Game Theory: Super Smash Bros TRAGIC Hidden Lore

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Wait...Super Smash Bros. has a STORY? Like a plot that runs through all five games? YES! You heard right -- Nintendo's beloved crossover brawler has hidden lore that spans across all five games. It's a story we all can relate to, but it's also one that spells trouble for any future installments in the franchise.

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Sir sloth
1:51 but I’m on for glory I’m stuck with 2 stocks
Jano Jimenez
am i the onlyone who puts mat videos on 1.5x?
Isaac Tang
Well now I don't want a Smash sequel :(
Camo Cario
Mastef hand is from kirby super star
John V
Hold up, there is an actually story to Super Smash Bros?
Jerahmie Nocholson
That is a really sad story
Raven World
Well if the first game took place during the falcon era, why is yoshi in the scene.
Fast cars
1:17 you mean comic book. Guy
Purple Link
What's the name of the music at 12:38
Jenna Sloan
1:08 You play free for all vs 3 random level 3 CPU characters?! You filthy casual! Everybody knows true pros play as a random character on a team by themselves vs a team of 3 random level 9 CPU characters!
lol kinda want to play with toys now
I’m in love with Pikachus YT
Bear King
This took an oddly upsetting turn...
Derek Henschen
No matter what they say, no matter what they do, you just be you (I didn't mean for that to rhyme...well, maybe a bit). Enjoy your childhood, you don't get it twice. You don't have to give in to everyone's opinion. You are you. You are Master Hand, forming your own destiny, but they, those frickin people that think they're the boss of you, are Crazy Hand. They're trying to level your creativity, only to rebuild it, but with them being the master, but you can't let that happen, everyone, you be you, and fight fire with fire.
Mitchell Phillips
If it is the kid's hand, why do you fight it?
farris wheel
Not gonna lie I absolutely love the smash bros games and I'd love to see I a new one but in the same breath I kinda hate the pressure us as games put on sakurai honestly the way it sound it seems like we took his life away from him
Christina Elder
Game Theory how did taboo even exist
Pixel Fun
Mr.gametheory i have request... You know how in kid icarus uprising medusa is considered the queen of the underworld and hades the lord... If i know anything from greek myth its that Persephone is the true queen of the underworld... Why exclude her? ... And it with some questions unawnsered... Sure dark pit joins up with viridi but hades is a god gods are able to regenerate over time unlike medusa so wouldnt he just come back to reek more havoc? I mean all that work just for him to come back every te to twenty years... In the aurum we see he actually cares if the world is destroyed... Yet hes trying to destroy it himself... Did nintendo have bigger plans for kid icarus like legend of Zelda just the fan base wasnt big enough?
ryne mayfield
LCMario09 - Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and more!
Now apply all of this to Scott Cawthon
9:07 Wha- where did this conclusion come from?
Ssb is basically if the hunger games was a video game. Master hand and crazy hand are the capital, katniss is the one taking them on. And the rest are tributes. BAM!
Aidan Whalen
That’s crazy hand master core breaks out of. Not master hand. Listen to sound effects
Mal I
Ya know, I was feeling good today
Block Star
9:36 Looks like Sakari is also the Destroy of Worlds Kamen Rider Decade too!
Block Star
Well according to Lockston it's because it's all in the head of an autistic child
Murphy Stitt
I don't know where master core is.
Any help?
Wow, Sakurai is a cuck
Master hand is the hand you would see in menus that you use as a cursor icon, in older nintendo titles. Such as final fantasy 6.
Vienna Savage
what was that sad music playing during the video..?
Vienna Savage gonna cry ;-;
11:59-"five installments into Smash" but there are only four! 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Braden Sayers
This hurt my mind.
James Hurley
Huhh... I'm
i came here to laugh not to crippling depression
Epic Duck
8 MILLION VIEWS!!! congrats MatPat
Yung Dammit
I almost cried
Jasmine Cross
It's nice knowing that I've been playing relentless misery and small suicide references for fun.
Mr. Treecko
There are no words except
Epicgaming 12345
This video makes me not want super smash bros switch
Bobinzgton schrag
man game theory has really ruined how i look at link or Mario or nintendo games in general :/
José Luciano
Sakarai, confirm?
Jack Jack
What if crazy hand is a younger sibling
Austin Martindale
Matt Pat look Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out next year and I know this video was released in Jan 10,2015 but come on you gotta do a kingdom hearts theory for this guy please.
Project: Darkstorm Animation and Gaming
Lucario’s mind: WHERES VEGETA!!
NuepleX LOL
Crazy Hand is "The Stranger".
pope francis joins the battle!
ciaran kavanagh
Gosh I wasn’t on the famicom and he had a plush of him so I disagree
Hey it’s Temmie
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