didnt offer this roles to any bollywood star... because thier lack of discipline
siva krishna vandavasi
please research before posting bahubali story was designed by imagining prabhas no one was offered the role prabhas himself is the bahubali before script work started
Kevin Jones
chandra sekhar
fake video who posted this video bloody idiot.
Wrinklecub kennel
fake fake fake.
Avinash Rao
yani inke Matlab me
ek bi actor ne movie k liye yes ni kaha
q Bhai sabka vrat tha kya
sab k sab ne ek sath thukra diya
wo bi all time industry hit jese director ko
waah lalu channel
common sense to chala
Avinash Rao
pata ni ese faltu channel konse faltu log subscribe karte hai

jisme logo ko banane k fake news daalte hai
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