Antonio Shan
I love justice league, I knew its going to be stiff competition for dc vs marvel; however, I am positive that DC will thrives further they stick to the cast and love the storyline; I hope the directors and producers make Superman and Wonder Woman to be together (fall in love), That is been my childhood fantasy to see those two superhero together, I hope u make this storyline.
Director Guy Fury
This looks like some grade A garbage but all the movies I had high hopes for last year were shit and all the movies I said would suck this year ended up being pretty good so hopefully I'm wrong about it
Deodorant Nugget
who's here for Wonder Woman?
Sumeet Kumar Yadav
Alfred : I don't recognize this world.

Bruce : You don't have to recognize this world. The world has to recognize you.
Ray300 bang bang
I think I just peed a little
Tushar Yadav
i think at last it was superman or it will be docter strange because if u see carefully u will red colour costume 100%sure
Case Flow
The person Alfred that Alfred is talking to is Super-Man.
Азамат Шойбеков
Who's see Supergirl ??
John Axel Valdez Guzman
2:58 Whose is the voice???
Darth Gordon
It could be supergirl.
Rudy Saputra
As if there was no daylight in the DC movie, there was only night all day. Like watching a movie with a 10% brightness, almost invisible, this may be the hallmark of DC 'Dark'.
Gareth Devlin
Not sure about Zach Schneider.. this looks pretty bad. Visually, yeah everything looks great. But that's only half of the bargain isn't it? Batman v Superman was confusing and stupid.. and Doomsday? Come on. Nobody gives a shit about Doomsday. It was just an over the top CGI shit fest by the end. This looks like it'll be the same.. I don't wanna see Batman fighting fuckin aliens and monsters.
People let's judge the film when it comes out. If you think it's going to be bad don't say it's going to be bad. If you think it's going to be good don't say it's going to be good. Keep your opinions to yourselves because if you blatantly say it's going to be either of them you're going to look like an idiot when it's not what you thought it was going to be.
Diana Lis
Man, this looks so poor...
ty toyshow
Spoiler alert Superman is gonna be in it and Stephen wolf too and lex Luther
Samuel Ortega
Is Superman??😮😱😱
Sahin Düzgün
Too bad that we'll probably see only the half of what this trailer shows because of Whedons restructuring of the script.
yanuar aidi
who come, who who come.....
senatör iving
cs nin aq
senatör iving
baya iyi
senatör iving
Jossafath Guerra
2:08 are voice of superman or alfred?
øM Ă-Ř
Garbage. Since when in the comics or cartoons was the Justice League just these 5 characters? Aqua-Man with fish scale tattoos....smh. And let's throw another black Iris West(Aunt to Wally West per canon) into it shall we(stupid ass non-canon, pushing diversity bullshit, it's just a fucking movie and or comic, It doesn't need an agenda.
Ebenezer Bhaskaran
2:55 there's steppenwolf
Ebenezer Bhaskaran
The visuals, images and cinematography look awesome
Projective Darryl
Omg can everyone just like marvel and dc, they both have amazing films besides suicide squad and bvs
Sam Su
After being disappointed with Batman V Superman, and Suicide Squad, I fucking can't stop gushing over this trailer. This trailer fucking makes the movie look so awesome, and before I wasn't excited because of the first two letdowns. After Wonder Woman, I hoped the upcoming DC movies would be just like it and just as good and this trailer just fucking set it in stone. This movie is going to be FUCKING awesome. (Second chance for Green Lantern?
Really, the nod alfred gives at the word hope is so bad
swing and a miss
Alessio Pasquale
30 million views. Achievement unlocked.
He said no lanterns! GREEN LANTERN IS IN IT
Evil Houses
Batman is the best !!!!!!
Kids like marvel
Legends like DC
Evil Houses
This movie is unbelieveable more better than all marvel movies
Via Paradoxi
I'm a simple man. I see Gal i pay to watch the movie.
Whatsup Doc
Everyone says its ok to like both dceu and mcu in a DC movie trailer comment section but no one says that in a marvel movie trailer section...So we DC fans should should love both and mcu fans can love only mcu?Well will stay DC and DC forever!
Anyone knows that "surprise" is superman these movie are becoming very predictable
Eric Bautista
If green lantern is going to be in this let's hope his suit is real and not animated
2:06 Chris Hemsworth? :v
Дмитрий Ермаков
I dream to be superhero
PinkGirl B
tbh im probably only gonna see this because woder woman is in it XD sry WB
Rafferty Keegan-Sharief
Please make Superman appear in the final trailer !!!!
Sooooooooo cool !!
Princess Current
High key I'm a raging Marvel fan, but this got me screaming all the way through because this really looks awesome!!!! I can't wait for this movie!!!
Дмитрий Ермаков
Its me like
Felipe Zorzi
Aaaaaaa chega logo novembrooooo
Gregory Albritton
I think I might be the only one who thinks this looks terrible...
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