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Beach Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.
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M .farish zayyan bin hilmi
Very funny
puggaming inc.
I bet the other people were like what the shit
#Sarthak k
Mr.sunburn 😂😂🤣
OP Gamer
charlotte joshua
You are my favourite youtuber
Alex Erickson
As what was said in Moana: "Fish pee in you all day! So......grrrrrr!"
I love stereotypes videos
jack frontino
Is the sand supposed to be Dallas star green
pool guy is me everyday
Logan Allred Does everything
And surfer /skimboarding/fishing guy
Logan Allred Does everything
I’m the snorkeling guy
Logan Allred Does everything
Why is the water green
Logan Allred Does everything
Do a redneck stereotype
David Roise
I'm sunstroke problems
Michael Estes
You guys should make Christmas stereotypes
christian torenju i ok lkkk km äö
Way is the ocean green?
B Lash
Girls do yell ahh
Javier Diaz
Dude Perfect you forgot about the guy who kicks sand in your Face
Kailer Armes
They should make a road trip stereotypes video
space sharks
im definetly the hot sand
space sharks
im definetly the hot sand
Stef Jones
prank bros
prank bros
Zanobia Ahmed
You forgot one stereotype, The Pervert. XD
Awesomepotato 7726
I love the only oceans with no salt water
Jude Farrow
I'm Mr. Diving Catch
My brother is The Pool Guy
PrimalCollopse ROBLOX and more
I'm rage Monster My Friend is Diving Catch Guy
I’m Mr. Bury Me
Caleb M
Ty looks more of a rage monster with the sunburn
Sintija Skapstehi
Crazyman22 .0
It said episode 6 it's 13 bro
Veri funni
Stelios Trivellas
Eva Kefferty
Rage monster is always the funniest like if u agree👍🏻👍🏻
Hong Van Nguyen
Troll Stereotypes
Fin Plume
Who is the old man?
Troy Birch
Pablo Lopez
I'm mr.burry me
Noah Fiks
I'm the hot sand guy
Maddie S
Do airport stereotypes
Hunter McIntyre
Me the activity guy
Yandel Ruiz
Kyle Brofowski
Noah Flores
Do a MLB stereotype
Kyle McFarland
My mom is the perfect example of the "Businessman", or "Businesswoman". Every time she's on vacation, she's constantly checking her IPhone for emails and phone calls about work. It's tough being the boss. And whenever she hears about something that's unexpectedly gone awry with her job, she immediately morphs into the Rage Monster.
Dixie Payne
this is jayden i love you
Dixie Payne
you are so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Hendrix Georgeson
nice vid
Julia Provenzano
Can you do cheerleading stereotypes I think it would be hilarious
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